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Modelling vehicle kinematic behaviour

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    Hi, I have been reading a book regarding modelling vehicle behaviour using multi-body systems.

    It discusses the use of points, vectors, local and global co-ordinate systems as well as assigning degrees of freedom to various parts. I am pretty confident with the whole concept but I am unsure where to start on constructing a model.

    I want to be able to define x,y and z co-ordinates of various points such as in board and out board suspension leg pick-up points at a design ride-height, then move the vehicle through it's travell and see how things like camber changes.
    Then progress the model to maybe a full dynamic vehicle model looking at the rate of change of various components and bringing forces in to the model.

    I have quite a lot of experience with software such as MSc Adams but I want to set-up a complete model myself from scratch, maybe in MATLAB or perhaps Excel is still capable.

    I hope someone has some experience of this and is willing to give me some help, no matter how great or small.

    Thanks a lot for your time.
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