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Automotive Persu Hybrid Has confused me.

  1. Jun 8, 2012 #1
    So I started researching about aerodynamics and found that the most natural aerodynamic thing is a teardrop, it has a very low coefficient of drag so cars had been made to also have aerodynamics like a teardrop but looked horrible so no one bought them but engineers now decided to make a more advanced version, the "Persu V3 Hybrid" but what has confused me is that the design is opposite to a teardrop, in fact the teardrop is the wrong way round! I think a image will make it more clearer:


    Do you think they changed the design because it looks more advanced and people may buy it or do you think that this is more aerodynamic than the original design which was a teardrop shape?
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    If it doesn't look cool it won't sell. A dolphin has an extremely low drag coefficient but I yet to see a car that looks like one.
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