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Two Blocks from the Edge is Michael Brecker's fifth album as a leader. It was recorded at Avatar Studios in New York City. It was recorded in 1998.

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  1. rudransh verma

    Equilibrium of Two Blocks in a Wall System: A FBD Approach

    This problem is similar to what I have done before here. I think since the system is in equilibrium, that is both bodies are at rest, net force on each should be zero. So to balance the forces in all directions we need only friction forces on each in upward direction. So the force on B due to A...
  2. rudransh verma

    Two Blocks, a Pulley and an Inclined Plane

    1. ##-f_k\cos\theta-T\cos\theta+F_n\cos\alpha=m_2a_x## 2. ##f_k\sin\theta+T\sin\theta+F_n\sin\alpha-m_2g=-m_2a_y## 3. ##T-m_1g=m_1a_y## I am unable to get anywhere. There are accelerations in x , y directions. I need the value of acceleration. Then I can simply use ##s=ut+\frac12at^2##
  3. A

    I Problem with Static Friction -- Two blocks on a platform

    Hello, everyone. This problem is easy if you assume that the friction between the blocks and the platform is the maximum possible. Then the normal force is 0. But how can you show that the normal is 0 even when the friction is less than maximum? Thank you for your help.
  4. R

    Is ΔUL equal to ΔUR in this case?

    Hello, thanks for the attention. Well, knowing that the only acting force is the gravitational force, I stated that ##U=-MgH## for the ##M## mass block and that ##U=mgh## for the ##m## mass block. After that I divide the two and got the relationship for the alternative "a". For alternative "b" I...
  5. Hamiltonian

    Maximum extension in a system with two blocks separated by a spring

    the acceleration of the center of mass is ##a_{cm} = F/(M+m)## I considered the forces on the block of mass m(when the system is at maximum extension) I got the equation $$kx - \frac {mF}{(M+m)} = ma_{cm}$$ and from that I got the value of the maximum extension $$x = \frac {2mF} {k(M+m)}$$ which...
  6. Hamiltonian

    Two blocks kept side by side and friction between them

    if the applied force F >(M+m)g/##\mu## the force of friction between the two blocks should become f=N##\mu## and since the normal reaction will be greater than what it should be to keep the block m at rest with respect to M, will the mass m accelerate upwards. in short,for let's say a very...
  7. burian

    Two blocks on a third block which is split into two ramps

    So, for this question first I did a free body diagram in the perpendicular x-y axes, and, I got some equations with the normals, but the answer is independent of normal forces. So, I'm not sure how to eliminate the two normals. Further I find it quite weird that big block-A doesn't come into the...
  8. Z

    Lagrange equations: Two blocks and a string

    I've problems understanding why the kinetic energy of the string is only $$T_{string}=\frac{1}{2}m\dot{y} $$ Why the contribution of the string in the horizontal line isn't considered?
  9. M

    Thermodynamics Problem: Heat Engine Between Two Blocks

    Hi, I am quite confused about how to approach this problem. I have seen variations of this problem where there is a heat engine between two blocks, but in this case the surroundings are massless, so I don't believe that approach will work here. Method: I have first started with the case that...
  10. Shivam

    Draw the F.B.D. (Free Body diagram) of two blocks

    Summary: In the situation given, all the surfaces are friction less, pulley is ideal and string is light, F=mg/2, Find the acceleration of block 2 ? Here's the diagram-- My attempt- (i) I tried to solve the question by making FBD of the two blocks, but i am not able to draw all the forces...
  11. C

    Solving for acceleration of two blocks with two pulleys

    Equation 1: T = Ma1 Equation 2: mg - 2T = ma2 Equation 3: a1 = 2a2 Since a1 = 2a for equation one I get T = 2Ma1 mg - 4Ma1 = ma1 mg = 4Ma1 + ma1 mg = 4a1(M+m) a1= mg / 4M+m Not sure if this is correct. Can someone please help to make sure I'm doing this right? Thanx
  12. dwight_v

