1. Y

    TUBRNP (Transuranus/FRAPCON) model

    Hello, I am currently trying to understand the TUBRNP model which is used to calculate the isotope compositions and the radial power profile evolution with the burnup. I am talking about the basic model (the one from 1994 with only 6 isotopes taken into account) in the case of a LWR with UO2...
  2. P

    Rotational Symmetry in MCNPX core design

    Designing a PWR core in MCNPX for burnup using 4 folds rotational symmetry to reduce computational time of the core, taking reflective boundary conditions on rotational symmetry planes. should the power be reduced to 1/4th of original power (3000 MWth) in burnup card or does the reflective...
  3. J

    Burnup Conversion

    Is there a conversion method to convert burnup from MWd/kgU or GWd/tU into % ? Always assuming that the fuel is UO2 with ~ 200 Mev per fission.
  4. K

    At what speed does stuff burn up?

    hi, everyone. something iv been pondering recently, is there a set speed at which something burns up in the air/atmosphere, or is it more to do with the surface area of the object traveling through the air, which would mean more of a drag force which means that the extra energy transforms to...