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News Someone show me the really vile prisoner abuse photos

  1. May 21, 2004 #1
    Someone show me the really vile prisoner abuse photos....

    I mean, a dead guy beat with a rock and rape. That's vile, that's torture.That is what I'm assuming all the fuss is being made about.

    However, I haven't seen any of those pictures, and I don't think they have even been shown to the public. Have they?
    If not, that means all this talk of how HORRIBLE these photos are, is based on some naked guys piled on each other? some guys handcuffed in crappy positions???

    Show me just what picture it is that is so shocking :confused:
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  3. May 21, 2004 #2
    All the talk about how bad the pictures are,and no one will show me what they are talking about?
  4. May 21, 2004 #3
    All I know is that the ones that were really bad were fake.
  5. May 21, 2004 #4
    You will not see a rape picture, not because they don't exist but because they won't let it out. There are photos of dead detainees, though -- including soldiers giving the death a thumbs up in the same frame. ABC news has a slide show. I'm sure you can find them if you go to google, as well.

    There is also a video available showing a detainee being repeatedly slammed into a steel door until he loses consciousness.
  6. May 21, 2004 #5
    The British photos were faked. The American ones are quite authentic.
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    No, not all of them. Those in the Boston Globe (or herald, or?) were fake, and were taken from a porn site.
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    Why do you need to see them? Its sick, sad and pathetic that the people who are supposed to be over there freeing the iraqi population from this exact twisted behavior, are inflicting it.

    And it happened, the guilty soldiers will be in trouble for this, what are you looking for? Proof?
  9. May 21, 2004 #8
    Because, thus far a bunch of prisoners getting beat up or having to get naked in odd positions doesn't strike me as be worth all of this hubbub- unless the hubbub is done for a different reason.

    What exact twisted behavior?! That's what I'm getting at! All this talk about how these are the worst pictures people have ever seen, and I have yet to see anything that could be described as the EXACT twisted behavior outside of the rape and rock bashing (both of which no one has seen). So where are the pics that are so bad???

    Not proof at all. I'm aware of what I have read and am sure it all happened.
    The soldiers were idiots,and even bigger idiots for recording the actions. The thumbs up, while disrespectful, is HARDLY one of the worst pictures one could see, nor worth the awful emotional upset that is being made.
  10. May 21, 2004 #9
    I don't expect to find one. No one else has seen that either, but by reactions I would think some have seen them.

    Dead detainees. While the death may be a point of invesitgation, is a dead body what is causing the hubbub??
    A thumbs up? That can't be what is causing allof this.

    Did the detainee slam himself? Or was he slammed? I'll search I guess.
    I read a report that some detainee did such a thing to knock himself unconcious as to not witness the sexual humiliation endured by other naked prisoners. I hardly find that to be anything more than a sign that nakedness in the Arab world is a highly vulgar thing. I can't say I'd be against having any of the known al queada captives forced to stand naked and be laughed at as interrogation procedures. I wonder if that is against geneva conventions. Either way, it doesn't seem as if this would really upset the western world that is acting so dismayed.
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    Halfway down the page on the right hand side are links to photos. I don't know if these are the photos that were released by the WP earlier today or not. I don't care to see them. The descriptions are bad enough. The ones I've accidentally seen on the news are burned into my memory and will never leave. They certainly make ME sick. Are they vile enough for you?

    edit: here's Adam's link from another thread. Since these are from Aljazeera, they are probably worse than what the WP is showing, so they might be more to your liking.

    http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/A1A5B043-D8D1-4EA4-A49C-074592F70E54.html [Broken]
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  12. May 22, 2004 #11
    Okay, for those incapable of understanding: The Pentagon is releasing the pictures. They have not released all of them. To say they are fake is to call the US government liars. Deal with it.
  13. May 22, 2004 #12
    That tears it then, they must be fake ! :biggrin:
  14. May 22, 2004 #13
    I agree with phatmonkey. Where are the really bad photos? Im sure they exist but i think your imaginations are filling in the gaps with horror right now.
    Bergs beheading was called mild on these boards compared to what happened on these photos. It was said that an Iraqi killed by CIA interrogators, unlike Berg, was not killed in 15 seconds but beaten to death over several hours or days. How do we know that? How do we know Berg wasnt tortured for over 2 weeks from the moment he was captured to his beheading?

    Why do you think the abuse photos are released one by one by one? Your being played and you like it.
  15. May 22, 2004 #14

    What is your definition of "really bad"? Don't the beatings and deaths count?

    It was? I must have missed that.

    From the confessions of the soldiers who did it.

    In his nice clean orange jumpsuit? Well, maybe he was. Does that make it okay for the US military to torture and kill prisoners?

    They aren't.

    The word you're looking for is "you're". It is a contraction of "you are".
  16. May 22, 2004 #15
    As far as beatings go, ive seen videos of a prisoner being slapped. As far as deaths, ive seen corpses, but not killing.
    Im going to put this in bold so you dont miss it again: Im sure they happened, but where are the photos and videos

    Can you link me to the confession of a soldier saying an Iraqi was beaten to death over several hours/days?
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  18. May 22, 2004 #17
    hey guys, talk to anyone that has ever been exposed to combat. whaever is or isn't in the photos is nothing compared to what really happens in a combat situation.


    you can't fight a war, overtake a country and keep prisoners without being brutal. This is not M*A*S*H the tv series. idealism goes out the window with the first bullet.

    so we are no different than the rest of humanity. is that so bad? it is about time we stopped being so full of ourselves as to believe we are/were better than the rest of the world. let's admit what we did and move on.

    OR, "you can't handle the truth" !

    love and peace,
    olde drunk
  19. May 22, 2004 #18
    A cop out, a justification for atrocities, and wrong. The "good guys" are the innocent civilians.

    Thus the response most of the world said BEFORE the USA invaded Iraq: DON'T GO TO WAR!

    It is if you think that excuses or justifies murder.
  20. May 23, 2004 #19
    Still nothing! Maybe I'm missing it. But I see no picture in there that justifies the shock and dismay being had.

    Instead of all the general links, why doesn't somone actually link me to a PICTURE itself?
  21. May 23, 2004 #20
    Obviously you did not actually check the links I provided. Please scroll up and do so.
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