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Trouble writing Net ionic equations

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    having a little trouble writing net ionic equations:

    1. the equation when you dissolve C02 (carbon dioxide) in water. I cant figure out the ions because is there such a thing as a C+4 ion? or do you use a carbonate ion?

    2. the net ionic equation when ammonia gas reacts with oxygen gas when heated to make nitrogen monoxide and water vapor. i believe the overall equation is:

    NH3 + O2 --> NO + H2O

    but again, i cannot find any ions. can someone help me out on these quesitons? thanks.
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    1. Go for hydrogen carbonate.

    2. No ions, only overall reaction.
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    ok then how do you know when there are ions and there are not?

    and how do you know which ions there will be? does it just take practice and recognition or is there an actual way to determine the ions?
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    net ionic equations are associated with reactions in aqueous solutions you'll need to read the text to obtain a general understanding of how to write net ionic equations (considering covalent reactions, precipitation reactions, other reactions that occur in aqueous solutions etc), I haven't encoutered a net ionic equation application to other types of reactions. For your first problem, you'll need to read up on acidic oxides, try searching the term in the index of your text

    ...I for one, don't have the time to give an entire tutorial on the subject although others here might be generous enough to do so. But again, you'll want to consider net ionic equations when dealing with reactions in water solvent.
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