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Medical Sciences

- Prevention and treatment of disease. Anatomy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition...
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Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 33,260
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 32,340
Aug20-12 04:13 PM
SW VandeCarr
12 3,196
I'm stunned by these twins, I've never seen such capable conjoined twins! Absolutely amazing and inspiring. ...
Aug20-12 09:42 AM
5 1,970
Now my doctor is thinking my previous laparoscopic nissen fundoplication damaged my vagus nerve. This wasn't on the...
Aug19-12 11:21 AM
26 25,350
Hello, I hope you're having a lovely day ...
Aug19-12 06:22 AM
0 1,169
The article "Golden age of prostate cancer treatment hailed as fourth drug in two years extends life" has attracted my...
Aug16-12 09:24 AM
2 1,393
I've got a few questions. First of all I've heard alot that willpower is the cause of sometimes superhuman efforts...
Aug15-12 06:08 AM
20 3,192
Müller's law seems to differ from the modern statement of the law in one key way. Müller attributed the quality of an...
Aug14-12 09:28 PM
17 3,110
I started cooking some chicken, forget for about 10 minutes, come back, and the underside is quite blackened. Only the...
Aug12-12 06:44 PM
16 3,151
Why does head and body hair differ? Doesn't monkeys have the same type of hair on their head and the rest of their...
Aug12-12 08:51 AM
Simon Bridge
13 5,184
You can buy 'dispersible' aspirin tablets but not soluble ones. As we can absorb aspirin into out systems, I assume it...
Aug12-12 08:30 AM
Simon Bridge
11 4,204
Why did these plagues come in waves (Justinian Plague, Black Death of 1347, etc.)? I mean, even when the Silk Road is...
Aug10-12 07:20 PM
11 3,471
My grand daughter born 8 weeks ago, showed too much weakness in the upper body. She would not move as other babies...
Aug10-12 11:57 AM
18 4,254
I have dyslexia and occasionally it makes things difficult with long strings of text or numbers and I was wondering if...
Aug10-12 12:53 AM
18 4,024
when i was 14 and my mom walked in my bedroom and turned the light on to wake me for school she couldnt wake me up and...
Aug6-12 12:29 PM
1 1,243
I've been running a lot lately and losing weight. Mostly getting leaner, but recently I've started to worry about...
Aug6-12 11:57 AM
6 4,193
I ordered some EEG electrodes online and im planning on building a EEG myself to do lots of ideas i have in the...
Aug6-12 09:27 AM
7 1,652
I have been sex free (masturbation, porn, etc...) for over 200 days now, but recently sexual thoughts have begun...
Aug3-12 10:05 PM
5 2,687
I apologize for the "coarse" question, but as a budding chemist, I want to know. Obviously some foods make...
Aug3-12 12:43 PM
5 1,935
I'm in the habit of using chapstick multiple times a day. This isn't a problem, apart from the fact that I'm somewhat...
Aug2-12 04:57 PM
7 1,458
Good evening, I just have a quick question regarding the potential uses of colloidal silver as a cure for many types...
Jul31-12 05:27 PM
Andy Resnick
3 1,873
Say you got all the necessary vitamins and nutrients from pills at your local market. I was wondering if I could live...
Jul31-12 03:43 PM
27 20,478
I know the peripheral nervous system is all connected at the spinal column. If spinal EEG can be conducted, could it...
Jul30-12 12:38 AM
1 928
I'm having this endless dispute with my mother: she cleans her computer keyboard everyday, is careful not to put her...
Jul28-12 02:33 PM
10 1,449
Not sure if this is the right forum, please move if a more appropriate forum exists. Even after Fukoshina I'm not...
Jul26-12 10:41 AM
7 5,453
Hi, my name is Topher, I'm a guy, and I love to drink soy milk. Over the weekend a friend of mine told me that...
Jul26-12 07:20 AM
16 11,582
Considering one is in good shape and exercise a few times a week, can he have a healthy diet without adding sea/table...
Jul25-12 10:19 PM
11 2,305
Jul24-12 08:04 PM
52 7,192
Yeah, I ask way too many questions. Anyhow, I was reading on prosthetic legs and I noticed that one runner said he...
Jul20-12 10:44 PM
8 1,738
What to kill a cancer cell without killing healthy cells around it? What’s the perfect candidate? Something small...
Jul20-12 09:31 PM
3 1,600
Diatomaceous earth is a very fine white powder, used for insect control among other things. According to my research...
Jul20-12 06:13 PM
12 5,588
Is it known, or widely believed, that the cortex is a scale-free network? I.E. Do a large percentage of neurons have...
Jul18-12 04:15 PM
zack jacobson
4 3,820
Does cycling strengthen muscels in the leg which are also used in walking and running? And how does cycling improve...
Jul17-12 04:49 AM
4 2,733
I like rock climbing and a large part of this is fingertip grip strength. I know that fingers don't have much muscle,...
Jul16-12 07:43 PM
8 5,452
I could have put this in the biology forum, but decided it has too strong a philosophical slant (as my questions...
Jul15-12 11:05 PM
33 4,916
The title is a bit deceptive but I've been very curious about something that many people who diet have found. Over the...
Jul14-12 08:43 PM
20 8,704
Hello, Note: The purpose of the following question is not to ask for medical advice but to relay the experience of...
Jul13-12 08:43 PM
4 2,115
I know the Hippocampus starts right on the inner side of the Temporale Lobe and goes straight back. Then it goes up...
Jul13-12 08:34 PM
1 1,298
I've been having a nagging uncomfortable feeling on my neck, which I suspect is due to my bad posture. Around the same...
Jul13-12 08:23 PM
32 4,932
I'm in high school right now and have always dreamed of being a surgeon, so naturally, I read up on an assortment of...
Jul13-12 01:57 AM
14 4,064
Good article on the Discover blog: ...
Jul12-12 03:04 PM
4 1,249

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