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    I Questions about ensemble interpretation of QM

    I've been reading up on the ensemble interpretation (aka statistical interpretation) of QM and it's making a bit more sense to me that it did on the onset, but I still have some questions about how it is consistent with experimental observations of various QM experiments, especially...
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    I Force between parallel plates of set voltage

    Hi PF, I have a setup with two plates that are connected to two different voltages and separated by vacuum. In my case, one plate is set at -10kV, and the other plate is set at -7.5kV. I know the area of these plates, the separation of the plates (which is much smaller than the plate area), and...
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    I Force between similarly charged plates

    In a setup I am designing, I have two conducting plates of similar charge, separated by 1mm of vacuum. The "top" plate, which is mechanically fixed, is charged to -10kV. The other "bottom" plate, which is electrically isolated, but not mechanically fixed (can move toward the "top plate"), is...
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    I Lines of simultaneity in Twin Paradox spacetime diagram

    I think my diagram was kind of confusing and poorly drawn. AT is supposed to follow that dotted line and represents the light pulse from Earth that reaches the traveler at their destination. OA thus should be 4. BT is the solid line, and is supposed to be a line of constant x' (simultaneity). CT...
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    I Lines of simultaneity in Twin Paradox spacetime diagram

    Ibix, I think that radar coordinates paper perfectly addresses my issue, thank you for the find! Highly interesting result from the looks of it.
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    I Lines of simultaneity in Twin Paradox spacetime diagram

    robphy, thank you for the resource, but I don't think that gets at the questions I had with this Paradox. I do fully understand the resolution and how to apply spacetime contraction and Minkowski geometry in order to make sense of the result, I was just confused as to what happens on Earth from...
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    I Lines of simultaneity in Twin Paradox spacetime diagram

    Ibix, I actually had drawn another diagram where I drew in light pulses, and those definitely helped me make sense of the effect as it was occurring in both frames. I have two such pulses in the diagram above going to and from the point of turnaround of the traveler. Where they intersect with...
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    I Lines of simultaneity in Twin Paradox spacetime diagram

    I set up a Twin Paradox scenario and accompanying spacetime diagram to help better understand the resolution, but I had a question about the diagram I was hoping someone here could help answer. Please excuse the hastily drawn diagram! (Note: the ' frame corresponds to the outbound trip, the...
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    I Calculating thermal resistance across a metal flange

    Oop, nevermind. Found the correct R expression on wikipedia for radial systems. It is indeed ln(r1/r0)/2πkh
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    I Calculating thermal resistance across a metal flange

    I've been using the following equation for thermal resistance to make basic calculations for a few different engineering designs: $$R_t = \frac{L}{kA} $$ Where L is the resistance path length, A is the cross-sectional area perpendicular to this path and k is the thermal conductivity of the...
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    A Question Regarding Black Holes

    I think there are ways in theory that you can do it, if you could probe/describe the ergosphere, but from a practical observational standpoint, I know of no way.
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    Speed of light in E field

    1. Time dilation isn't applicable to photons. A gravity well would only effect photon frequency. 2. That is a purely hypothetical effect, and doesn't it say the photons would speed up? Also, it doesn't make much sense to me seeing as pair creation doesn't actually change the speed of light in a...
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    Heisenberg uncertainty question

    This is a disappointingly misleading quote from Hawking. There is nothing to stop you from measuring both the position and momentum of a particle, as Hawking seems to imply at first. The HUP states that you cannot simultaneously know both of them at an arbitrary level of accuracy.
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    A Question Regarding Black Holes

    Mkbul, don't be surprised that someone falsely told you that black hole singularities collapse into a dimensionless point. This is a very common description of singularities in popular science. It's one I was taught when I was first learning about black holes/astrophysics. In classical...