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Calculate the torque on the pedal

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    very simple question:
    Calculate the torque on the pedal shown if a force of 150N was applied in the direction shown.

    http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/5994/torque6hg.jpg [Broken]

    however, i think im missing the length of the shaft?

    since the formula is |T| = |r||F|sin (theta), where's my r value?

    is this question unsolveable?
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    the magnitude of r is the radius of your pivot. Edit: thought you said what is my R value. Yeah there is no way to solve it without knowing the radius of that pivot, because as your formula clearly shows it is dependent upon that value.
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    Andrew Mason

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    No. You need the distance from the pedal to the fulcrum. Maybe they are testing you on your understanding of torque, in which case you get full marks...

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    I know I am new and all, but there wouldn't be torque on the "pedal", force yes. The torque would twisting force on the shaft that the pedal is conected to. I would think that with out knowing the length there would be a an extra bit of info needed my friend.
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    guys thanks, just needed some reassuarance that i wasn't skipping over anything.
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