What is Elongation: Definition and 49 Discussions

Elongation factors are a set of proteins that function at the ribosome, during protein synthesis, to facilitate translational elongation from the formation of the first to the last peptide bond of a growing polypeptide. Most common elongation factors in prokaryotes are EF-Tu, EF-Ts, EF-G. Bacteria and eukaryotes use elongation factors that are largely homologous to each other, but with distinct structures and different research nomenclatures.Elongation is the most rapid step in translation. In bacteria, it proceeds at a rate of 15 to 20 amino acids added per second (about 45-60 nucleotides per second). In eukaryotes the rate is about two amino acids per second (about 6 nucleotides read per second). Elongation factors play a role in orchestrating the events of this process, and in ensuring the high accuracy translation at these speeds.

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  1. newbie1127

    Engineering Elongation of a bar problem | Timoshenko

    hi everyone, In a problem where we have to find the change in length of a steel bar and a wooden beam, while calculating the change in length the author multiplied the entire thing by 12 I put all the values in the above equation and still couldn't account for the 12. Thinking of it...
  2. Hamiltonian

    Finding the net elongation in a rod due to its own weight

    I realized that the tension in the rod is not uniform and found it to be ##T = Wx/L## I found this by splitting the rod into two sections one of length ##x## and the other of length ##L-X## where x is the length from the base of the hanging rod To find the total elongation in the rod I...
  3. archaic

    Stress, strain, and elongation

    $$\text{stress}=\frac{7500\times9.8}{0.105^2\pi}\approx2.1\times10^6\,Pa$$ ##Y=20\times10^{10}\,Pa## for steel. $$\frac{\Delta L}{L}=\frac{\text{stress}}{Y}\approx1.1\times10^{-5}$$ $$\Delta L\approx2.3\times10^{-5}\,m$$
  4. M

    I Question about Waves -- What does "Elongation" refer to?

    What does it mean :g(x,t) which describes the elongation of the wave at the place x at time t. ? elongation what refer to exactlly!?
  5. Jeff Randall

    Calculate Shock Force with Rope Elongation in Excel

    Im new here and don't have a clue for the most part so don't beat up on me too much, but I'm looking for an equation that is simple enough for an idiot like me to understand. I’m looking to build a shock force calculator in Excel (if possible). I’ve found the actual equation online but the...
  6. N

    Finding stress and elongation in piston

    I am really just totally stuck. I think you need to find force being applied onto the rod but I cannot figure that out
  7. jha192001

    Elongation of a spring in a two mass system

    The Question is posted as a photograph with a. little change. One of the mass in the photo is equal to '2m' rather than 'm'. Now the block won't stop consecutively. How would we approach the question?
  8. D

    Calculating percent elongation and determining ductility?

    Homework Statement A specimen with an original length of 165 mm is subjected to a tensile load of 4500 N until it breaks. It’s final length is 202 mm. Calculate the specimen’s ductility in terms of percent elongation to break. Homework Equations ((Lf - Lo) / Lo) * 100 = %EL The Attempt at a...
  9. P

    Work: I am having problem determining the elongation in spring

    Homework Statement A spring has been attached to an object which is kept on the ground. The spring is initially in its natural length: 'l' when a force 'F' is applied on it. The force 'F' slowly pulls the object so it does not attain any acceleration. There's a point 'P' on the line which is...
  10. Jesus Ibarra

    Total elongation of differently shaped "springs"

    Hello! First of all, my field is not Mechanical Engineering but Nanotechnology so I apologize if I use very basic terms. I am currently working on the design of an in-plane optical MEMS accelerometer. The idea is: a waveguide is built within the structure so that when the MEMS is accelerated...
  11. J

    Find the elongation in the wire

    Homework Statement Homework Equations ∆l = Fl/YA The Attempt at a Solution [/B] The net acceleration of the system is F/2M . Force at the right end of the wire will be F towards right . Force at the left end of the wire will be F/2 towards left . Now how should I take the two forces...
  12. Armando Arizpe

