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    Mass of an Object

    The math shows the theoretical distributions of mass, not necessary to be physically possible for any power of 1/r. So it's really a matter of discussing what actual densities are possible. You also asked to give a physical explanation to a seemingly math confusion, so you may want to specify...
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    Crash Courses in Physics Topics?

    Thanks! I cannot seem to find quantum mechanics or lagrangian mechanics anywhere though?
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    Crash Courses in Physics Topics?

    Does anyone know of any "crash courses" in various physics topics such as classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, theories of relativity, field theories, etc free online? By "crash courses" I mean PDF's for example with good examples, since I learn the quickest with examples. I know it is rather...
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    Schrodinger Equation, Potential

    wow.... thank you. This is just what I thought, and I still heard it as potential.
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    Schrodinger Equation, Potential

    Schrodinger Equation, "Potential" This is a very simple question, but I am confused. I have seen Potential and Potential Energy interchanged.. yet still referred to as potential. Is the "potential" function in the schrodinger equation really a potential function or potential energy? (units...
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    Temperature vs Heat

    In terms of Kelvins, if the temperature of a sample doubles, does the energy content from heat double as well? Also, if you are passing a current through a sample, what should be the temperature vs current relation be theoretically? i.e. what is f(I) in T = f(I). Thanks,
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    Help my dad and I settle a argument

    So if the question is about where on the arm to stand to lower the lift faster, then I agree with you, you apply the same force downward. In fact, standing on the end will give more torque like you said and may squeeze the arm against the vertical part causing more friction and may make it even...
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    Relative energy of simple 2 particle system (confused )

    ..this isn't a physics homework question.. just a wonder of mine
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    Relative energy of simple 2 particle system (confused )

    Relative energy of simple 2 particle system (confused!!) Ok so I have a simple question which I feel I should know the answer to: Setup: Two particles of different mass.. say M and m (where M > m) are moving past each other by some constant velocity. If we view the energy of the system...
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    Quantum Mechanics - Leonard Susskind on Integration by Parts

    Right ok thanks, I lost my mind there a little bit!
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    Quantum Mechanics - Leonard Susskind on Integration by Parts

    He mentioned something about boundary conditions, could you explain to me what you mean? What boundary conditions could make the term vanish?
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    Quantum Mechanics - Leonard Susskind on Integration by Parts

    I'm watching the video series on Quantum Mechanics taught by Leonard Susskind, (from Stanford). On Lecture #3, Dr. Susskind says that integration by parts is: ∫FG' = -∫GF' However from what I know integral by parts to be, there i missing a +FG on the righthand side, or something... since I...
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    Linear functions/operators conflicting understanding

    So in my theoretical physics class my professor was reminding us ("reminding") of what "linear" means, such as a linear functions or a linear operator. He said the definition was: 1. f(ax) = a f(x) 2. f(x + y) = f(x) + f(y) Functions or operators are "linear" if they meet the above 2...