What is Polaroid: Definition and 12 Discussions

Polaroid is an American company best known for its instant film and cameras. The company was founded in 1937 by Edwin H. Land, to exploit the use of its Polaroid polarizing polymer. Land ran the company until 1981. Its peak employment was 21,000 in 1978, and its peak revenue was $3 billion in 1991.When the original Polaroid Corporation was declared bankrupt in 2001, its brand and assets were sold off. The "new" Polaroid formed as a result, itself declared bankruptcy in 2008, resulting in a further sale. In May 2017, the brand and intellectual property of Polaroid Corporation were acquired by the largest shareholder of the Impossible Project, which had originally started out in 2008 by producing new instant films for Polaroid cameras. The Impossible Project was renamed Polaroid Originals in September 2017, and in March 2020 was renamed to simply Polaroid.

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  1. S

    Understanding Malus Law and Polaroid Intensity: Conceptual Doubts

    Homework Statement It is just a conceptual doubt Homework Equations According to malus law intensity of light through polaroid is I=(Io)cos^2(theta) where theta is the angle between axis of polaroid and incident light. The Attempt at a Solution But when Theta=0 then I=Io but in my book it is...
  2. N

    What are the applications of H & K sheet polaroid?

    We were given an assignment on Polaroids and I couldn't find the uses of H sheet Polaroid and K sheet Polaroid. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!
  3. Mnemonic

    Calculate Angle for Multiple Polarisers to Reduce Intensity <10%

    Homework Statement You use a sequence of ideal polarising filters, each with its axis making the same angle with the axis of the previous filter, to rotate the plane of polarisation of a polarised light beam by a total of 45°. You wish to have an intensity reduction no larger than 10%. What...
  4. S

    Intensity of light after passing thru polaroid

    Homework Statement Two pieces of polaroid are arranged so they are initially parallel . One of the polaroid is rotated until the intensity of the light beam from the two polaroid is 1/3 of its initial intensity . Calculate the angle turned thru the polaroid Homework Equations The...
  5. R

    Mirrors, Polaroid Films, Light/Wavelength help needed

    :(:(:( Please ease my aching soul by helping me with this... I submitted this assignment online and I don't know the answers yet or however many I got wrong. I chose 45 because I know unpolarized light becomes this after going through a polarizer: That single line is 180º, so I did...
  6. C

    Polaroid sheets and the law of malus

    Unpolarised light passes through two Polaroid sheets. The axis of the rst is horizontal, and that of the second is 50 above the? Do i have this right. I am using law of malus I=I0 cos2θ Im getting 47% but i don't know if that's right. If someone could help that would be awesome thanks.
  7. E

    Photon's Probability of Passing Through Polaroid

    When I am studying photon physics, one question come to my mind about mixed states. Let a photon be in the state |h> = (a;b) where (a;b) is a column vector with complex entries. How can we calculate the probability of its passing through an x-polaroid? My approach: p(h->x) = |<h|x>||<h|x>|* =...
  8. fluidistic

    Getting a polarization without polaroid and loss of intensity

    Homework Statement I was stuck on a question today in my Optics exam (I didn't have time to think well about it but I'm still stuck). The problem was more or less like this: There's an incident linearly polarized light in the direction of \hat x; we want to polarize it so that we get \hat E =...
  9. T

    3 pieces of Polaroid sheet (light intensity)

    Homework Statement Unpolarized light of intensity I0 passes through two pieces of Polaroid sheet. The second piece is rotated so that the intensity of the transmitted light goes to zero. A third piece of Polaroid is inserted between the two pieces. Calculate the intensity as a function of...
  10. jtbell

    Goodbye Polaroid Film: Physics Labs Say Farewell

    Fans bid farewell to Polaroid film I've never owned a Polaroid camera myself, but I've used them in introductory physics labs. When I was a grad student, and in my first teaching job, we used them with a strobe lamp to photograph two-dimensional trajectories for projectile motion. Students...
  11. P

    Understanding Polarized Light Through Polaroid Sheets

    1. *A beam of light that is a mixture of plane polarized and unpolarized light is incident on a sheet of polaroid. The trasmitted intensity varies as the sheet is rotated, having a maximum when the transmission axis is horizontal, and a minimum when it's vertical. If the maximum intensity is...
  12. Z

    How Do Polaroid Filters Affect Light Perception?

    Homework Statement A light source is viewed through 2 polaroid filters, A and B (B is infront of A) a) describe carefully what is seen when polaroid B is rotated slowly in its own plane through 180 degrees. b) describe how you would use one of the polaroid filters to determine whether...