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Medical Sciences

- Prevention and treatment of disease. Anatomy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
medical, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Medical Resources ( 1 2)
Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 41,687
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 36,172
Is this is good as it sounds? ...
May16-14 11:15 AM
7 3,084
Hello, I am currently attempting to improve my math skills, understanding of modern physics, and extend my knowledge...
May12-14 01:17 PM
5 3,488
I've been performing a little experiment on my self lately. I would routinely drink 1-2 cups a day, so I decided to...
May7-14 06:30 PM
4 3,344
I feel stupid mentioning it, but I think this happens to everyone and I'm curious if there is a name for...
May7-14 01:50 PM
6 3,110
Saw this article posted on facebook, ...
May6-14 10:30 PM
1 3,299
Having a little query that what is the effect of diuretics (both thiazides and loops) on GFR ? Athough katzung 12th...
May4-14 10:11 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 3,567
I saw a video of Jack on Upworthy this morning. Interesting kid. I read several articles about him. Someone at...
May2-14 12:08 PM
3 3,590
I remember reading a web page (maybe several pages on wikipedia) that talked about horrible drugs that were used only...
Apr24-14 05:15 PM
6 3,629
Hi all, I am wondering about the actual technological parameters of a modern MRI. In particular I mean sensitivity,...
Apr23-14 05:49 PM
1 2,840
Hello, I need to make a simple model of human hand with a vein that has the same pressure of a real vein 10 to 30...
Apr22-14 03:04 PM
3 4,988
I was just wondering if there's a way to measure pain. I figured it'd be and equation like current. Like voltage would...
Apr19-14 03:03 PM
9 3,144
Ever since I was a very young child I have rolled my head while laying in bed. I don't roll my head the entire time...
Apr19-14 10:29 AM
14 5,669
Do blind people see blackness? (and before u say, "no theyre blind", please think about it!)
Apr14-14 09:43 AM
53 107,042 This is pretty good ...
Apr12-14 07:50 AM
3 1,787
I've read that I can eat meat safely if I first cook it to x temperature. And I've read that I should throw out meat...
Apr6-14 02:46 PM
18 3,511
My wife has had a bad hamstring for soccer for over nearly a year. She even took a few months off with no help....
Apr1-14 05:04 PM
6 2,028
I have been 2 weeks taking multivitamins and vitamin B complex with the recommended dosage and I have been suffering...
Mar30-14 05:53 PM
1 1,693
I've just made a wiki article entry, and would be interested on input from professionals. ...
Mar23-14 08:28 PM
119 26,939
Shift workers beware: Sleep loss may cause brain damage, new research says...
Mar22-14 07:01 AM
Romulo Binuya
4 2,001
Hi everybody! I'm writing to seek help, very seriously and sincerely. As you can read from the title, my brain was...
Mar18-14 08:29 AM
6 1,870
I think I have a pretty nice butt, but I also sit a lot. I don't want to flatten my butt. Is there any reason to worry?
Mar16-14 05:22 PM
6 2,120
Hi, In a similar vein to the weight of flying birds in a sealed van etc. Let's say a woman weighs exactly 10...
Mar16-14 04:05 AM
3 1,531
Currently I'm researching consciousness in relation to the physical universe. This thread is to ask if any physicists...
Mar16-14 12:13 AM
8 2,102
Because when parts or one half of the brain(hemispherectomy) is removed on treating epileptic patients or for any...
Mar14-14 04:56 PM
11 3,122
Nothing surprising, but worth repeating. 480k Americans die each year from smoking related illness. Stop smoking! ...
Mar9-14 03:34 PM
15 2,255
I have looked around for a group of people who perform cancer research as a kind of open /crowd sourced project. Not...
Mar7-14 09:48 AM
10 1,568
I have an anal fissure. When I have a bowel movement, I don't feel any pain while I'm having the bowel movement or...
Mar5-14 10:22 PM
5 1,851
A case just came out regarding a 4 month old infant who had a rare brain tumor (benign) that actually had three teeth...
Mar5-14 09:53 AM
11 2,511
Hello people, I would like some references, be it book or papers about the process of neural impulses at a single...
Mar4-14 06:19 PM
48 10,889
Anoxia is a condition in which there is no delivery of oxygen to tissues of the body. Generally it occurs in cardiac...
Feb28-14 11:59 PM
11 1,864
I was just thinking about food and realized the taste of food doesn't really mean much to us. Just putting food in our...
Feb28-14 01:14 AM
6 1,415 I find this baffling. Is the implication that people...
Feb27-14 03:46 PM
1 1,516
Physicians recommend that people with anal fissures take a lot of warm baths. Physicians say that if a person's anal...
Feb25-14 10:16 PM
5 1,873
I once read a criminal profile of a serial killer made by a forensic psychologist. The forensic psychologist wrote...
Feb22-14 07:58 PM
7 1,698
What are the established standards for normal and hypertensive blood pressure values? According to my doctor...
Feb18-14 02:20 PM
Simon Bridge
8 1,672
Hello! I'm just beginning some volunteer research work on a project and I've been tasked with finding the partition...
Feb18-14 02:03 PM
3 1,359
hello folks, let me apologize if this was addressed before, but every time I try to search for partial pressure of...
Feb18-14 07:44 AM
5 1,980
For those in the field, just out of curiosity, who are the well-known Medical Physicists? I know Faiz Khan is one...
Feb13-14 09:27 PM
4 2,092
Question: Explain why it is necessary to use relatively low energy X-rays to produce an image of the breast. My...
Feb12-14 11:29 PM
4 1,625
I am completing a radiological physics experiment about attenuation and half value thickness. I'm struggling to...
Feb12-14 02:01 PM
1 1,503

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