1. P

    Hello! My name is Pedro

    My name is Pedro, and I am joining this Forum, for educational reason, I want to learn everywhere (because let's be honest, Physics is awesome, so I decided to join Forums and more.
  2. Caveman Joe

    Hello y’all

    I am a new member.
  3. Baibhab Bose

    Hey there

    I am Baibhab Bose, from India. I have just completed Masters in Physics from University of Delhi. I hope to delve into deeper insightful discussions on physics and mathematics and would like that there would be no 'Poles' of any order in the space of my understandings which is inside the...
  4. Ahmed Ayman

    Introducing my self

    Hello guys my name is ahmed and I've just started my college years I hope you all have a good day !
  5. A

    Introduction 1

    Hey everyone. I am a young individual from slovenia who wants to get more into science. Im happy to be here and cant wait for our discussions
  6. MaximusDecimus

    Hi I am New

    Hi there, i'm new, i would enjoy to learn a lot from here, and hopefully also contribute. kind regards
  7. S

    Hi! Thank you for the membership!

    As requested i will henceforth introduce myself. I am 23 years old, studying for a bachelors in physics, i am now just beginning on my second year :) My area of focus of my bachelor is in Quantum Physics, And i am thinking of persuing either the route of Solid State Physics or Particle...
  8. RonH

    Hi Everyone

    New to commenting, but have been reading for at least 5 years.
  9. Stuck In a Loop

    Hello! I am new to the forum

    Hello there. In all honesty I am college dropout, but have had a bit of an obsession with quantum physics for the last year or so. I look forward to learning from everyone and maybe sharing what I understand of the basics and see what I need to learn.
  10. Emir Shark

    Hello, Math Finance specialist

    Hi, I go by Emir. I am pursuing a PhD in mathematical finance. I have this recurring interest in physics which is why I joined this forum. I hope to learn more about the subject and learn more about other people in the field! EM
  11. D

    My Introduction

    Hello, My name (i.e., last name) is Boswell, and I am currently seeking to earn baccalaureates in computer science and physics with a minor in Japanese. After taking a two-year hiatus from my academic studies to reflect on myself, I will be attending one of my state's universities this August...
  12. L

    Hi there

    Hi there. I am a South African student studying a degree in IT. I am 18 years old and this is my first year out of high school
  13. S

    Greetings my fellow interested lads!

    Hey! Nice to meet you! My (user)name's SouthWestScott (Or Scott if you're lazy as hekk) and I am quite interested with several theories I have made, now note that I haven't even completted HIGHSCHOOL, so take all of this with quite a bit of salt... Hope 'yall are supportive! -SouthWestScott
  14. C

    About Me...

    I am your Cheese Lord... lol jk. Ok the guy said to introduce myself first so here goes nothing. My rl name is Emma. I have two annoying sisters and my parents just got divorced. My parents also got rid of our dogs recently and I have a lot of school work to finish. Like my science project. I...
  15. C

    New member here

    Hi my name is Chad, I am a graduating high school student specializing in STEM. Hoping to meet Science and Math enthusiasts here and make new friends who share the same passion in the Sciences and Maths.
  16. J

    Hello from Croatia

    Hi :D I'm Josip and I'm a student from Croatia. I'm currently finishing my bachelor's degree in informatics :) I'm a huge science fan and the reason I joined this forum is to read and share articles I find interesting.
  17. C

    Hello, I am Chris from Edinburgh

    I am an undergraduate BSc geography student from Edinburgh Uni, the quest for knowledge holism (popular theme in physical geography) has recently been drawing me into the depth of physics. I found myself enjoying theoretical physics and quantum mechanics quirkiness. Been destroying pop science...
  18. D

    Florida Tech Student, New Here, Hello Everyone!!!

    Hey Peeps, I am David, I am studying astrophysics and computer science at Florida Institute of Technology. I am going to be taking mainly ALLL physics and math classes from here on out so I plan to make myself know on here! Thanks!!
  19. T

    Dreaming of a more science filled life!

    New person on the forum :) I'm currently trying to do the impossible and go back to university to study physics (impossible as I already have a degree in a different area) here's hoping anyone can give me advice or show me where to learn the basics of physics and mathematics :)
  20. K

    Hello :)

    I am a chemical engineer by profession based in the Philippines. I am expecting to create connections with you guys and build friendships as we help each other develop and expand knowledge on our respective fields. Messsage me!
  21. M

    New Member

    Hey, I am new member to Physics Forums. Currently completing a biomed undergrad. I love math and physics and am excited to receive replies and talk to others!
  22. H

    Hello Physics Forum!

    I am not sure what, why and how I should do this introduction, so i will just do it like a regular introduction. My name is Mark, I and a second year chemical engineering student. I often run into question which I have no idea how to answer, or where to find information. So I figured maybe it...
  23. A

    Hello everyone :)

    Hi, I just found this forum and since I started taking Physics this year I thought it would be nice to have a place to discuss different problems.
  24. A

    Hello to all

    Hello to all, I'm a new member. Currently I am doing my doctorate in theoretical physics.
  25. A

    Physics forum?!

    Hello, my name is Johnny and I am new to this forum. I've come here from another forum that didn't seem to have many pure scientific discussions and especially lacked discussions about progress in science. A friend recommended this forum to me as this is a more scientific based forum. So far...
  26. S

    Hello, I'm a student at a STEM Highschool in Akron, OH

    I am joining this forum to expand my knowledge on my favorite subject being physics. I may not be veyr active but if I have questions about homework or curiosity in general, I'll post here and hope for a response. Thanks
  27. D

    New to Physics Forums!

    Hi I'm Dan and new to Physics forums! I'm planning on posting something tomorrow on an alternate theory for the structure of an atom... I thought I would start with something light ;-) By day I'm a Product Owner and have established several successful and unsuccessful companies! I'm...
  28. S

    Hi I am new

    Hi my name is Samapan Bhadury. I am a physics PhD student at NISER, India
  29. C

    Hi!: Introduction of me

    Heyyy I am new to this forum even though I have been browsing it from almost the middle of my IB year 1. It is really fun browsing this, and the discussions are very helpful, too! Now that I have problems with my Physics EE I have decided to join this forum. I hope that I will get helped and I...
  30. J

    Hello people from Physics Forums

    Hi everyone I am studying the career of applied physics in Mexico. I have joined here to get some advice from experienced people about a lot of different topics and things related to physics. I am starting my second year, and I want to know more people interested in this topics. And If I could...