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Kinematics of falling blocks

  1. Nov 24, 2007 #1
    Problem # 2
    The pulley shown in the figure below, which is mounted in horizontal frictionless bearings, has a radius of 5.00 cm. One block has mass M = 500 g and the other has mass m = 460 g. When released from rest, the more massive block falls 75 cm in 5.00 s (without the cord slipping on the pulley.) (a) What is the magnitude of the blocks’ acceleration? What is the tension in the cord that supports (b) the more massive block and (c) the less massive block? (d) What are the magnitude and direction of the pulley’s angular acceleration? (e) What is its rotational inertia? (f) Find the rotational kinetic energy after 5.00 s.

    Someone please help

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    You have to show that you have made some attempt at solving it.
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