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  1. akaliuseheal

    Hysteresis of a voltage comparator

    Hello, I am designing a circuit which basically takes two voltages (V1,V2) and based upon which one of the two is greater, turns corresponding LED. So, I have got to the part where I have output from differential op amp that is the input of the inverting voltage comparator with hysteresis...
  2. thecastlingking

    Complex exponential Fourier series coefficients?

    Above is a question I need some help with. I can get to a certain point, but I can't get beyond. Can somebody with knowledge about this help?
  3. akaliuseheal

    Use of transistors to turn on an LED

    Homework Statement Hello, I have got input from comparator op amp which gives HIGH or LOW. Based upon that, one of two LEDs needs to light up. Two LEDs should't be ON at the same time. Calculations are not needed, only the schematics. Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution I am not...
  4. spacewrinkle

    Programs Double Degree in Physics and Electical Engineering?

    Hi! I'm about to take my senior year in high school, and I was originally planning on taking electrical engineering plus some extra classes in physics. I like to work with my hands and to create things, so engineering is sort of a no-brainer for me, but it's also very important for me to...
  5. F

    Engineering Unknown resistor in a series-parallel circuit

    Hey guys, I have tried and tried to find a start to this problem with no success. My book may have the answer but unfortunately I must be not realizing it. So hopefully I just need a different perspective. Typically I would find the equivalent resistance of the circuit and then begin to...
  6. B

    Engineering Would I be crazy to quit my Summer Engineering Internship?

    Let me provide some background here. I am an Electrical Engineering student and will be entering my Senior year this fall. I was lucky enough to secure a summer internship with a company for the duration of the summer. I am starting to realize that I may have not been so lucky. I am practically...
  7. Paola Flores

    Auto/Motor Reeling Motor Project - Help Please

    Hello, I'm a engineering student currently taking Thermodynamics and we have this project for our finals which is a sort of reeling /towing device, the assignment consists in a reeling motor that has to tow a small car up along a slope, loaded with a certain weight, the team that is able to...
  8. V

    What are some best options for PCB design software?

    I need help in selecting best pcb design software out of kicad, eagle and altium. I have to design pcb for my project. But I am having confusion in these software.
  9. S

    Struggling to choose my PhD topic

    <Moderator note: Moved from academic guidance to career guidance on Scott92's request. Reason: The question primarily addresses job opportunities in dependence of PhD subject.> Hey everyone, I'm a student who is currently undertaking a Master of Physics (coursework & research) at the...
  10. C

    Engineering Simple transformer circuit with 3 resistors

    Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations [/B] V1N2=V2N1 I1N1=I2N2 The Attempt at a Solution For a part[/B] I try to draw 3 mesh but I cannot write down the equation. Can someone help me out?
  11. E

    Why is a capacitor a generator of lagging reactive power?

    An ideal capacitor has power factor of zero degree leading as current leads the voltage in capacitor.But it also means that capacitor is generator of lagging reactive power.What does that mean.How does it do so.Capacitor is used for reactive power generation at inductive load sites.
  12. Jayalk97

    Linearizing a system of equations?

    Homework Statement So these are the equations of motion for a quad-copter. I am supposed to create a matlab model for the z-axis. In order to do this I have to linearize the equations around these points, and arrange them in state space representation. Homework Equations As above The...
  13. O

    Help identify this label (electrical/nuclear engineering equipment)

    Hi all, New poster here. I'm wondering if anyone can help identify this obscure equipment label. I'm not an engineer so I can't hazard a guess as to what the abbreviations may be and what this device may have been used for. Rotary switches may have been involved on this equipment and NRADS...
  14. M

    Confused about choosing current direction in nodal analysis

    Homework Statement The problem states: Determine the voltage labeled v in the following circuit: The variable is the voltage across the 2 ohm resistor. The ground I chose for this example is located in the center of the circuit. Homework Equations V=IR I guess. The...
  15. A

    Bizarre Behavior in Discrete PMOS

    Some of my colleagues and I captured the i_D vs V_ds/V_sd curves for the CD4007 MOSFET IC ( We did this for the NMOS and PMOS transistors. I have attached the curves to this post. The NMOS curve is as expected. However, the PMOS curve seems to be...
  16. akaliuseheal