    Final temperature for two blocks of iron placed in contact

    Homework Statement Two blocks of iron, one of mass m at 10.0C and the other of mass 2m at 25.0c, are placed in contact with each other. If no heat is exchanged with the surroundings, which of the following is the final temperature of the two blocks? A)10 B)15 . D) 20C ( this is the answer) The...
  13. M

    Minimum force before a system of two blocks will move

    Homework Statement [/B] ##m=3kg## ##M=2kg## Coefficient of static friction between m and M ##\mu_1 = 0.6## Coefficient of static friction between M and the ground ##\mu_2 = 0.8##. The rope is weightless, does not stretch, and the wheel is frictionless. What is the maximum force ##F## that...
  14. S

    Incline with friction and two blocks

    Homework Statement The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block of mass m1 = 2.5 kg and the plane in Fig. 6 below is 1/6. Find (a) the acceleration of the block and (b) the tension in the string. Take g = 10 m/s2. Homework Equations Fnet=ma The Attempt at a Solution please i don't...
  15. S

    Two blocks, a fixed pulley and friction

    Homework Statement a mass m1 is attached to a second mass m2 by an acme (massless, unstretchable) string. m1 sits on a table with which it has coefficients of static and dynamic friction μs and μk respectively. m2 is hanging over the ends of a table, suspended by the taut string from an acme...
  16. Navin

    Two blocks on a plane connected with a Rod

    Homework Statement Two blocks m1 and m2 are connected by a weightless rod are on a inclined plane of ∅=37° and μ =0.25 .What is the common acceleration and Tension of rod if m1 is 4 kg and m2 is 2 kg such that the 4kg block is the upper block. OPTIONS A =4m/2 T=0 B =2m/2 T=5N C =10m/2 T=10N D...
  17. C

    I Two blocks connected with a fragile rope

    Let's say that we have two blocks - 2 kg and 1 kg. They are connected with a rope that can stand the maximal tension of 20 N. Does the maximal force we can apply to the block so that the rope does not break apart depend on the choice of the block?
  18. P

    Final velocity of two blocks between a spring

    Homework Statement Two blocks have a spring compressed between them, Block A (mass 1kg) and block B (mass 3kg) . The spring has force constant 720 N>m and is initially compressed 0.225 m from its original length. For each block, what is (a) the acceleration just after the blocks are released...
  19. cooldudeachyut

    Friction problem for two block system on an inclined plane

    Homework Statement Two block M1 and M2 rest upon each other on an inclined plane. Coefficient of friction between surfaces are shown. If the angle θ is slowly increased, and M1<M2 then Options : 1- Block A slips first. 2- Block B slips first. 3- Both slip simultaneously. 4- Both remain at...
  20. isukatphysics69

    Find acceleration between two blocks (bottom block)

    1. Homework Statement Problem in pictures Homework Equations f=ma The Attempt at a Solution So the tension force is 20N, i took the frictional force on the bottom of the block as 3*9.8*.4 because the bottom of the block has a total mass of top block and bottom block = 3kg, so i have 20N -...
  21. harambe

    Tension in the wire connecting two blocks

    Homework Statement Two blocks each having masses of 3.3 kg are connected by a wire CD and the system is suspended from the ceiling by another wire AB.The linear mass density of the wire AB is 10X10^-3kgm^-1 and that of CD is 8X10^-3.The speeds of the transverse waves produced in AB and CD are...
  22. C

    Constraint of Two blocks on an inclined plane

    Hello, I have an issue regarding a constraint related to an angle: Suppose I have masses 'A' and 'B' on an inclined plane ( of mass 'C') attached by a pulley. I place my origin as shown and I want to find a constraint relating angle β. so, I saw my classmate writing as follows to find...
  23. E

