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A member of parliament (MP) is the representative in parliament of the people who live in their electoral district. In many countries with bicameral parliaments, this term refers only to members of the lower house since upper house members often have a different title. The terms congressman/congresswoman or deputy are equivalent terms used in other jurisdictions. The term parliamentarian is also sometimes used for members of parliament, but this may also be used to refer to unelected government officials with specific roles in a parliament and other expert advisers on parliamentary procedure such as the Senate Parliamentarian in the United States. The term is also used to the characteristic of performing the duties of a member of a legislature, for example: "The two party leaders often disagreed on issues, but both were excellent parliamentarians and cooperated to get many good things done."
Members of parliament typically form parliamentary groups, sometimes called caucuses, with members of the same political party.

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  1. PhysicsEnjoyer31415

    New member (debatable)

    Well, i joined a few days ago , just wanted to test this feature
  2. N

    Greetings! Undergraduate Mathematics/Physics student here!

    Hello everyone! I am an undergraduate Mathematics student, but I am self-learning Physics in my free time because I want to do a PhD in hep-th in the future. I joined this website so that I could get my solutions to problems checked and ask any conceptual questions I might have. (and possibly...
  3. C

    California Dreamer

    Pretty much as it says on the tin under "How did you find PF?"; not much else to add. Saw an article on Alaska's rivers turning orange with the leaching out of minerals from the permafrost, though I don't recall where I spotted it first...it may have been on Weather.com.
  4. R

    New Member - Thank you for the membership

    Hello to all, New to the forum, I'm not trained in the science of physics. I typically get focused on a singular topic (not unlike the fictional Columbo character), conduct experiments then attempt to compose organized questions and really appreciate the more knowledgeable who are willing to...
  5. J

    New Member

    My name is JMslender, I am a student who really love physics I hope to find a lot of physics information here, thanks
  6. S

    Hello members of PF!

    Hello, I am Derek. Physics has always interested me since childhood. How does the TV work? How the Ceiling Fan work? All these questions have always puzzled in my childhood. To seek these, I have wandered a lot which led me to the physics. Despite being a med student, the love for physics has...
  7. anim3t1ddy


    hi im rel, I am a undergrad studying physics and I really wanted to immerse myself more in a community that liked the same things I liked so here I am. I hope I am able to meet great people and maybe learn a thing or two and maybe even discover what I want to specialize in for graduate school...
  8. J

    How Can Amateur Scholars Enhance Their Learning Experience?

    Hi amateur scholar here learning new things Thanks for having me

    Don't know about threads, I just want to ask a Q

    what is the problem ? if want ask a Q alkl i get is enter some thread
  10. Costco Physicist

    How Can Self-Study Prepare You for Upper-Level Physics Classes?

    I’ve been studying physics on my own for the last four years and I am now taking upper physics classes for my undergraduate degree. Ive always known about this website from looking up solutions to problems or similar problems I was stuck on. I currently need help with classical mechanics...
  11. Trazyn

    Is the Pastafarian Greeting Rooted in Earthly Origins?

    I stretch my tendrils to say hello.
  12. ripsy

    How Valuable Is Early Education in Shaping Your Future?

    Hello everyone, my name is ripsy sabha. Iam 15 and from India. Iam very much interested in science and look forward to discussions and answers. Thank u! 😁
  13. I

    How Does a Beginner in Physics Balance Work and Hobbies?

    Hi there My name is Stuart. I came here to look at the threads mostly and use the search bar on topics. I come from the United Kingdom. I have an interest in physics although very basic. I play guitar on the weekends and enjoy playing music. I work in retail security and enjoy catching...
  14. lauraB

    Medical Physicist needs an help!

    I was looking for some mcnp6.3 command instructions and I thought to tip my questions on internet. As my previous job taught to me, great people are always available on scientific forums for helping you! It's amazing!
  15. M

    Who Is the Newest Member of PF?

    Hi guys, look forward to being here
  16. Y

    How Do I Identify My Microscope's Make to Find Compatible Lenses?

