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Closed and Archived. Congrats to all those who were nominated! See ya next year!
Dec18-13 08:58 PM OmCheeto 

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Download the new PF App for iPhone/Android phones! Please write rate and review too :) It's based off the TapaTalk...
Apr16-14 05:10 PM
160 14,605
website Sticky Thread Pinned: Have PF on your website! ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Show some love for PF and share it with all your website/blog visitors. Just copy this code into your page and...
Apr13-14 07:58 PM
Greg Bernhardt
112 49,715
This thread contains tutorials and frequently asked questions about the Physics Forums website. Contents: How to...
Feb18-14 08:18 AM
7 45,106
Welcome to Physics Forums! Our mission is to provide a place for people (whether students, professional scientists,...
May26-12 07:38 AM
1 273,750
Mission Statement We, the staff of PF, are simply a group of volunteers who are passionate about science and...
Sep12-06 08:01 PM
0 75,313
We are proud to present project PF Proliferation! It's a very simple way to spread the word about PF and get free...
Apr13-14 08:00 PM
Greg Bernhardt
273 76,624
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Apr13-14 07:59 PM
Greg Bernhardt
58 28,457
go on the main page and click on the links in the "threads" column for a treat.
Apr4-03 05:02 PM
3 1,681
First let me say that I totally understand the need for approval of attachments, I've seen other boards get spammed...
Apr4-09 06:34 AM
2 1,213
I have noticed that some members have the status "Cracker" below their avatars. 1. Who designates that status to...
Jul15-03 02:21 PM
4 1,424
Which forum should "Cutting Edge" discussions and research be in? What if the subject has not been presented in a...
May4-08 12:13 PM
12 2,306
Recently, I've realized that the "editing period" (i.e. the time taken before the "edit" button dissappears) of a post...
Jun2-08 04:07 PM
9 2,000
I have some questions about the new "notifications". What does being a "friend" mean? Are there easier ways to...
Dec7-08 06:34 AM
4 1,622
Why is there a "General" forum under each heading? Shouldn't one be able to pick and choose where their post fits...
Sep10-09 09:29 PM
7 1,316
I just realized, I don't see the "ignore user" option anymore in the drop-down list you get when you click on a user's...
Aug31-08 09:56 PM
2 1,349
We have many rules for posting on PF and I believe they give a valuable working framework for keeping the forum on...
Oct25-13 02:19 PM
10 1,321
What exactly does "pending moderation" mean?
Jan6-10 12:09 AM
5 2,431
If I take more than 2-3 minutes to compose a repsonse, when I click post I'm told I cannot do that, refresh the page,...
Feb29-08 03:15 AM
1 1,323
We have some exciting new forum rearrangements to announce! A new forum called Mind & Brain Sciences has been...
Sep12-05 08:41 PM
11 4,950
Why do we have what seems the majority of forums posting in the evening to be those of news agencies? They usurp the...
May6-04 11:07 AM
Loren Booda
4 1,379
The links to "No Replies" pages 2 onwards don't work. :cry: ...
Jul18-08 04:52 AM
8 1,413
To the members of the PF community, As the next step in the growth of Physics Forums, we are updating our policy...
Jul12-07 07:03 AM
169 15,875
Suggestion "Personal Theories"
I just made a post the other day that was in reference to a theory I'm working on. I didn't even state what the theory...
Nov15-11 07:02 PM
Char. Limit
14 2,540
it's soooo much broader. i looked at that thread, Evo, and it's not exactly about what i was asking about. my...
Dec16-13 10:57 AM
17 1,043
I was thinking : Since this forum also includes discussion on biology and computing, why should it be called "Physics...
Apr15-14 05:30 PM
Greg Bernhardt
10 319
This is very annoying in the homework help section. Everytime you hit that button, this template keeps spamming my...
Sep15-11 02:23 AM
4 1,613
Merry Christmas! I guess everyone here has this problem, but somehow I cannot find this problem in this forum. I...
Dec26-05 08:21 PM
8 3,086
Couldn't find anywhere else to post this. I was just curious. In a lot of the posts on this board, people organize...
Jul12-11 07:58 AM
4 2,267
I don't know if this is my computer or not, but after viewing a few threads whenever coming to PF, I get a "There...
Oct11-06 02:09 PM
Greg Bernhardt
9 1,513
It's not really a big deal, but I noticed that when I view a forum section, and read a thread causing it to un-bold,...
Sep12-11 08:55 PM
5 1,365
Isn't it high time that we implement WYSIWYG editor? I don't much know about difficulties in implementing it though,...
Mar21-12 08:30 AM
8 2,021
Hi all, I just noticed the nifty new links at the top of every PF page as per my requests from long ago--- thanks,...
Oct29-07 05:07 AM
8 1,795
I just noticed that Skepticism is misspelled. However, it wasn't spelled wrong before. What happened? Is it just me or...
Sep14-11 10:14 AM
30 4,405
Also I added a new drop down menu at the thread level. It's called "share". For those with a Slashdot or Digg...
Mar28-08 11:52 AM
Greg Bernhardt
12 2,650
Just out of curiosity, is there a reason why we don't have these kind of smilites here at PF (This is a bit of a...
Jan14-04 02:56 AM
5 1,517
My feeling is that the "strings, branes and LQG" forum should be renamed Quantum gravity and theories of everything...
Sep22-03 12:53 PM
0 3,239
I noticed that every forum that has a sub-forum have the words "sub-forums:" in bold before the links to the...
Jun21-06 03:14 PM
2 1,181
So my present/current subtitle is * i-R-responsible Gene- Ration * apparenty this is no longer a changable option to...
Mar29-04 07:42 AM
Mr. Robin Parsons
0 1,080
This is my first, and likely only, forum thread. I am posting this thread not to bash the community, harass the...
Nov9-11 09:09 AM
38 4,486
Is there a way to figure out why this thread has been...
Dec26-09 08:21 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,113
1) I notice that there is a short bar underneath the username in my post; currently it is 0% ...tho I don't see it for...
Oct8-05 02:45 PM
5 1,235
I cant view my own warnings?
Jul26-04 09:25 PM
1 1,121
How many posts does one need, to get to the different "wave" statuses? I am at "Radio Wave" status right now (so I...
Mar29-03 11:20 AM
3 1,958
Are you going to lock all of the threads that are two years old, or just the ones that generate renewed interest?
Aug4-08 07:45 AM
6 1,313
Could the board at least be altered so that only problems in arithmetic and elementary algebra through college...
Jan3-12 05:53 AM
1 1,179
I'm not sure how adding Facebook-esque type functionality attached to every forum post might be received, but I think...
May29-12 07:17 PM
9 1,723
I've been on and off lately on this forum, but a couple of days ago, when I clicked on the PF button on my browsers'...
Mar1-08 11:36 PM
6 1,409

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