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    HVAC Attic to Pool Heat Exchange, will car radiator collect heat?

    My attic gets very hot even with the exhaust fan I installed. I would like to move than heat to my swimming pool. I currently have a FAFCO solar pool heater where the pool pump pumps water up onto my roof and thru the 12' long solar panel and down back into the pool. I would like to free up roof...
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    I What is the most efficient radiator shape?

    What is the highest efficiency (electromagnetic) radiator shape? Meaning, a shape with the highest radiated power/volume (radiated power is in this case dependent only on surface area and how much of the radiation is reabsorbed by the radiatior)
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    How exactly does Hawking radiation work?

    Homework Statement For school I'm doing a project on hawking radiaton but I have very big difficulties trying to understand it. I'm trying to understand the matter about: Unruh effect, particle pair (antimatter - matter) and the theory of relativity regarding vaccuum. Homework Equations none...
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    Problem with refrigerator and radiator

    Homework Statement The following data refer to an electrically operated refrigerator: - Efficiency : ## \xi = 2.4## - Temperature inside: ##T_i = -9 ° C ## - Temperature of the radiator ## T_r = 40 °C ## - Room temperature: ## T_s = 35 °C## - Total surface of walls: ## A = 3.2 m ^ 2 ## -...
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    Thermal Management Question in Spacecraft

    Hello guys, Below I am presenting a question related to thermal management in spacecraft. Perhaps many of you might find it interesting! And this could be a real-life problem for thermal engineering in a spacecraft. So, the question is following: An instrument dissipates 10W and, in order for...
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    Black/white radiator vs white/black wall: radiation

    Hi, Situation A: Black radiator in a room with white walls. Situation B: White radiator in a room with black walls. Which one is the most efficient situation? I know that convection is dominant if you look at a radiator, but i would like to know the answer in terms of radiation. Thank you :)...
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    Overall Heat transfer coefficient for a radiator

    Hello all. I need to design a radiator for 43kw heat dissipation. I have used the LMTD method for finding out the contact surface area of the radiator. But I have a small problem. I cannot find the area unless i know the overall heat transfer coefficient. Can somebody please give an estimate of...
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    How to design a radiator to dissipate heat generated by a 39 KW rotary engine?

    No separate coolant is used, instead lubricating oil to be used for both lubrication and cooling of engine. How to calculate radiator size, coolant flow rate?