    Hi everybody I'm new to the forum, I was looking for somewhere I can find out the make of a microscope hoping this could be the right place. I want to find out so I can hunt down objective lenses.
  17. B

    How Do External Fields Affect Low Dimensional Structures?

    I'm Baha , from Turkey. I am studying low dimensinonal structures. I apply external field(magnetic , electric , laser etc..) on structures. ı made Phd Dr. this topics.
  18. R

    Forge press build - structural load help

    Hello everyone, My name is Rick. I am not an engineer nor am I a student. I am simply a hobby maker that does machining, blacksmithing and fabrication using a combination of materials. Typically ferrous metals, wood and stone. I am constantly bumping into areas of knowledge in which I have...
  19. Coolboy1987

    Who Is Melroy, the Newest Member of PF?

    Hi everyone. My name is Melroy. I would love to be a part of this forum and help contribute to it. Looking forward to getting to know each one of you
  20. helloplaychess

    I was asked.. here is the answer.

    I don't care much to introduce myself, but I will do if I have to. Ah, there you are!
  21. torquefan

    Can a Passion for Torque Propel a Career in Physics?

    Hi, I'm Torque fan. A fan of torque or a fan that generates torque whichever you feel like. I'm a physics enthusiast and I want to further my knowledge on the subject and pursue it as a career if fate has it for me! I also want to contribute to the forum in helping people wherever I can and...
  22. Elementi

    How Can a Non-Physics Parent Support Their Child's Passion for Physics?

    Hi everyone! My daughter is studying A-levels in physics and she is appassionate about it. I have never studied physics (I studied biology) but I'm trying to support my daughter and understand when she talks to me. And to share something with her. So I will be posting my questions here, in...
  23. Southwesterly

    How Does a Cold Climate Influence a Software Engineer in Aerospace?

    I am a software engineer for an Aerospace Parts Application. I live in a cold climate. I went to 1 of the top 3 Engineering colleges in my country I have a 4WD truck. I have never driven near a black hole.
  24. lister128

    Online Community Etiquette: How to Introduce Yourself Effectively

    Hi Guys New Member and and its my pleasure to be here thanks
  25. Q

    How to Ask Effective Technical Questions on PF

    Hi, I've been reading questions and their answers for a while now, and now, I have lots of questions to ask!
  26. Marco211298

    What is the Role of Physics in Mechanical Engineering?

    Hi everyone, i’m Marco and i am here to learn about physics! I am a mechanical technician from Italy.
  27. Richard Baker

    Can YouTube videos serve as a substitute for traditional math education?

    My name is Mary, I am the mother of Richard. He has very little access to a computer, so I act as his amanuensis. I am not mathematically inclined, although I did take some statistics classes in graduate school. I read responses, but absolutely balk at reading complex equations. He does get...
  28. Antozoa

    What sparked Antonio's interest in physics and biology?

    I'm Antonio (born in 2007), from Italy and I'm currently attending the third year of high school (scientific type). Physics is not my main interest, I prefer biology, but anyway I'm trying to understand as much as I can about this subject, that's why I joined.
  29. buffalol

    What's the Best Way to Introduce Yourself to a Scientific Community?

    Not really sure what I'm expected to post here, but I'm happy to join the community!
  30. peterpnp0107

    What Motivates a New Electrical Engineering Student in the Community?

    Hi everyone, my name is Peter and I am currently an Electrical Engineering student at VinUniversity. I have a huge penchant for robotics and automation in general as well as engineering, science, technology, and cars too! That's why this forum is gonna be a big support for me in exploring...
  31. yhyoon0511

    What is the Connection Between Being a Scientist and a Physician?

    At now, I should ask lots of questions, but someday I became a nice physician, I will come back here to help others! :)
  32. B

    Who is Engineer Daniel Joseph Bigwama?

    Daniel Joseph Bigwama is my name. I an electrical engineer dealing with solar equipment (renewable energy). I also teach physics in a reputable highschool, a visiting lecturer of ICT and programing to a reputable university college. I am an examiner with west African examination council (WAEC)...
  33. hirsh

    Can Traffic Simulation Improve Traffic Flow?

