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Homework Help: Urgent HELPP A/D converters - succesive approx.

  1. Jan 26, 2007 #1
    Urgent!! HELPP!! A/D converters - succesive approx.

    An input analog signal has a 4.78 V instantaneous magnitude, held by an S/H circuit, which is applied to a 6 bit succesive approximation ADC with range :

    000000 output for 0 V input
    111111 output for 12 V input

    Follow the succesive approximation steps of conversion and state the output readings of the converter at each step.


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    Thread moved to homework forum.

    vinee, welcome to the Physics and Math Forums (the PF). Homework problems need to be posted in the appropriate homework forum, and not in the general forums like EE. And on homework problems, you must show us your own work in order for us to offer you help.

    Tell us what you know about a SA ADC. What is the output value at the first step? For the problem you've stated, what is the output value for the 2nd step? You should be able to at least answer that much....
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