    Electronics diode modelling

    Homework Statement It's simple problem but I get stuck while calculating the VD. Currents and voltages in the circuit are required. So V, VD and I Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Since VA<VK I would assume that diode is OFF and then the diode can be represented by break. Upon...
  17. A

    Programs Double major in physics and EE or do a master's in EE

    Hi PhysicsForums! I was hoping I could get some advice on a common issue amongst physics majors. I am currently pursuing a degree in physics and am halfway through my second year. I have really enjoyed it so far, but I have also developed an interest in electrical engineering recently...
  18. S

    Engineering Electrical Machine - Shunt DC Motor Problem

    Hi guys, can someone please have a look at the following problem that I am struggling with; An 8.25 kW shunt DC motor is supplied with a terminal DC voltage of 300 V. The armature resistance of the motor Ra is 0.25 ohms, and the field resistance Rf is 40 ohms. The field winding consists of 1500...
  19. Y

    What are some good resources to learn basic electronics?

    Hello. I am working on a project with my friends with a Arduino like microcontroller. I can understand the code and all but I don't know how certain electronic components(like H-bridge) function. What are some good resources to learn about them?
  20. S

    What is the reason for harmonics in dc-dc converter?

    There is a nonlinear switch in every dc-dc converter.Is it the reason of harmonics in output voltage?
  21. mkematt96

    Engineering Help finding error in my Circuit Analysis

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution My values for i1,i2,and i3 were: -.005179,-.002857 and .004857. When I ran the same circuit through LT Spice the values they gave me were .00059081,.000809628, and .00119037. Where did I make my error? * as a side not I...
  22. Jayalk97

    Engineering Underdamped Parallel RLC Circuit

    Hey guys, so I'm having trouble with this circuit analysis question. I need to find voltage across the capacitor as a function of time. I nearly finished analyzing but I'm having trouble solving for the initial value constants in the voltage equation. So first I used KCL to create the equation...
  23. C

    Watts transferred to water?

    My colleague has been developing a hybrid water/forced air heat transfer system for a prototype lighting solution we are developing. I am struggling to get my head around the calculations required to figure out exactly how many watts of energy (heat in this case) are being transferred to the...
  24. labentzel

    Programs Chemical Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering Major

    Hello everyone! I'm currently a student about to get my AA degree at the end of the semester so the time has come for me to transfer from community college to university and, most importantly, decide on a major. Throughout my college career thus far, I've bounced around with ideas like...
  25. toforfiltum

    Engineering Simplifying switching circuit literals

    Homework Statement The problem is given in the picture attached. It is a network of switches. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I managed to simplify the expression to this: ## (S + x'(w+y) + xvz)(x'+y)(v+z') ## but I just can't find a way to simplify it to 9 literals. I've...
  26. S

    Ideal conditions in which circuit analysis is done

    What are the ideal conditions in which circuit analysis or analysis of an electrical system is done?I know that the air friction,friction between materials is ignored in ideal systems, such as for ohms law applications.What else is ignored in analysis of ideal electrical systems?
  27. P

    Programs Question about double major

    For a long time I wanted to get degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering and I recently heard about double majors. For me it's not as much about jobs I want in the future. I wanted to become an engineer because they are problem solvers. I wanted to invent things and or make them...
  28. T

    Courses for Quantum Computing

    Hello, I’m currently an Undergraduate Computer Engineer at UIC and minoring in physics. I have become more and more interested in Quantum Computing and its related fields. I plan on continuing my masters in Electrical engineering (Nano - technology). I was wondering if you could help me out in...
  29. marsupial

    Nodal Analysis with Dependent Voltage Source

    Homework Statement Here is a diagram of the circuit and my redrawing with currents drawn: We are to find the power delivered by the dependent voltage source. I found a solution online, but I am not sure why they had the KCL line as: $$ \frac{v_1 - 160} {10} + \frac{v_1} {100} + \frac{v_1...
  30. A

    Why the inductor voltage blows up for a sudden current change?

    Dear All, This is my first question to the forum. "Assume there is a + dc voltage across a inductor. So current will continue to increase. Now if the current through the inductor is forced to stop using some means ( eg. Current was flowing in inductor through a ON switch and then switch turns...