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Our Beautiful Universe - Photos and Videos

  1. May 18, 2016 #61
    A new clip from Babak Tafreshi with music by Ali Raini:
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    :thumbup::smile: That is "MagicalMedia" I loved it. Thanks for the post!
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    Andy Resnick

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    Hercules is now coming into view- got this one last night- the whole field of view and a 100% crop (800/5.6, ISO 1250):



    My technique is finally good enough that I needed to program periodic error correction (PEC) on the motors; my first attempt wasn't great but I could still nearly double the exposure time (5 s to 8 s). Presumably, as I keep refining the PEC, the performance will continue to improve.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Up to 28 minutes total exposure time- image quality and colorimetrics significantly improved:

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    You know, when I came across this image all I could think is, this belongs on the OBU thread. So here are the Spanish peaks in Colorado, along with credit where credit is due. :wink:

    Spanish peaks.PNG http://martinpughastrophotography.id.au/

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    Andy Resnick

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    For the next few days, (from left to right) saturn, mars, and jupiter are all visible at night:


    And a little zoomed in (the red spot is visible):


    Tonight, 9pm- midnight, Europa is transiting Jupiter and the shadow may be visible (midnight - 3am, EST)... fingers crossed for good viewing conditions!
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    the image in the previous post was better, colour wise ... you have gone back to a very green hue in this one :wink: The star sharpness in this one is much better

  11. May 24, 2016 #71
    You guys sure make me want a nice "Scope" :frown: I'm feeling motivated but I have a lot to learn.
  12. May 24, 2016 #72
    I feel exactly the same :smile:. I've been thinking about a scope for years now, but I've had other things to do, and if I get a scope I want to put it to good use. I have been very tempted by this entry level scope, which have got some pretty good reviews (e.g. it won the comparison with other scopes here: http://telescopes.toptenreviews.com/telescopes-for-beginners-review/celestron-cosmos-review.html [Broken])...
    And a clip here:
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    Andy Resnick

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    I can speak from experience- people here are excellent resources for learning this stuff. Go for it!
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  15. May 28, 2016 #75
    Another investment opportunity missed. :frown:
    http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/astronomy/telescopes/cosmos-90gt-wifi-telescope $400.00 US
    http://telescopes.toptenreviews.com/telescopes-for-beginners-review/celestron-cosmos-review.html -Discontinued
    Amazon $670.47 US

    That would be a nice starter. :thumbup:
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  16. May 31, 2016 #76

    Andy Resnick

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    Now that I have PEC working fairly well, I'm able to acquire many more useful images- here's 40 minutes total integration time, with fairly strict thresholds for image acceptability based on DSS 'score' and 'FWHM':

    A small section of the total field, showing NGC 6207:

    And a 100% crop, cranking up the saturation ('cuz I can...)


    Thanks to davenn for helpful hints...
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  18. Jun 4, 2016 #78
    Simply s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g...
    Page source: http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/hubble-s-high-definition-panoramic-view-of-the-andromeda-galaxy
    Full size image is here (click twice to zoom in order to see the enormous amount of stars as small pixels...:wink:)
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