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    Motor Principle and Magnet on Balance

    Hi everybody. This is my first thread ever on this forum :S I'm in a first year physics class, and the other day we did a lab involving a c.c.c (current carrying conductor) and a magnet on a balance. The c.c.c was a wire which completed a circuit. One had a magnet assembly which was placed on...
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    Ferromagnetic powder question!

    Hello! I am trying to understand a few properties of the ferromagnetic powder. I could not get the answers to these questions on the web, since any kind of phrasing i used, popped up search results that related to iron powder or ferromagnetic powder, which are manipulated and shape-shift...
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    I'm looking for a simple magnetometer and accelerometer

    Hey, I have only a little experience with electronics, and I'm looking for a simple sensor for a magnetometer sensitive enough to detect about a gauss and accelerometer for detecting when something is picked up. As long as I can get a good explanation (data sheets can sometimes be cryptic) I'd...