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Homework Help: Thevenin/Norton Equivalent,PLEASE HELP

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    Thevenin/Norton Equivalent,PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi I apolgise for posting a question which is rather simple but im struggling to grasp the concept of it,ive done many questions like this before,but this one in particular throws me because the power source is always on the left hand side of the circuit,but in this case its in the middle
    Any help would be appreciated,this question has to be done by tomorrow so any replies i will be really grateful,thanks

    Find the Thevenin and Norton Equivalent circuits for the circuit shown in the picture
    the resistors values are in ohms

    Thanks for your time

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    The Electrician

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    Re: Thevenin/Norton Equivalent,PLEASE HELP!!

    Exchange the positions of the 20 ohm resistor and the 4 amp current source. The circuit behavior will be the same but the source will be on the left hand side.
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    Re: Thevenin/Norton Equivalent,PLEASE HELP!!

    Thanks very much for the reply
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    Re: Thevenin/Norton Equivalent,PLEASE HELP!!

    is it valid to do that, i do see the circuit is unchanged.
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    It is valid since the two share the same two nodal points before and afterwards (i.e. they're still in parallel)
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