    Elongation With change in Force

    Homework Statement If said percentage of a maximum load (Max load 35N and 30% of that load) is held by a wire, by what percent of its length will it stretch? Homework Equations ΔL/L = FA/Y Y = Youngs modulus The Attempt at a Solution (All values are random, just trying to understand the...
  13. cementite

    Derive an expression for the deflection between two forces

    Homework Statement Two rods of the same material, of equal length l, and of cross section A and 2A respectively, are mounted between two rigid (i.e., nondeformable) cross frames. The frames are pulled by a pair of forces P, located at distance x from the thin bar. Derive an expression for the...
  14. BrainMan

    Comparing Stresses and Elongations of Wires with Different Dimensions

    Homework Statement Two wires are made of the same metal but have different dimensions. Wire 1 is 4 times longer and twice the diameter of wire 2. If they are both under the same load, compare (a) the stresses in the two wires and (b) the elongations of the two wires. Homework Equations stress...
  15. W

    Poisson's ratio for a rigid rod

    I have a conceptual misunderstanding it seems. Poisson's ratio is the ratio of elastic strain deformation of the transverse and longitudinal components. That being said, if I were to induce thermal stress (heating up) to a rod by keeping its ends (longitudinal component) rigid, would there be a...
  16. K

    Thermal Elongation of 2 different rods

    Homework Statement A metal rod of length 30 cm elongates 0.075 cm when heated from 00C to 1000C. a second rod of the same length but from an other metal elongates, at the same temperature difference, 0.045 cm. A third rod is made of 2 pieces from the 2 previous ones and of the same length...
  17. K

    Thermal Elongation of Alumina: 0.00036

    Homework Statement The pendulum of a clock is made of alumina. what is the relative elongation when cooled from 750 fahrenheit to 450? Homework Equations $$L=L_0(1-\alpha \Delta t)$$ From Fahrenheit to Celsius: $$t_f=\frac{9}{5}t_c+32^0$$ Coefficient of thermal elongation of alumina...
  18. S

    Does born rigidity mean elongation of a body?

    Consider an unbreakable nail. A nail of length 10cm moving at 0.866c. If i stop the nail by hitting its cap, would the tip end countinues to travel?
  19. basheer uddin

    Spring of mass 'm' hung from ceiling.total elongation?

    spring of mass 'm' hung from ceiling.what is the total elongation? assume total spring constant 'k',length 'l' and of uniform density when in natural state. also where is the center of mass? can we express density at a point as a function of distance from the ceiling?
  20. Saitama

    Finding the maximum elongation

    Homework Statement Two small identical discs, each of mass ##m##, lie on a smooth horizontal plane. The discs are interconnected by a light non-deformed spring of length ##l_0## and stiffness ##k##. At a certain moment one of the discs is set in motion in a horizontal direction perpendicular...
  21. B

    Finding elongation of bar and maximum tensile stress

    Homework Statement L=52 in A=2.76 in^2 E=10.4*10^6 psi Homework Equations σ=F/A ε=σ/E δ=εLThe Attempt at a Solution 4) σAB = (3P)/A ε=(3P)/(AE) δAB=(3PL)/(6AE) → δAB=(PL)/(2AE) solving for P P=[0.17*2*2.76*(10.4*106)]/52 → P=187680 lb → P=187.7 kip 5) Because AB and CD are in tension i...
  22. D

    Calculate creep elongation and stress required

    Homework Statement A 10 inch long 316stainless steel structure is in service at 1200°F. The maximum creep elongation in service permitted is 0.05 inches in 500 hours. The minimum creep rate vs. applied stress is known at 1100 and 1300°F and given by the following equations σ =...
  23. S

    Gravitational elongation formula conversion from SI

    I have attached a pic which really explains the formula and context of the problem. I'm guessing a gravitational effect passes for physics... I am trying to convert the formula in (b) below into feet. If I could reproduce the answer with English units, I could move on and apply the...
  24. S

    SI Conversion Gravitational Elongation

    I have attached a pic which really explains the formula and context of the problem. I am trying to convert the formula in (b) below into feet. If I could reproduce the answer with English units, I could move on and apply the formula to other situations, but the multiplicity of English...
  25. W

    What is the significance of elongation in pendulum systems?

