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News Bush in Baghdad - 2 Shoes, Size 10

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    An Iraqi Journalist threw 2 shoes at President deselect George Bush at a news conference today.

    He adroitly ducked the shoes like he has press conference questions for years now.

    The remarkable thing to me was, where was the Secret Service? The journalist threw one and then had plenty of time to get off the second. No one threw their body in the path of either.
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    maybe he just wanted them polished.
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    Perhaps they were really smelly?

    Is that where we have come as a society? Where political assassinations are done via shoes?

    Imagine if in the Kennedy assassination instead of getting shot twice he got two shoes thrown at him really hard.

    Or if Lincoln was hit in the back of the head with a shoe.

    Things would have been a lot more funny than they are now, cuz of the whole "they died" thing, you know?
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    From Reuters
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    The US troops should put this guy on IED detection detail. MF'er.
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    Which guy? The reporter? Or the President?
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    .....the "reporter" (raises eyebrow).
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    The reporter should be publically flogged with a pair of Nikes.
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    Props to the reporter.
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    I'd expect a better response from someone your age...
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    I think this "respect for the President" thing is a load of crap. The man is in charge of a nation, and should constantly be under pressure to do better. Instead, he spent 5 of his 8 years being praised for everything he did.

    After how he has handled everything having a couple shoes thrown at him is the least he deserves.
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    The reporter deserves a medal. He stood up for his country against the man who essentially date-raped it while knowing that now he will be tortured to death somewhere in Romania.

    I find that HILARIOUS considering that Bush got what, 4000 or so of our troops killed now? But you think using one guy to save one of our troops somehow makes you a good person who "supports the troops". Yeah. :rolleyes:
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    Am I to take your post seriously? If so, then post with serious points. Please.

    When a reporter has the chance to be in the same room as any head of state of another country, they must show respect. When a reporter interivews a head of state, they are interviewing the nation of that state. So when he throws a shoe at Bush, he's also throwing it at you and me.

    When Ahmadinejad came to Columbia university, the president gave a nasty opening remark to him. Even though Ahmadinejad isn't a great guy, you don't disrepsect a head of state. The result, Ahmadinejad call him out on it and said "In Iran, we don't disrespect our guests like this when we invite them to talk". Ahmadinejad came out on top, and the president of Columbia came out looking like a fool.

    Head of state: like him/her or not, you simply don't act that way.

    This reporter didn't 'stand up' to anyone. He acted like like a fool and disgracing himself and his country. What could have done was ask good hard factual questions to Bush - what any real reporter does.

    Please don't bother posting here if you're going to simply provide knee jerk responses. If you actually take the time to watch the news, you would know that the Iraqi's and the government want us there until things stabilize. This reporter isnt speaking for anyone but himself, and its appparent.

    Rule number one of reporting: YOUR NOT THE STORY.
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    So you're saying a president should be physically assulted because you don't agree with him?
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    Lets all hope this isn't the start of a larger shoe-throwing movement within Iraq like the PEI Pie Brigade of Canada that scored a hit on the honorable prime minister Jean Chretien... rest in peace PM's honor...

    I have to say I'm a little surprised the guy didn't get himself shot though. I would have expected the secret service to be on "if it hits the fan, hoze them down and ask questions later" mode in Iraq. I guess there must be lots of security at these sorts of things so it isn't like the guy could have hid a grenade in his shoes as he pitched it over or anything like that.

    The guy lives in Iraq outside the green zone. He is on IED detection detail 24/7
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    Why is it that whenever someone disagrees with you, you automatically call them childish or not serious?

    When this guy was throwing his shoes, I doubt he was thinking "Am I going to get fired for being a bad journalist?"

    No, he is not. I did not vote for Bush. He is not my "lord" or "king". I would not take a bullet for him. This reporter hates Bush because he thinks Bush is responsible for ruining his country. If he met me, he would have no reason to throw a shoe at me. He doesn't care about me. He wants to punish the man he sees responsible. If you are personally insulted because someone you (I presume) never even met gets insulted, then I don't know what to say. I don't think I am capable of feeling like that.

    This guy didn't even burn a flag or curse America or anything.

    Inviting a guest to talk at your school =/= inviting yourself into another country under the pretense of helping them and completely ruining the country.

    What do you think the reporter should have done if he didn't like Bush? Hint: peaceful protests aren't that popular in Iraq.

    See above. Didn't care about being a reporter at that point. Besides, Bush would have done to his question what he did to those shoes: dodged them and then smiled uncomfortably.

    Thanks for being so condescending.

    We destroyed Iraq with our war and that is something people will be angry about whether we are helping them now or not. If the reporter had a relative that died due to a stray blast or due to the increase in terrorism in the area from the conflict, he could still be angry at the person who started the whole thing, or at least the guy who was in charge when it happened. I don't see what this has to do with us leaving.

    See above. Didn't care about being a reporter at that point.
  19. Dec 14, 2008 #18
    Given the state of his unpopularity, and assuming it is with someone's shoes? Yes, I would consider it quite appropriate.

    There may not be a hell or afterlife, but a leader should have fear for the potential consequences of their actions, and all the shoe throwing furry that may include.
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    That's not necessarily true. If you are looking at it from the point of view of a professional move and want to be allowed back to another Press Conference probably you want to mind your manners and say your pleases and thank yous. But too often the Press has not been tough enough with this buffoon from Crawford. It's one thing to show respect for the office, but there is no obligation to show respect for the man. Maybe if the Press had been tougher we wouldn't be in the mess we've gotten ourselves into.
    I agree with that as far as it goes. Free speech doesn't mean that there is any freedom from consequences.
    As a reporter I agree he failed his mission. As a man perhaps he feels that he has expressed himself. I won't deny him that. I also think that the best way to deal with him is to do nothing really. What better example of freedom of the Press than speaking up and expressing himself freely. What better lesson for him as to how democracies may work. Surely he is old enough to recall that under Saddam that he, his wife and all his children may have been conveniently erased for even looking the wrong way.
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    Baghdadiya television should better vet its reporters and not just assign some shoe-in.
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