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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 71,423
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 18,944
Would the methods used to create glow in the dark e.coli readily work on other bacteria?
Y 09:11 PM
0 73
Hello... While digging in a nearby sand hill - brought sand used in building - I found 6 small eggs. I would ask you...
Aug31-14 08:00 AM
jim mcnamara
1 198
Anyone exposed to academic rigor would find the use of the term "biological evolution" to be rather vague. There is...
Aug30-14 07:33 AM
9 342
I've heard both terms used and can't figure out what people are talking about when they discuss neo-Darwinianism. ...
Aug29-14 02:01 AM
8 4,345
When I see something like "Humans and Bananas share 50% the same DNA with one another!", I have several questions. ...
Aug28-14 04:30 PM
3 517
For a human male, what is the probability that all the maternal chromosomes will end up in the same gamete?
Aug27-14 09:30 PM
1 320
I forget where I saw this I think it was the Halo series with the Cortana AI but basically a program used a human...
Aug27-14 01:29 AM
Simon Bridge
40 1,532
True life extension, the kind that will give us a thousand healthy years is a problem mired in complexity so many...
Aug26-14 03:58 PM
9 556
The Minnesota Iceman is described on Wikipedia as "sideshow exhibit that depicts a man-like creature frozen in a block...
Aug25-14 08:52 AM
1 599
I want to know what material is needed if I want to extract the DNA of a plant and show it in a computer.
Aug25-14 01:24 AM
3 470
The Venus Flytrap, like most carnivorous plants, meets its nitrogen requirements by trapping insects and digesting...
Aug24-14 07:19 AM
2 590
Empty a can of Vienna Sausages, except for the broth that remains. Leave it out, in the upright position, for your...
Aug24-14 06:50 AM
4 519
U.S. expedition yields first breakthrough paper about life under Antarctic ice...
Aug22-14 11:46 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 465
I was looking at this page and in the diagram (3rd image down) it shows 23 pairs of chromosomes. ...
Aug22-14 09:01 AM
1 353
Hi all, Does anyone know what physics limits human tolerance to extreme g-forces? I know the average human can take...
Aug21-14 09:37 PM
1 392
I was reading an article about some guys developing a strain of oil eating bacteria on their own. What kind of...
Aug21-14 03:00 PM
9 583
I have a couple questions actually. One I was wondering in what part of the brain would an interface that allowed...
Aug21-14 02:10 PM
5 517
I have come across some articles saying that the reason we like music is that its auditory cheesecake. And i think...
Aug19-14 09:22 PM
5 580
I'l start by saying that I'm not a creationist or something like that, I fully support evolutionism and the scientific...
Aug19-14 04:21 PM
21 989
Hi, Is still there a bird group classified as Palmipedes? I can not find enough information in the internet for it and...
Aug19-14 12:05 PM
3 424
Although we have nerves throughout the body, a person's essential personality and memories are thought to be stored...
Aug17-14 04:40 PM
4 633
I am just wondering if this is possible. This might sound super crazy though. I know this sounds like sci-fi. If there...
Aug15-14 07:27 PM
1 603
Hello, 1) I am looking for numerical data behind plots like this one. 2) Also, any information on the experiments...
Aug14-14 11:18 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 469
Can anyone explain how we acquire vitamin D or which chemical reaction takes place ?
Aug14-14 01:07 PM
1 675
Is the current status of human species the result of a self-inflicted and unconscious artificial selection? We have...
Aug13-14 02:14 PM
21 1,248
In part branching off a discussion here, but also a discussion I've always been interested in having. I also want to...
Aug12-14 01:09 PM
22 1,036
It seems like it would be a huge advantage to their survival, so why haven't other organisms evolved such? Why are...
Aug8-14 03:11 PM
27 4,719
If all of the absorbed glucose travels from the small intestine via the hepatic portal vein to the liver how does the...
Aug6-14 09:35 AM
2 661
What would happen if you ran conductive nanowires all over the surface of the brain? For the sake of this argument...
Aug5-14 01:29 PM
29 1,357
IS it extinct or is there a chance of finding it? If there is a chance who wants to go on an expedition to find it?
Aug5-14 07:47 AM
1 551
when I comes to human frequency..then whch frequency so people really mean..i couldn't be clear about it..i heard...
Aug5-14 02:12 AM
4 763
I know very little about natural selection, so: Why didn't all the creatures evolve? I mean , why is it that some...
Aug4-14 02:39 PM
10 4,530
*This is in no way supposed to be a hate post* Nordic people are said to be physically very fit and smart. It was said...
Aug4-14 11:05 AM
Manraj singh
12 3,880
I think this is the right forum to start this thread, if not i am sorry please somebody change it . suppose a planet...
Jul31-14 04:13 PM
16 4,197
Bacteria and viruses should require only micro-currents to destroy them or render them harmless. Can such an approach...
Jul30-14 05:26 PM
2 786
Just as the title says. Why do some organs come in pairs, but others come singly? What happens during the development...
Jul30-14 12:47 AM
15 3,068
Can anyone tell me about some cheap and good quality mosquito traps available in delhi india probably online for...
Jul29-14 05:54 PM
1 1,526
I recently read this article that one guy here on the forum wrote few years ago: "Evolution knows nothing. It has...
Jul24-14 07:27 AM
11 1,706
Hello, Is there anywhere a reference to get an idea, why wool fat consists of over 200 different molecules? Is...
Jul23-14 12:10 AM
3 1,295
Genes normally have a 50-50 chance of being passed from parent to offspring, but scientists may have figured out a way...
Jul22-14 10:47 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,384

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