    Two blocks on a surface and a pulley

    Homework Statement Everything that can be used is in the picture. μ is the coefficient of friction between both B and A and A and the surface. A is moving upwards the surface with a certain acceleration. B doesn't move in relative to the surface. 1. Why the direction of A's motion must be...
  24. V

    Two blocks of mass m1, m2 are attached to a spring

    Homework Statement Now these two blocks are pulled separately by x1 and x2 distance. Find the frequency of shm Homework Equations a = -w^2 x The Attempt at a Solution Now after m1 being pulled, it moves with acceleration a1=Force of spring/m1. acceleration of block 2 = a2=/force of...
  25. hellovenus

    Two blocks slide on an inclined plane

    Homework Statement Two blocks slide on an incline of angle \theta . Block 1 has mass m1 and coefficient of kinetic friction μ1 with the surface, block 2 has mass m2 and coefficient of kinetic friction μ2. The gravitational acceleration is g. In terms of these parameters, under what condition...
  26. T

    Deriving motion equations for two blocks on a rough table

    Two small blocks, each of mass m, are connected by a string of constant length 4h and negligible mass. Block A is placed on a very rough tabletop as shown below, and block B hangs over the edge of the table. The tabletop is a distance 2h above the floor. Block A is then released from rest at a...
  27. T

    Block sliding down hill splits into two blocks

    I am currently working on this problem and I am stuck as to how to approach or solve it. The problem is that a block of mass 11000kg is sliding down a slope with a height of 1000m, angle of 40 degrees and the coefficient of friction between the block and the slope is 0.1. The block splits...
  28. C

    Maximum extension of system with two blocks connected by a spring

    Homework Statement Two blocks of masses m, and m2 are connected by a spring of spring constant k. Suppose each of the blocks is pulled by a constant force F Find the maximum elongation spring will suffer and the distances moved by the two Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution the two...
  29. M

    Why is the tension force equal to friction force

    Homework Statement The 1.0 kg block in the figure is tied to the wall with a rope. It sits on top of the 2.0 kg block. The lower block is pulled to the right with a tension force of 20 N. The coefficient of kinetic friction at both the lower and upper surfaces of the 2.0 kg block is μk = 0.300...
  30. Arman777

    Two blocks collide (Momentum-Energy conservation)

    Homework Statement [/B]Block 1 of mass 3.0 kg is sliding across a flooe with speed ##v_1=2.00 \frac m s## when it makes a head-on,one dimensional,elastic collision with initially stationary block 2 of mass 2.0 kg.The coefficient of kinetic friction between the blocks and the floor is...
  31. V

    Block slipping against two blocks

    Homework Statement In the setup , block C remains at rest and block A move towards left when system is released . If velocity of A is 'u' towards left at an instant , what is the vertical component of velocity with which B descends .What is the horizontal component of velocity of B at this...
  32. J

    Two Blocks and a Pulley Friction Problem

    Homework Statement System comprised blocks, a light frictionless pulley and connecting ropes (see diagram). The 9.0kg block is on a perfectly smooth horizontal table. The surfaces of the 12kg block are rough, with μk = .2 between the two blocks. If the 5.0 kg block accelerates downward when it...
  33. A

    Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the two blocks.

    Homework Statement a)Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the two blocks in (Figure 1) . Assume the top block slides without friction on the horizontal surface. b)If the 12-N block in (Figure 1) is replaced with a 12-N force pulling downward, as in (Figure 2) , is the acceleration of the...
  34. A

    Two blocks connected with spring and pulley

    Homework Statement A block of mass m1= 20.0kg connected to a block of mass m2 =30.0 kg by a massless string that passes over a light, frictionless pulley. The 30.0-kg block is connected to a spring that has negligible mass and a force constant of k =250 N/m as shown in Figure P8.64. The spring...
  35. terryds

    How long will it take for the small cube to fall?

