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Homework Help: Safety rules for ammonia

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    I know that in order to be helped we must present our thinking, but I cannot do that since my knowledge in this topic is small and I don't have time to make a search because I have to study for my math's test that is tomorrow. I hope you understand.

    Imagine that you are going to visit a factory whose raw material is ammonia.

    1. Refer 3 safety rules of the factory.

    2. In what concerns the personal safety, how must people work in this factory?
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    Sorry Pponte : Rules are rules, and we can't do your homework for you.
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    you can try google
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    Presumably such matters are discussed in some detail in whatever text one is using for this course.

    However, some hints: Ammonia is produced by combining nitrogen and hydrogen. Hydrogen is flammable, even explosive. Ammonia dissolved in water produces a basic or caustic solution. One cannot breath ammonia.

    So ammonia may be considered a hazardous material, and when working around hazardous materials, one observes warning signs and familiarizes oneself with warning sirens, evacuation paths, etc.
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