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Russian army march in front of Putin and George Bush

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    I remember watching the BBC news seeing a sickle and a hammer in a Russian army march in front of Putin and George Bush.

    My question is: Is the russian Flag the red, blue and white stripes? OR is there something I'm not aware of?
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    Yes, white blue end red striped is the russian flag, the other is of the former soviet union (red w/ the sickle and hammer).
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    Funny thing is though, unless i am foolish and am retarded, i remember seeing the hammer and sickle flag on the army of Putin..

    Now Putin isn't part of Soviet union, at least from what i know.
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    It was probably because that was the Soviet flag during WWII, which they were commemorating.
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    Ah, that would be a valid explanation. Cheers! :smile:
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    .... as well as the images of "papa" - Stalin being displayed :yuck: .
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