    Elongation of a pendulum? Not really a specific question just something in general. When discussing simple pendulums (a ball on the end of a string) or any system involving strings, my textbook always refers to something as the "elongation" of the string? Before this, I had never heard...
  26. T

    Is My Calculation of Bar Elongation Under Load Correct?

    I may be doing it correctly, but the number seems way to small for the initial calculation. Plus I am really not sure how to factor in those other forces. Modulus of elasticity E = 114 GPa (if unclear) thanks ps. answer is 0.804 mm
  27. C

    Confused on recieving just one K value for elongation and oscilliation

    Confused on receiving just one K value for elongation and oscillation Homework Statement Ok. For lab, I had to place 5 different masses on a spring and calculate its initial and final position. I did this with a small, medium and large spring. Then after I gathered my values, I made a...
  28. I

    Keel design, high tensile steel elongation

    To simplify things, I have assumed the keel section is a rectangle and not a foil. (Also, these specs are taken from an existing design.) dimensions: keel 38cm (width/chord) X 3.8cm (height/thick), length 1.64m, bulb 445Kg Using beamboy, (cantilever with weight at end) the deflection is:-...
  29. E

    Why Does Redshift Occur?; Other Factors That Cause Elongation Of Wavelength?

    Me and my Dad were having a conversation about the elongation of EMR wavelengths over an extended period of time. He began to explain to me what Red Shift was but I couldn't understand what he was trying to get at (he's a poor explainer, or I'm bad listener). But his explanation did spark an...
  30. I

    Simple stress, strain, elongation relationship question

    Howdy ya'll, a relatively simple question, A circular bar 20mm in diameter and 1m long is subjected to an axial load of 50kN. Determine: (i) The normal stress. (ii) The normal strain. (iii) The elongation. Assume the material is steel with an Elastic Modulus of 200GPa. ok so i...
  31. T

    Elongation of Tie Rods: LO or L?

    Hey guys, girls stupid question Whats the actual formula for elongation of a tie rod \delta = \frac{FL_{O}}{EA} or \delta = \frac{FL}{EA} When searching the net, I've found some use the tie rod length "L" Others use the original length of the tie rod LO (In my lecture notes the...
  32. I

    Greatest elongation and escape velocity HELP

    Homework Statement Three wires are made of same materials. Which wire will have the greatest elongation? wire1: length: 50cm, diameter: 0.5mm wire2: length: 100cm, diameter: 1mm wire3: length: 300cm, diameter: 3mm Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I know, the wire having greatest...
  33. D

    Is there a term for the vertical elongation of a planet?

    Is there a term for the vertical elongation of a planet? This would be the angular distance above the horizon that a planet appears at the instant the sun sets, or in mathematical terms it would be: x=elongation theta=angle between the ecliptic and the horizon "vertical elongation" = x *...
  34. P

    Solving Elongation Problems: Check Your Solution Now

    I just need someone to make sure what I'm doing is correct. I've included all associated equations and attempt of solution in the PDF.
  35. T

    Elastomer stretched in tension and elongation

    Homework Statement A strip of elastomer was stretched in tension and elongation and was held constant. After 10 minutes the tensile stress in the specimen dropped by 12%. Assuming that the elastomer behaves in accordance with the maxwell model: (i) Calculate the relaxation time (to the...
  36. P

    Find the elongation of a spring of mass

    Homework Statement Find the elongation of a spring of mass "m" natural length "l" force constant "k" when it is hung to a ceiling ? Homework Equations cant able to write a relevant equation.. The Attempt at a Solution i have considered a small element of thickness "dy" and length...
  37. S

    Elongation of non-uniform (area) bar.

