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Homework Help: Organic Chemistry - Nomenclature Structures

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    The question/direction is to: "Draw the structure of the following compound!"


    I tired several different ways of constructing this compound but the online homework program ACE Organic says that:
    I dont know what to do or what I am missing. If anyone can help me with this it will be great. Much appreciated. Thanks in advance

    / (this is above the 2nd C)
    / (this is below the 1st C)
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    The part in parenthesis (1-methylethyl) is a three carbon unit with methyl attached to the #1 position of the 'ethyl' group. The main chain is also attached to the ethyl group at this position. There is also has a common name for this three-carbon fragment (and it's not 'n-propyl' as you have show it). Your placement along the main (octane) chain is correct (above the 2nd C) although the term '2nd C' can be a bit confusing. You also left out a hydrogen for this carbon and the one you labelled '1st C'.

    That should do it. Let us know if it doesn't work.
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