What is Burnup: Definition and 12 Discussions

In nuclear power technology, burnup (also known as fuel utilization) is a measure of how much energy is extracted from a primary nuclear fuel source. It is measured as the fraction of fuel atoms that underwent fission in %FIMA (fissions per initial metal atom) or %FIFA (fissions per initial fissile atom) as well as, preferably, the actual energy released per mass of initial fuel in gigawatt-days/metric ton of heavy metal (GWd/tHM), or similar units.

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  1. lee6853

    [MCNP] Lost too much Keff with Burnup card

    Hi there! Me again. I am doing my research about converting HEU research reactor to LEU. I made FA and core finally and started using the burnup card to check changing of Keff and fission products. Well, the thing was only with one-month burnup my Keff was decreased drastically from 1.118 to...
  2. Sanjay94

    Xenon poisoning (negative xenon load varies with core burnup)

    I would like to know how the negative xenon load varies with core burnup. Does it increase or decrease as the core progresses from beginning of life to end of life? What is the reason for this change? Any help will be much appreciated
  3. Y

    TUBRNP (Transuranus/FRAPCON) model

    Hello, I am currently trying to understand the TUBRNP model which is used to calculate the isotope compositions and the radial power profile evolution with the burnup. I am talking about the basic model (the one from 1994 with only 6 isotopes taken into account) in the case of a LWR with UO2...
  4. P

    Rotational Symmetry in MCNPX core design

    Designing a PWR core in MCNPX for burnup using 4 folds rotational symmetry to reduce computational time of the core, taking reflective boundary conditions on rotational symmetry planes. should the power be reduced to 1/4th of original power (3000 MWth) in burnup card or does the reflective...
  5. J

    Burnup Conversion: Convert MWd/kgU or GWd/tU to %

    Is there a conversion method to convert burnup from MWd/kgU or GWd/tU into % ? Always assuming that the fuel is UO2 with ~ 200 Mev per fission.
  6. K

    At what speed does stuff burn up?

    hi, everyone. something iv been pondering recently, is there a set speed at which something burns up in the air/atmosphere, or is it more to do with the surface area of the object traveling through the air, which would mean more of a drag force which means that the extra energy transforms to...
  7. D

    Anyone knows how to execute burnup process in MCNP5?

    Hi for everyone, anyone knows whether it is possible to execute burnup process in MCNP5? I want to get K-inf as fuel depletion goes on. Thanks
  8. G

    Is there any free burnup code

    hello,every body ,I want to know is there any any free burnup code? thank you
  9. T

    How Do Burnup and Consumption Rate Differ in Nuclear Engineering?

    So, In Lamarsh, when he talks about the burnup , he's talking about the fission energy released per unit mass of fuel where as when he talks about consumption rate, he's talking about the amount of fissile matter consumed per unit energy produced?
  10. S

    Can Very High Burnup Reactors Lower the Cost of Nuclear Energy?

    I am interested in lowering the cost of nuclear reactors through the use of novel reactor designs, particularly fast reactor designs. The Integral Fast Reactor (“IFR”) is a good starting point for a discussion since it was a real reactor with a long operating history. A few features of the...
  11. C

    What is the difference between burnup and depletion calculations?

    What is the difference between burnup calculations and depletion calculations?
  12. T

    Burnup rate and Consumption rate

    Hey , 1-What is exactly the difference between the Burnup rate and Consumption rate?? 2-Why do most authorities usually use the term of Burnup rate while the consumption rate it seems to be more general ?!