What is help: Definition and 16 Discussions

Online help is topic-oriented, procedural or reference information delivered through computer software. It is a form of user assistance. The purpose of most online help is to assist in using a software application, web application or operating system. However, it can also present information on a broad range of subjects. Online help linked to the application's state (what the user is doing) is called Context-sensitive help.

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  1. I

    Need maximum weight on an extension machine

    TL;DR Summary: Need ideas on how to get maximum weight/resistance out of a pulley system in a centered axis extension machine Hi so I am studying mechanical engineering and am currently working on a factory that makes gym machines, and I wanted to know if anyone could explain to me how I could...
  2. brotherbobby

    How to use "quote" here in PF

    I can use the "Reply" option when I copy someone's text and it appears. However, when I choose the "Quote" option upon copying, maybe the text gets copied but nothing appears. Can someone tell me how to use the "Quote" option on here? Many thanks.
  3. T

    Spring Constant Force Problem Help

    I'm leaning towards the same, or maybe increase. I actually have no clue.
  4. User849483

    Can Physics Forums Help with Student Problems?

    Hello, I needed help with a physics problem and I found this forum. I hope someone can help me with my problem.
  5. hello478

    Help needed in this problem involving a spring and energy balances

    i do know how to do the working but i dont understand the concept stated above...
  6. Y

    Student who'll need Help. Often.

    Exactly what it says T-T
  7. lauraB

    Medical Physicist needs an help!

    I was looking for some mcnp6.3 command instructions and I thought to tip my questions on internet. As my previous job taught to me, great people are always available on scientific forums for helping you! It's amazing!
  8. khrypchenkoa

    How Can a Complete Beginner Start Learning Physics?

    Hi. My story is weird and I need help. Brief backstory: I'm 21 and my brain is completely empty. As a kid, I didn't realize how interesting it was to do science and learn about anything, so I was weird. I'm the same way now. I can talk and talk endlessly about some unusual and difficult topic...
  9. Memo

    Help understanding this integral solution using trig substitution please

    Here's the answer: Could you explain the highlighted part for me? Thank you very much!
  10. elijahmiles

    Where Can I Get Help with My Physics Homework?

    HI, I need help wtih my physics work and dont know where to ask
  11. J

    I [Quantum mechanics] Hydrogen Wave Functions -- I don't get this step, can you help me?

    I don't get the step from (3-22) to (3-23), can you how this integral was calculated? Thanks! Below there is a screenshoot of (3-9). Images are taken from "Intermediate Quantum Mechanics, 3rd Edition - Bethe, Jackiw".
  12. L

    Need some help reading this graph and getting data from it (wind turbine simulation)

    hello all. Most the time im pretty good at analyizing data, but today i am struggling. So i need some extra help. I used a open source program called openFAST to generate this data. openFAST is a wind turbine simulation software. The graph below is of the a time series calculation from a...