    Lets say I have a bar of uniform material where one end has a diameter given by R_1 and another end given by R_2. R_2 > R_1, R(x) is linear. So I know now three equations: A) s=\frac{E \Delta L}{L} B)R_x=R_1+\frac{x}{L}*(R_2-R_1) C)A_x=\pi*R_x^2 Therefore, I know: \Delta...
  38. P

    Finding elastic constant given mass and elongation

    Homework Statement I'm doing a lab where a known mass is suspended by a spring. All that is known is the mass of the weight used and the length of the elongation of the spring, and I need to find the elastic potential energy of the spring and the spring constant, K. Homework Equations...
  39. J

    Mean elongation of spring with temperature

    Hi all, I have to determine the mean elongation of a spring with temperature. The spring constant is alpha and the gravitational acceleration is g. I have the following expression for the force F = -\alpha*x +m*g which I can integrate for an expression of the energy E =...
  40. D

    Calculate Elongation of Spring Given K, Mass & Density

    Homework Statement How do I find the elongation of a spring when just given K=119 N/m, mass of the wooden block it is attached to=4.17kg and the densty of the wooden block = 695 kg/m^3. Homework Equations I do not know what equation to use. The Attempt at a Solution I have not...
  41. M

    How to get the elongation with modulus of elasticity as the given?

    How can I get the elongation if I'm given with only the modulus of elasticity? what will be the formula? THnx..
  42. M

    How Is Downward Displacement Calculated in a Hanging Prismatic Bar?

    A prismatic bar AB of length L, cross-sectional area A ,modulus of elasticity E ,and weight W hangs vertically under its own weight a>derive a formula for the downward displacement d(c) of point C which is located at a distance l from the lower end of the bar The answer is W(L^2-l^2)/(2EA)...
  43. manjuvenamma

    Elongation Calculation for Non-Uniform Forces: Which Force Should Be Used?

    How to calculate the elongation when we know we all other parameters? Two sides of a rod is pulled by two forces of F Newtons in opposite directions. What should we consider F or 2F in the equation? I used 2F and got wrong answer as per the book. But, if it is true, why should be use F...
  44. M

    Calculating Longitudinal Elongation of a Steel Bar | Helpful Tips and Formulas

    Hi. I am hoping someone can be of assistance in helping me solve a problem. I am trying to calculate the longitudinal elongation of the steel bar shown in the attachment. I don't know where to start, so if anyone could point me in the right direction such as which formula I should use I would...
  45. R

    Strain-stress, cross sectional, elongation

    Hey guys, I will admit that I am having extra troubles on this chapter and I don't understand most of it so be gentle :\. Anyways I realize these problems are porbably easy but here they are: 1) A Load of 140,000 N (31,500lbf) is applied to a cylindrical specimen of a steel alloy that has a...
  46. T

    Find Maximum Elongation After Fracture in mm

    how to find the maximum elongation after the fracture in mm??any formula?? pls help thanx
  47. B

    Calculating Elongation of an Orange Spring

    An orange spring has a spring constant of 14,000 g/s^2. How much should it stretch if a 200-g mass is attached from it? I took the equation hanging mass * gravity=spring constant * elongation and turned it around for solving elongation elongation = 200 * 980/14,000 = 14cm and I'm checking to...
  48. D

    Measuring Spring Elongation in a Water-Filled Beaker

    A light spring of constant k = 153 N/m rests vertically on the bottom of a large beaker of water (as seen in the picture below). An m=4.63 kg block of wood (density = 675 kg/m3) is connected to the spring and the mass-spring system is allowed to come to static equilibrium (b). What is the...
  49. P

    Does my elongation vs. load graph look right?

    This is a graphfor a bungee cord that is being tested by adding load to one end while fixing its other end on some support system how I got the x-axis data: So say the initial length is 2 cm and after one pound is added to it it became 2.50cm. So I use 2.50cm-2cm and use it to find the...