What is misprint: Definition and 11 Discussions

A typographical error (often shortened to typo), also called a misprint, is a mistake (such as a spelling mistake) made in the typing of printed or electronic material. Historically, this referred to mistakes in manual typesetting. Technically, the term includes errors due to mechanical failure or slips of the hand or finger, but excludes errors of ignorance, such as spelling errors, or changing and misuse of words such as "than" and "then". Before the arrival of printing, the copyist's mistake or scribal error was the equivalent for manuscripts. Most typos involve simple duplication, omission, transposition, or substitution of a small number of characters.
Fat finger or fat-finger syndrome (especially in the financial sector) is a slang term referring to an unwanted secondary action when typing. When a finger is bigger than the touch zone, with touchscreens or keyboards, there can be inaccuracy and one may hit two keys in a single keystroke. An example is buckled instead of bucked, due to the "L" key being next to the "K" key on the QWERTY keyboard, the most common keyboard for Latin-script alphabets.

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  1. M

    I Adler's New Book on Relativity: Misprint on Page 16?

    I bought a copy of Adler's new book on relativity. Is there a misprint on page 16 regarding the Lorentz metric = diag (-1,-1,-1,-1) or am I missing something? The text itself after the equation suggests it is the same metric as on the earlier page so that index placement, two lower indices vs...
  2. D

    MHB Establishing Identities - Possible Misprint on Worksheet

    Hey guys, I'm just going over my work files for this week and I've noticed 2 problems that have fooled me, and seem a little bizarre for my current mathematical level. They do involve trig, and a part of me is hoping for a misprint on the sheet, but I'm more sure that it's my own inadequacies...
  3. S

    Is this a misprint in my SR homework?

    Homework Statement "In frame of reference S, an electron moving along the x-axis has energy 3mc2 and momentum magnitude √(8)mc Use the transformations of energy and momentum to find the energy and momentum magnitude observed in frame S′ moving with speed 4c/5 relative to S in the positive...
  4. N

    Is it a misprint in QFT book of Peskin?

    In QFT book of Peskin&Schroeder writing(page 252,section 7.5Renormalization of electric Charge): (e^{2}-e^{2}_{0})/e^{2}_{0}=\deltaZ_{3}\approx-2\alpha/3\pi\epsilon. Where \epsilon is 4-d(d is dim of space-time) But I think that it is misprint,because bare charge>> observed charge e,then...
  5. E

    Contravariant vs Covariant components - misprint?

    In their article [Integrals in the theory of electron correlations, Annalen der Physik 7, 71] L.Onsager at el. write: By resolving the vector \vec{s} into its contravariant components in the oblique coordinate system formed by the vectors \vec{q} and \vec{Q} it is possible to reduce the region...
  6. M

    Ryder QFT 2nd ed. page 341 misprint?

    Eq. 9.124 has 3 steps. The first one gives 0 propagator for ε goes to 0. The final step, the one with Z gives infinity. Can anyone post the correct steps? Is there anything wrong in previews equations? It is important for me to learn the Ryder's book method. I have an exam in 10 days
  7. mugaliens

    News Controversy over Prince William and Kate's Depictions on Royal Mint Coins

    The "artist" at the Royal Mint did http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20101223/lf_nm_life/us_britain_royals_coin" with Prince William and Kate's depictions. Unless, of course, he was either shooting for how they'd look in twenty years, or worse, trying to pattern them after the Queen Elizabeth II...
  8. D

    Is the question solve y'' = x^3/y a misprint?

    I saw a first year question solve y''=x^3/y I am assuming that this is a misprint because solving y'= x^3/y is easy because it is separable but I have no idea how to solve y'' = x^3/y
  9. S

    Question: is there a misprint?

    This isn't a homework question; I'm sorry if I'm mis-posting, but I thought someone here could help. See this link: http://books.google.com/books?id=1QxenjJL6i0C&printsec=frontcover&dq=intro+complex+analysis&lr=&as_brr=3#PPA56,M1 On page 56, does this book have a misprint in the...
  10. K

    Did the book misprint or am I doing something wrong?

    this is the question find the volume of solid under the graph f(x,y) = x+ y above the region y^2 > x and 0 < x < 9 So pretty much I have the following integral set up 0 -> 9 dx -sqrt(X) -> sqrt (X) dy integrating over the function x+y However, when I look at the solutions they did...
  11. P

    Is there a misprint in this group theory exercise?

    I'm currently making my way through "Groups and Symmetry", by M. A. Armstrong [ISBN 0387966757], and I'm stuck on what seems like it should be a very simple exercise. Page 14, problem 3.8, states: However, I can't make this work unless I change the "or" to an "and". So, is this a misprint...