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  1. Logic hunter

    B Contradicting values of pressure for liquid cross-sections

    Consider a fixed horizontal tube of uniform cross section with pressure being 1atm at one of it's end and 5atm at the other (former due to 'open to atmosphere' and latter due to force on a piston), then liquid would flow towards low pressure end. By equation of continuity all cross sections will...
  2. A

    I Different answers from equation of continuity and Bernoulli

    Hi there, So I was doing the dishes this morning using a sink wand hat can toggle between different flow speeds. The way that I've always thought of this working is using the equation of continuity: Volume flow rate: = Area*velocity Pressing a button on the wand decreases the cross-sectional...
  3. A

    Bernoulli's Equation & Equation of Continuity

    Hi all, I'm considering an fluids example that's giving me an apparent contradiction when I consider it from the perspective of Bernoulli's Equation vs. the Equation of Continuity. What I'm thinking of is the common observation that putting one's thumb over a garden hose results in an increase...