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Electric potential of insulating rod

  1. Feb 29, 2004 #1
    This hmwk. problem has got me totally buggin...

    A uniformly charged insulating rod of length 20cm is bent into the shape of a semicircle (so it looks like the letter "C"). The rod has a total charge of -8.50e-6C. Find the electric potential at a point P, in the center of the semicircle.

    I know crazy things happen to electric potential when dealing with insulators...also, will this problem involve integrals?

    If anyone has a clue I'd appreciate the guidance! Thanks in advance!
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    Why will noone respond? =(
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    Yes, this requires and integral.

    [tex]V=ke \int{dq/r}[/tex]
    [tex]V =ke(Q/r)[/tex]

    Where Q is the total charge of the rod and r is the radius this rod makes. Remember that circumference=2*pi*r, so use that to find r.

    When you figure it out, post your answer.

    I think no one has responded because you didn't post any sort of work that you did.
    Post up what you have and we can take this further.
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    thank u so much. i didn't mean to be an answer leech!

    i used this formula before: V=Ke(Q/r): using Circumference=2piR to find the radius. The problem was after i got my answer: -2.39, i forgot we were dealing with a semicircle, and that i had to divide by 2. my final answer (which webassign confirmed) was -1.2MV. thanks so much for your help!
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