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Medical Sciences

- Prevention and treatment of disease. Anatomy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
medical, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Medical Resources ( 1 2)
Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 41,637
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 36,148
What goes in Medical Sciences section and what goes in the biology section? I've had threads moved before, I mean what...
Dec30-07 12:07 PM
1 2,998 Oh thank goodness. My health just improved dramatically...again....
Dec27-07 06:44 PM
Ivan Seeking
16 3,802
Hi yall, just had a question that got me thinking. Say you do a drug that builds tolerance, eg alcohol or opiates. If...
Dec27-07 09:24 AM
jim mcnamara
11 8,752
Hello, I dont know a lot on this subject, but at a last nights weekly philosophical discussion a friend mentioned that...
Dec23-07 08:33 PM
2 2,818
I have schizophrenia, and apparently I am a long cycler. I developed it when I was 17, and it went into remission when...
Dec23-07 11:11 AM
1 2,820
Is there any formula for calculating the healthy weight for anyone? I guess some factors like height, type of boon &...
Dec19-07 07:51 AM
18 2,799
I live in housing for students where we share a kitchen and prepared meals nightly. I'll watch people cooking the...
Dec18-07 11:29 PM
9 2,082 This paper is...
Dec15-07 09:31 PM
13 3,190
Dec15-07 09:07 PM
10 3,547
I would like to start a disscusion on the benefits of NO and its function in the cardiovascular system.If anyone can...
Dec15-07 07:00 PM
0 1,417
It's interesting that "stuttering" can be such a hard word for me to say when I'm stuttering. I had a very bad case...
Dec14-07 02:20 PM
5 2,969
Jackie Broyles and Dunlop do comedy skits that I find hilarious. However the skit about scars showed Jackie with a...
Dec14-07 02:14 PM
3 2,210
We can't afford to bank the babies cord blood, but I know how beneficial it is. Is there some way I can donate it so...
Dec10-07 01:50 PM
5 3,237
If you get a stroke, what effect does it have on your memory? In other words, do you forget, for example, people you...
Dec9-07 11:07 AM
2 7,578
I'm aware of plenty of microbes that can cause multiple diseases if present in seperate parts of the body: S. aureus...
Dec7-07 05:40 PM
2 5,742
Very interesting:
Dec7-07 02:27 AM
1 1,949
Due to my previous thread being locked (sorry for not following guidelines), I'm going to ask just one question. ...
Dec3-07 05:42 AM
1 2,148
I am surprised that this term was not found in this or the biology forums when I searched for it. I'd never heard of...
Dec3-07 03:29 AM
3 3,207
Ugh god I think I may have obsessive compulsion disorder..Im not exactly sure what the disease is but from what I've...
Dec2-07 12:16 AM
1 1,954
How come standing outside in cold weather makes my nose run? Thanks.
Nov30-07 09:17 PM
3 2,332 Shouldn't we be trying to progress with this, get this...
Nov30-07 12:02 AM
3 2,908
is there any downsides to using birth control to stop menstruation?
Nov29-07 10:31 PM
3 4,875
Does anyone know what happens to the internal and external body temperature during and after exercise? I think that...
Nov29-07 08:47 AM
10 41,610
Moonbear, I've just found another possible research project for you using your sheep! ...
Nov28-07 01:28 PM
1 1,735
Does anyone know the velocity of blood through the aorta? I have a problem that involves an ultrasound probe and I...
Nov26-07 01:28 PM
3 19,871
Except the genetic factors, why do some people not have a single hair on legs or arms while some are full all over the...
Nov24-07 09:40 PM
1 1,838
My hand bones are small, my fingers are smaller and shorter than any adults of the same age and height. My wrist is...
Nov18-07 02:58 PM
7 5,415
Hi all, I am 26 years old female and recently put on high blood pressure meds. I believe it was caused by a lot of...
Nov17-07 03:12 AM
4 3,381
I saw a recent question submitted where the person was seeking answers to particle physics due to the debilatating...
Nov15-07 09:03 AM
jim mcnamara
6 2,132
Any opthalmologists or other occular medical experts out there? For decades, I've been making my own (usually...
Nov13-07 04:32 PM
15 3,739
First of all I don't smoke, never have. My dad is a heavy smoker, and finally me and my family made him undergo some...
Nov9-07 11:53 PM
5 2,056
I'm sure most of you have seen this already but it seems we have a new superbug on our hands, a substrain of...
Nov9-07 04:29 PM
7 1,811
I have had low blood pressure which was normally 90-95 over 75-80. Now my question is, if its bad to have low blood...
Nov9-07 01:06 PM
4 3,730
Hi i am wondering if any one can offer advice on recommending some interesting areas to research in the confines of...
Nov6-07 09:20 PM
1 1,241
I know high magnet fields can be dangerous to health. My questions are 1) at what point does a magnetic field become...
Nov1-07 07:49 AM
15 3,783
Hi, my AP bio class is going over the nervous system, and brain structure and eventually will be discussing diseases...
Oct31-07 08:49 AM
jim mcnamara
3 3,569
There are many articles on PubMed in regard to what is termed Vibroacoustic Disease. The majority of human studies...
Oct27-07 12:02 PM
12 7,320
Something to watch for in the future. New near-infrared contrast agent reveals bone- and breast-cancer-related...
Oct27-07 11:37 AM
2 2,331
If the problem of retroviral infection is, like for example HIV, viral DNA segment integration in human DNA of immune...
Oct27-07 11:28 AM
2 5,475
Check out this site; its about cheap alternative treatments that have been tried to cure bird...
Oct26-07 07:32 AM
5 4,634

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