What is Remote sensing: Definition and 15 Discussions

Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object, in contrast to in situ or on-site observation. The term is applied especially to acquiring information about the Earth and other planets. Remote sensing is used in numerous fields, including geography, land surveying and most Earth science disciplines (for example, hydrology, ecology, meteorology, oceanography, glaciology, geology); it also has military, intelligence, commercial, economic, planning, and humanitarian applications, among others.
In current usage, the term "remote sensing" generally refers to the use of satellite or aircraft-based sensor technologies to detect and classify objects on Earth. It includes the surface and the atmosphere and oceans, based on propagated signals (e.g. electromagnetic radiation). It may be split into "active" remote sensing (when a signal is emitted by a satellite or aircraft to the object and its reflection detected by the sensor) and "passive" remote sensing (when the reflection of sunlight is detected by the sensor).

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  1. seanscon

    I NMR Remote Sensing: Does US Army Detect Buried Weapons?

    Hi I was watching Generally - you can activate use a strong magnetic field on ground, perturb it, and the pick the signal up with a satellite. The result would be in 60 to 1000 MHz ( VHF Television ) by a satellite. But the post also says, that US army is using it to detect burried weapons...
  2. A

    Infrared thermometry remote sensing

    hi all, This isn't simply physics but is very much related. I'm trying to make an infrared thermometer or some means of remote temperature measurements for temperatures from 0 degree C to around 400 degree C I started with looking up low cost silicon photo diodes / photo transistors e.g. on...
  3. C

    Help with Remote Sensing Finals: Spatial Res., Radiometric Res., Resampling

    hey guys, I'm in a serious pickle, its finals week and I have a final for remote sensing coming up. I was recently hit by a car riding my bike to school and have struggled studying for this final. I feel like I have a grasp on the main concepts of the course but am reaching out to any experts...
  4. J

    Brightness temperature in remote sensing

    Hi all, I don't know if I'm on the right forum to ask this, but maybe somebody knows anything about brightness temperatures measured by remote sensing devices. In a paper that I read "Atmospheric corrections for retrieving ground brightness temperature at commonly-used passive microwave...
  5. Tone L

    Phased array antenna vs single antenna for remote sensing.

    My question stems from the Cosmic-1 satellites using single antennas for radio occultation and the cosmic-2 sats that will use a phased array antenna. I've done a fair amount of research in regards to the phased array antenna. Overall it seems to improve the signal to noise ratio when making...
  6. pioneerboy

    I What's Next for Astrogeology and Planetary Sciences?

    I dropped out of physics in college and have several career choices now for the near future being all vocational. In the far future I want to end up in planetary sciences again. So, I'll want to work again with planetesimals, dwarf planets, evolution of planets, their geology, and astrobiology...
  7. F

    Rotation speed for a satellite

    Homework Statement A geostationary satellite is located at 0'N 0'E (degrees), 36000 km above a spherical Earth with radius R(earth) = 6370 km. To scan the fieldof view, the satellite rotates around its own axis(oriented parallel to the Earth's rotation axis). It records one (constant latitude)...
  8. F

    Remote sensing, Question from an old exam

    Homework Statement A satellite infrared radiometer (λ = 10 micrometer, footprint size 5x5 km) is observing a region of mixed open water and ice covered sea surface, where the temperature of the open water is -1 degree celsius and that of the sea ice -7 degree celsius. In the infrared, sea ice...
  9. F

    Bibliography about remote sensing

    Greetings everybody. I have been tasked with doing an small (12 pages) study about measuring the thermal signatureof a city and the surrounding landscape with a satellite. I'm afraid I haven't touched the subject very deeply, and I would thank anybody who would point me to some books which...
  10. F

    Satellite angle, remote sensing

    Homework Statement You have a geostationary satellite (location 0◦N 0◦E, 36000 km above geoid). Assume the Earth to be spherical with a radius of REarth = 6372km When observing a region centered at 60◦N 0◦E: What is the incidence angle of the satellite’s line of sight (at pixel center...
  11. A

    Project topics on Geophysics or Remote Sensing or Electronics

    Am a Physics undergraduate student; I need project topics based on Geophysics or Remote Sensing or Electronics
  12. A

    Can We Use Remote Sensing to Detect Life on Other Planets?

    A thread on another forum got me thinking, you know in Star Trek they're somehow usually able to scan a ship or a planet for lifeforms? I wonder, what way could you realistically scan for a life remotely like that?
  13. H

    Exploring Remote Sensing as a Career - Is It Right for Me?

    I said in an earlier thread that I was interested in embedded sensing as a career. It turns out that remote sensing is closer to what I was thinking of. I've heard of embedded sensor networks being used to: - help forecast earthquakes (hours before they occur, not weeks or months or years)...
  14. H

    Remote Sensing: Detecting Objects on Earth

    After studying a little bit about the remote sensing i have a Question to ask that If i have a object inside the earth, on the Earth at rest and on the Earth which is moving how can i determine my Object on the earth?What sort of difference may i have to make in my satellite that to observe such...
  15. A

    GEOLOGY Remote Sensing hepl me

    I am having a projet in remote sensing apply geology, a homewok assigmen. It's a digging me. :cry: :redface: plZZZZZZZZZZ help me, contact me quick