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Powering and artificial heart?

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    Powering and artificial heart??

    Is there any way that one can construct a heat exchanger that concentrates the energy from heat into a smaller space? Eg a big plate at a certain temperature which concentrates heat into a higher temperature in a smaller area. I'm thinking not. If you can't, is there something like a solar panel that can create electricity directly from heat???

    What I'm thinking of is a way that you can use a persons body heat to heat nitinol muscle wire to power an artificial heart. The wire needs to be able to heat to 70 odd degrees C to spring back to it's original shape, so if you stretch it for example and apply heat, it will shrink back to it's original length.

    Also, would it be possible to bring the temperature of the wire back down using some sort of internal liquid cooling system or would the disipationof heat increase your blood temperature too much?

    Any ideas??

    Raavin [?]
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    You can just use induction for that.
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