    Dear all Nice to be with you in this forum I have here to get benefit of your knowledge and share my knowledge to you.
  34. NotsmartasU

    What is the Forum Page and how can it benefit me as a scientist?

    I had seen the site referenced numerous times on social media. I was reading one of your articles when I ended up on the Forum Page. I wanted to ask a question and realized you had to be registered member. I thought it looked interesting and knew I could learn from it so I signed up because I am...
  35. X

    What Benefits Await New Members of a Science Forum?

    Hello everyone, my name is Jordan, I'm french Canadian, 29 y/o eager to learn more about science. Not for academic purposes (as of yet), but trying to feed my hunger for learning !
  36. N

    What sparked Nirmalya's passion for Physics?

    Hi, I am Nirmalya. I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I have a lot of interest in Physics.
  37. Gabriel Mwamlima

    Is Gabriel Mwamlima's Physics Journey at the University of Malawi Inspiring?

    Hello, I am new here. I am Gabriel Mwamlima from Malawi currently in the third year at the University of Malawi
  38. abdelgo

    Exploring the World of Science: Join the PF Community Today!

    I am excited to share my knowledge and receive assistance when necessary.
  39. theoryboi

    What inspired me to pursue a career in theoretical physics?

    Hi! I am a new member of this forum and hope to ask many questions over the coming years. I am currently an undergraduate Physics/Mathematics double major at a state university with hopes of continuing onto a PhD in Mathematical or Theoretical Physics. At the time of posting this, I will have...
  40. florida23

    How can scientists share knowledge and promote learning?

    Happy to be here and spread some knowledge! Hoping to learn and teach as much as I can.
  41. Juliette

    Adding "quantum" just to catch your attention

    Well, hi! I'm Juliette and I'm a medical physicist - actually just starting, to be honest. I absolutely love quantum physics - but I still have a lot to learn, so if you could recommend me any books, online lectures, anything like that, just let me know ;) I hope we'll learn a lot together...
  42. Daniel_J

    Is There a Biology Sub-Forum in This Physics Forum?

    When I check biology forum then I found this phsics forum has biology sub forum.
  43. Echo12

    What is the Relationship between Plasmons and Excitons in Optics Research?

    My major is optics,I love Physics, and my research mainly focuses on the interaction between plasmon and exciton
  44. R

    Where to Discuss LED Lighting on Forums?

    hi all, my name is geoff (pseudo renault) and I just joined because i want to discuss LED lighting. I look forward to 'meeting' and discussing. Firstly, can anyone suggest where I should post an LED lighting topic; none of the forum categories seem an obvious choice. thanks
  45. DiamondTiara

    Exploring the Universe: A Journey through Astronomy and Cosmology

    Hello there. I am Diamond Tiara and I am interested in Astronomy and Cosmology. I am also into fictional works involving solar systems and planets.
  46. josephpayne Referen

    What is the Role of Scientists in Building Online Communities?

    Hello everyone) I'm new here and happy to be a part of your community)
  47. brad miley

    How can a mechanism regulate flow and eliminate gas buildup in a syphon system?

    Several years ago I found your thread (now inactive) called "How can I get rid of air buildup in a syphon system". I am not a physicist, I am a tool and die maker and it really helped me get a better understanding of the problem and confirm what I was seeing. Since then, I have developed a...
  48. colemi4117

    General Relativity Made Approachable: A Step by Step Guide by Michael Cole

    Hi, my name is Michael Cole. I am a lifelong physics and mathematics enthusiast. I started an undergraduate degree in physics at UCLA in the 80s. Quite school, got a job yada yada. Went back to school for a degree in pure mathematics at CSUN. I spent 40 plus years in a career in IT. Rose...
  49. B

    What is the Physics Behind Colonizing Mars and Einstein's Elevator?

    I just discovered this forum searching for some entertaining science issue - I don't remember what. Then I got sucked into a rabbit hole of reading pages and pages of a old discussion of colonizing Mars. Very interesting (I'll pass, thanks). Then I read about Einstein's elevator. I was...
  50. Factotum

    What insights can I gain from participating in the Physics Forums community?

    I am glad I found this forum. I am looking forward to participating. I always have questions, but hopefully I can also provide some insight.