    Homework Statement A cube with 1 kg mass is put on top of a bigger cube with 3kg mass and 1 meter edges. If 10 N force is exerted on the bigger cube, while the maximum friction between the cube surface is 2 N, and g=10m/s^2 , then at one time the small cube will fall to the floor. The time...
  36. RoboNerd

    Finding ratio of masses of two blocks

    Homework Statement Two crates are stacked on top of each other on a horizontal floor. The coefficient of static friction between Box A and Box B is 0.6. The coefficient of static friction between Box A and the floor is 0.2. A force of 100 N is applied parallel to the floor on Box B. The boxes...
  37. J

    Two blocks collide with spring in-between.

    Homework Statement Block 1 (mass 2 kg) is moving rightward at 10 m/s and block 2 (mass 5kg kg) is moving rightward at 3 m/s. The surface is frictionless, and a spring with spring constant of 1120 N/m is fixed on the left side on block 2. When the blocks collide, the compression of the spring is...
  38. RoboNerd

    Linear Momentum of system of two blocks

    1. Homework Statement The problem is shown in the photo above. I would like to discuss part B. Homework Equations conservation of linear momentum The Attempt at a Solutionthe solutions say that we should have the following approach: Mb*vb = [Mb + Ms] * vFinal. Plug in the numbers and get vF...
  39. P

    Two blocks on a frictionless surface; find the force

    Homework Statement Two blocks, A and B , are being pushed on a frictionless surface by a froce of 30 N to the right, .Block A has a mass of 2.0kg, Block B, being pushed by Block A is 4.0kg. Calculate the magnitude of the force that block B exerts on Block A. Homework Equations f=ma The...
  40. I

    Acceleration of Two Blocks Connected by a Pulley on a Frictionless Ramp

    Homework Statement Two blocks are of the same mass M. One lies on a frictionless ramp with slope θ, while the other one, connected by a rope, hangs by a pulley with a moment of inertia of I and a radius of r. Find the acceleration of the two blocks. I don't have an actual picture, but this one...
  41. J

    Two blocks on a plane with a pulley

    Homework Statement A block of mass m1 = 3.70 kg on a frictionless inclined plane of angle 30.0° is connected by a cord over a massless, frictionless pulley to a second block of mass m2= 2.30 kg hanging vertically. What are (a) the magnitude of the acceleration of each block and (b) the...
  42. C

    Two blocks connected by springs moving in a circle

    Homework Statement Block A and block B are on a frictionless table as shown in Figure 2. Spring 1 connects block A to a frictionless peg at 0 and spring 2 connects block A and block B. Their masses are respectively mA=0:45 kg and mB=0:32 kg. When the blocks are in uniform circular motion about...
  43. S

    Two blocks connected by a string

    Two 2.4-kg blocks are connected by a string draped over the edge of a slippery table, so that one block is on the table and the other is just hanging off the edge. A restraint holds the block on the table in place, and the string is 0.50 m long. After the restraint is removed, what speed does...
  44. A

    What is the force required to keep two blocks in equilibrium

    Homework Statement Blocks A and B each weight 170 lb and rest on frictionless surfaces. They are connected to one another by cable AB. Determine the force P required to hold the blocks in the equilibrium position shown and the reactions between the blocks and surfaces. Hint given: This...
  45. mala06

    What Determines Maximum Tension in a Cord Between Two Blocks on Inclined Planes?

    Homework Statement Two blocks of weight 50N and 200N are connected by a cord rest on two inclined planes .determine the maximum tension in the cord when limiting friction condition develop in both blocks R1=Reaction of weight 50N R2=reaction of weight 200 N[/B]Homework Equations for block of...
  46. Drakkith

    Why is the work done by tension on M1 half of the work done by gravity?

    Homework Statement A mass m1 = 5.1 kg rests on a frictionless table and connected by a massless string over a massless pulley to another mass m2 = 5 kg which hangs freely from the string. When released, the hanging mass falls a distance d = 0.83 m. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution...