What is Pedal: Definition and 37 Discussions

A pedalboard (also called a pedal keyboard, pedal clavier, or, with electronic instruments, a bass pedalboard) is a keyboard played with the feet that is usually used to produce the low-pitched bass line of a piece of music. A pedalboard has long, narrow lever-style keys laid out in the same semitone scalar pattern as a manual keyboard, with longer keys for C, D, E, F, G, A and B, and shorter, raised keys for C♯, D♯, F♯, G♯ and A♯. Training in pedal technique is part of standard organ pedagogy in church music and art music.
Pedalboards are found at the base of the console of most pipe organs, pedal pianos, theatre organs, and electronic organs. Standalone pedalboards such as the 1970s-era Moog Taurus bass pedals are occasionally used in progressive rock and fusion music. In the 21st century, MIDI pedalboard controllers are used with synthesizers, electronic Hammond-style organs, and with digital pipe organs. Pedalboards are also used with pedal pianos and with some harpsichords, clavichords, and carillons (church bells).

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  1. D

    Resultant pedal force (FRESULTANT) Force tangential to the crank arm

    %% part 1 clear all; close all; clc; torq_crPK = zeros(10,1); ang_tqPK = zeros(10,1); ang_powPK = zeros(10,1); torq_crDS = zeros(10,1); torq_crUS = zeros(10,1); WD = zeros(10,1); WDpos = zeros(10,1); WDneg = zeros(10,1);%% INPUT VARIABLES for i=1:10 % cyclist number % read in the...
  2. L

    Finding moments in pedal (beam w/ rightangles)

    hello friends i am seek advice on a engineer question (sorry if grammar bad english isn't my first language but i learn) i require to find the moments on a pedal. the pedal is horizonta. as the picture provided the hinge point is at a and there is a support at b. at e a man stands and is 750...
  3. M

    Rotation angle measurement of pedal with ball and socket joint

    the device that I have is the same as the mirror of this truck.
  4. qbar

    A Implicitly differentiating the vanishing real part of the hyperbolic tangent of one plus the square of the Hardy Z function

    Let $$Y(t)=tanh(ln(1+Z(t)^2))$$ where Z is the Hardy Z function; I'm trying to calculate the pedal coordinates of the curve defined by $$L = \{ (t (u), s (u)) : {Re} (Y (t (u) + i s (u)))_{} = 0 \}$$ and $$H = \{ (t (u), s (u)) : {Im} (Y (t (u) + i s (u)))_{} = 0 \}$$ , and for that I need to...
  5. V

    Why a car decelerates after releasing the gas pedal?

    After the foot is released from the gas pedal, the car will naturally start decelerating. From my understanding two things are causing this: air resistance and kinetic friction. From my understanding also, in a vacuum and in a place where gravity is relatively small, the car would not...
  6. C

    I Is a Single Bearing Pedal Possible for Bicycles and Motorcycles?

    I have seen motorcycles and bicycles with only one front fork and I was wondering if the mechanics would be similar enough to make it possible to manufacture a bicycle pedal that has only one bearing where the pedal screws into the crank and no shaft passing through the body of the pedal...
  7. T

    How to calculate resultant force for a bike pedal stroke

    Homework Statement To calculate the resultant pedal force from the variables given: Crank (degrees) measured clockwise from vertical, spindle (degrees) measured anti-clockwise from horizontal, tangent force (N) applied to the pedal surface, normal force (N) applied to the pedal surface and...
  8. R

    B If the pedal crank arm length of a bicycle increases....

    You have 2 bikes. They only differ in 1 way. The length of the crank arm (where pedal attaches) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crankset How will these bikes differ when riding? Is one harder to pedal than the other? Why?
  9. B

    What are the physics/forces behind a bike pedal?

    Hi All, I am working on a project that mounts an accelerometer to the bike pedal, and requires me to calculate the power that the sensor experiences as the bike is being ridden. However, I am having some trouble understanding the forces that the pedal/sensor experiences. Essentially, I need...
  10. C

    Help with design for moving a box

    Hi, I'm trying to design a contraption for a project that will move an item/box up and to the side. I have a picture of what it should look like and how it should look like but I need help with the mechanics of it. The box's starting position is In the ground and under a slap of metal or wood...
  11. ollie_craw

    Force Applied To Pedal on Bike

    Homework Statement I think that the equation for the force someone exerts on their bike pedals or the force forward is stated below. can anyone confirm this is true? Homework Equations Fapplied by rider = (weight of rider) (Radius Crank /Radius Tire) (Gear Ratio) The Attempt at a Solution
  12. G

    Can a car's reaction to gas pedal be said to be stable ?

    As per control theory, if a bounded input produces a bounded output then a system can be said to be stable. So assuming that I press my cars gas pedal such that it reaches a fixed position, then the reaction of my car would be to reach a corresponding velocity, and assuming the road to be even...
  13. T

    Cycling - forces in a chainring

    Ok, New to the forum! I'm rusty in Physics but I'm trying to find this answer...part of a personal project. I'm trying to find the forces involved during cycling, specifically related to the Chainring (Crank), What numbers do I need to know to find this force? Let's say I have: -Maximum...
  14. G

    When you press braking pedal -- wheel road surface tangent F

    - You are driving car with 100 mile/hour - You are pressing brake pedal. - The speed of car is suddenly gone down. Decelerated. - However, Wheel is rolling on road without sliding and car stopped smoothly finally.In this case, - the tangent force acting on road surface is related with...
  15. D

    Bicycle pedal press power reading

    Hi, I'm a triathlete and a hobby constructor. I would like to build a power meter for my bike because the ones on the market are quiet expensive. The idea is to measure the power the rider puts into pedaling by measuring the tension between the pedal and the crank. They are connected with just...
  16. S

    Automotive How do the accelerator pedal and rpm interact in an internal combustion engine?

    Hello everyone, this is my first contribution in this forum, I'm aware that this question had been asked many times either in this forum or elsewhere and I have indeed read at least one thread with a similar topic, however, unfortunately, I have yet to find specific answers that nail the core...
  17. O

    Can Hydraulic Pedal Drives Simplify Kayak Propulsion?

    I was thinking about adding a pedal powered propeller to a kayak and I had an idea:Use a hydraulic pump/motor combo to simplify the design. That way I could have the pedals in front of me and easily route some hydraulic lines to a propeller in the back. I came across this gear driven...
  18. marellasunny

    Humans relate acceleration of a car with change in pedal angle over t

    This is in relation to the modelling of pedal input(\theta) to vehicle velocity 'v' by using controllers. In this video() the teacher says that humans accelerate the car NOT by sensing the pedal angle(\theta),but rather by sensing the change in the pedal angle over time(\frac{d \theta}{dt}). I...
  19. H

    Why is the front pedal gear larger than the rear wheel gears?

    As titled: When moving at a constant velocity, say drag force is the only resistive force, don't we want to amplify the force output? why would we want to use a larger gear for the paddle than the rear wheel's? I understand that we will need to paddle faster with a larger gear output...
  20. V

    Brake Pedal Force: Approximation

    what is the approx brake pedal force that a person applies while braking on the brake pedal?
  21. W

    Calculate the moment when the pedal

    Could someone solve this question please? The pedal of a bicycle is 18 cm long. When it is pushed downwards by a cyclist it experiences a force of 350 N. Calculate the moment when the pedal is horizontal and then when it is 65º below the horizontal. Thanks.
  22. D

    Tangential acceleration of a bicycle pedal

    I'm attempting to solve a mastering physics problem, but I've seem to run into a dead-end on this problem. I've worked out my solution and I'm certain I've rounded my sig figs correctly, but mp doesn't accept the answer. Homework Statement An 17-cm long bicycle crank arm, with a pedal at one...
  23. J

    Trying to replicate an accelerator pedal using a differential amplifier

    I'm trying to replicate the voltages coming from an accelerator pedal, to the ECM, on 6.0 L Diesel engine. I acquired the three separate voltages using an oscilloscope. I have access to two analog output channels on the dyno. Out of the three voltages two them follow each other by a...
  24. B

    Static and dynamic analysis of a crank with pedal

    Hi. me and my friend have a problem that we can't really agree upon. we are doing an analysis study on a bike's crank and pedal. the first picture shows how we put the force of 210 N. picture 2 shows how we used "fixed geometry" to lock the part in place. now, this is the static...
  25. 1

    Riding a bicycle-What happens when u pedal?

    It is referring to motion ¨terms¨ like friction and rings like that.
  26. G

    Calculating Moment of Force on Bicycle Pedal

    Hi, I have a practice question. I have managed to calculate part of it and one last bit I haven't been able to. Hoping you can give me some ideas. I am given a bicycle pedal that is a some distance long and has been pushed downwards by a given force. Here I have been able to calculate the...
  27. M

    Pedal Angular Velocity: Pi/2*f or 2pi*f?

    So I've got a pedal which sweeps through pi/2 in 1 complete cycle (frequency is known). Is its angular velocity (pi/2)*f or 2pi*f just the same? (considering that it doesn't sweep through 2pi but pi/2)
  28. C

    Can Pedal Power Light Bulbs Increase in Brightness with More Effort?

    Hi Well I'm back again with as usual more questions that answers! Ok I would like to build to following as an educational tool: The generator is MY1016 DC PM motor that can produce upto 200watts connected to a child's bicycle. Kids around 10 or 11 should be able to do a 40watts burst...
  29. C

    Pedal Power: A Business Success Story & Wiring Questions

    Hi, this is my first post so sorry it is not a contribution! Anyway, I have a pedal powered business that is doing very well. We use 24v DC Motors as seen here http://buggies.builtforfun.co.uk/FactFiles/motors.html" . Each motor is connected to the back wheel of the bike (we use a diode next...
  30. T

    Optimizing Pedal Crank Forces for Efficient Cycling: A Square Wave Approach

    I am trying to determine the forces exerted on a bicycle pedal crank by the rider so I can analyze the fatigue. I believe that I understand how to conduct the fatigue analysis but I think that the forces on the bike crank are more complicated then I have assumed them to be so far. I know...
  31. C

    Building a Guitar Effects Pedal

    Hello all! I am building an effects pedal for my guitar (dont have a choice, I spent all the money I was saving on the guitar). Since electronic components are cheap, for once, I am glad I am studying EE. At first I thought I'd design the circuits myself, but after doing a bit of research, I...
  32. S

    How Much Force to Fully Depress Car Brake Pedal?

    I have a simply question: how much force must be applied to an average car brake in order to fully depress the pedal? Also, if you know the answer, do you know where I could substantiate it? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  33. N

    Build a Pedal-Powered Generator for Middle School Workshop | Engineering Project

    If you want some background information on the project I'm working on, continue reading. If you just want to help then you can just skip to the bolded part. I'm supposed to build a pedal powered generator for an engineering class with a group. We are using a treadmill motor and pressing the...
  34. P

    Maximizing Power: Why Pushing the Gas Pedal Matters

    Why the more you push the gas pedal , the stronger the car is (say, when pulling something)?
  35. M

    Calculate the torque on the pedal

    very simple question: Calculate the torque on the pedal shown if a force of 150N was applied in the direction shown. http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/5994/torque6hg.jpg however, i think I am missing the length of the shaft? since the formula is |T| = |r||F|sin (theta), where's my r...
  36. Clausius2

    Should we press the clutch pedal while braking?

    Many traffic warnings issues tell it's much better to brake without pressing the clutch pedal. For instance, we drive a car at 120 km/h and suddenly we have to brake in the shortest distance as possible due to some obstacle on the road. What is better? 1) Should we press the clutch pedal at the...
  37. B

    Designing the Perfect PS2 Steering Wheel & Pedal Chair

    I am doing a project in Design & Technology and intend to design a product that is to be used by Playstation 2 (or other consols) users. I have a few questions, which I would be very grateful for if I get a few replies: Do you have a Steering wheel and pedal that you use to play car games with...