What is unidentified: Definition and 13 Discussions

Unidentified decedent or unidentified person (also abbreviated as UID or UP) is a term in American English used to describe a corpse of a person whose identity cannot be established by police and medical examiners. In many cases, it is several years before the identities of some UIDs are found, while in some cases, they are never identified. A UID may remain unidentified due to lack of evidence as well as absence of personal identification such as a driver's license. Where the remains have deteriorated or been mutilated to the point that the body is not easily recognized, a UID's face may be reconstructed to show what they had looked like before death. UIDs are often referred to by the placeholder names "John Doe" or "Jane Doe".

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  1. Z

    I Unidentified Luminescent Phenomena (ULP)

    My personal experience with ULP; Experience happened on December 31st, 2021 at approximately 1400 hours or 2:00PM. I am going to keep my name and identity undisclosed because this is still the internet. I live Arizona and it was a mildly rainy day. My friend and I had been doing some hiking and...
  2. S

    Anyone interested in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and how they work?

    Just wondering if anyone here finds these video/picture leaks about UAP's (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) interesting and inspiring enough to try and figure out how they work? Pretty big game changer of technology and would be fun to discuss. I'm hoping at least someone agrees.
  3. N

    Hypothetical Movement of Unidentified Aircraft

    I know that the standard mantra of physicists who view themselves and their work as mainstream believe its never aliens. After all, as Carl Sagan reminded us, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, " as it should rightly be. But, recently, some pretty extraordinary proof has made its...
  4. yeshuamo

    What is the Physical Situation Described by this Unidentified Transition Rate?

    Homework Statement I am identifying equations on the final exam equation sheet for my quantum II class. I've identified them all except this one, what I am guessing is a transition rate for some kind of emission or absorption of radiation case. Please help me identify the physical situation...
  5. D

    Name of Unidentified Fruit or Vegetable

    I am looking for the name of this thing fruit (or vegetable):
  6. DennisN

    Unidentified emission line in Galaxy Clusters

    I could not find a thread about this (and I hope I don't start a duplicate one :smile:). I got a mail from a friend today about this: Detection of An Unidentified Emission Line in the Stacked X-ray spectrum of Galaxy Clusters Esra Bulbul, Maxim Markevitch, Adam Foster, Randall K. Smith...
  7. F

    Thistle + bulb Unidentified glassware

    I was cleaning up my lab and I came across some quipment I've never seen before. The top looks like a thistle tube, but there is a closed bulb on the bottom. Furthermore, there is another glass piece inside of the stem. The piece inside of the stem is sealed on the top. It has an open at...
  8. A

    Shorthand for unidentified SUSY particle

    Last week I was watching events at the LHC at this screen: http://lhc.web.cern.ch/lhc/ when something happened and there was a shutdown. In the “Comments” section at lower screen right, someone had entered “UFINO?” as a possible explanation for the shutdown. Is this shorthand for unidentified...
  9. R

    The Bloop - an unidentified, ultra-low frequency sound

    Anyone heard/know it? If so, what is your opinion? Real?
  10. K

    Are Unidentified Submerged Objects Real?

    Saw this on TV on some channel last night. I thought it was the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but felt maybe there were some supporters or people who have seen a "USO". Cigar-shaped underwater UFOs! They can surface and submerge; grey in color. I wonder what these underwater, or...
  11. wolram

    What Was the Unidentified Running Object I Encountered in My Driveway at Night?

    Unidentified running object. Its 9 o/clock at night and i am just getting into my car, when this white shape less thing shoots past me, now there is no wind ,as my first thought was litter blowing around, when the thing started to wander all over the place at about my walking pace, i had...
  12. S

    Identifying Unidentified Yellow Chemical in Tin Chloride

    Today I was making up some solutions of tin(II) chloride dihydrate (SnCl2.2H2O) and I noticed that an insoluble, yellow chemical had formed at the bottom of the beaker. I have no idea what this could be. I've thought about the possibility that there was an impurity in the tin chloride, but...
  13. S

    Discussing Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

    Same idea. Have any comments, info, etc. on UFO's, please post here. Thanks.