What is stabilizer: Definition and 15 Discussions

An aircraft stabilizer is an aerodynamic surface, typically including one or more movable control surfaces, that provides longitudinal (pitch) and/or directional (yaw) stability and control. A stabilizer can feature a fixed or adjustable structure on which any movable control surfaces are hinged, or it can itself be a fully movable surface such as a stabilator. Depending on the context, "stabilizer" may sometimes describe only the front part of the overall surface.
In the conventional aircraft configuration, separate vertical (fin) and horizontal (tailplane) stabilizers form an empennage positioned at the tail of the aircraft. Other arrangements of the empennage, such as the V-tail configuration, feature stabilizers which contribute to a combination of longitudinal and directional stabilization and control.
Longitudinal stability and control may be obtained with other wing configurations, including canard, tandem wing and tailless aircraft.
Some types of aircraft are stabilized with electronic flight control; in this case, fixed and movable surfaces located anywhere along the aircraft may serve as active motion dampers or stabilizers.

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  1. A

    I Using the orbit-stabilizer theorem to identify groups

    I want to identify: ##S^n## with the quotient of ##O(n + 1,R)## by ##O(n,R)##. ##S^{2n+1}## with the quotient of ##U(n + 1)## by ##U(n)##. The orbit-stabilizer theorem would give us the result, but my problem is to apply it. My problem is how to find the stabilizer. In 1 how to define the...
  2. A

    Stabilizer Leg Linear Actuator Force to Jack up a Truck's rear tyres

    Hi, I previously posted about the statically indeterminate truck problem. Thank you to everyone who helped me. However, I now realized that isn't the problem I need to solve. I need to know the force of the linear actuators to lift the rear tyres off the ground. Since the tyres will be...
  3. Johny Boy

    A Expectation Value of a Stabilizer

    Given that operator ##S_M##, which consists entirely of ##Y## and ##Z## Pauli operators, is a stabilizer of some graph state ##G## i.e. the eigenvalue equation is given as ##S_MG = G## (eigenvalue ##1##). In the paper 'Graph States as a Resource for Quantum Metrology' (page 3) it states that...
  4. Wrichik Basu

    How can an appliance work better when the AC Mains stabilizer is removed?

    I don't know whether this question is suited to this forum specifically, but since it deals with electronics, I am putting it here. We have an old air-conditioner, bought in 2007. As you can understand, it is one of the old models running on R22 gas and it switches off the compressor when the...
  5. W

    Two basic types of horizontal stabilizer systems

    There are two basic types of horizontal stabilizer systems on most general aviation aircraft. Horizontal stabilizer with elevator, and or horizontal stabilator. If the horizontal stabilator system that is on most piper aircraft and some high performance fighter aircraft, then why are so many...
  6. K

    MHB Stabilizer subgroups - proof verification

    I have a problem that I would like help on. I'm preparing for an exam, and I have provided my work below. **Problem statement:** Let $G$ act on $X$, and suppose $x,y\in X$ are in the same orbit for this action. How are the stabilizer subgroups $G_x$ and $G_y$ related? **My attempt:** $G_x =...
  7. G

    Finding permutations of a stabilizer subgroup of An

    Alright, I understand what a stabilizer is in a group, and I know how to find the permutations of An for any small integer n, but for a stabilizer, since it just maps every element to 1, would all permutations just be (1 2) (1 3) ... (1 n) for An?
  8. J

    What is the Stabilizer of a G-Set Under the Action x*g = g-1xg?

    hey, if you have the group S3 and treat it also as a g-set under the action x*g = g-1xg is it correct that the stabilizer of the g-set is just the identity element? thanks
  9. S

    Abstract Algebra Question: order, stabilizer, and general linear groups

    The question asks: 3) Let X be the set of 2-dimensional subspaces of F_{p}^{n}, where n >= 2. (a) Compute the order of X. (b) Compute the stabilizer S in GL_{n}(F_{p}) of the 2-dimensional subspace U = {(x1, x2, 0, . . . , 0) ε F_{p}^{n} | x1, x2 ε F_{p}}. (3) Compute the order of S. (4)...
  10. P

    Voltage Stabilizer in car or home

    hye... i new user (forumer)... help me... 1) -what is voltage stabilizer? -application -effect - DIY circuit 2) fuse for voltage stabilizer? why use fuse for car = 20A motor = 10 A home = 13A tqvm...
  11. P

    Question for Aerodyamicist on Vertical Stabilizer Icing

    Can someone explain why a lot of jet and turbo-prop aircraft do not have anti-ice protection on the vertical stabilizer, particularly those aircraft with T-tails? Obviously, it is because the Vertical Stab on these aircraft are not prone to collecting ice, but my question is WHY is this so? Is...
  12. X

    45KVA Voltage Stabilizer Recommendation?

    Three Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator for Home Hello! Here we have some voltage fluctuation problem. So, I need a 36KVA Three Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator for home. Following are the specifications; For all three phases; Let INPUT Voltage = X & OUTPUT Voltage = 250 volt on...
  13. I

    Setwise stabilizer of a finite set is a maximal subgroup of Sym(N)

    So I'm reading a paper which assumes the following statement but I would like to be able to prove it. Let S denote the symmetric group on the natural numbers. If \emptyset\subset A \subset \mathbb{N} then S_{\{A\}}=\{f\in S:af\in a,\;\forall{a}\in A\}$ is a maximal subgroup of S...
  14. C

    Bijection between Orbit and Stabilizer

    So I know this is the orbit-stabilizer theorem. I saw it in Hungerford's Algebra (but without that name). So we want to form a bijection between the right cosets of the stabilizers and the orbit. Could I define the bijection as this: f: gG/Gx--->gx Where H=G/Gx f(hx)=gx h in H ^ Is that...
  15. M

    How Does the Normalizer of a Stabilizer Influence Transitivity on Fixed Points?

    Homework Statement G acts transitively on S and let H be the stabilizer of s. Show that the normalizer of H, call it N, acts transitively on the fixpoints of H, call it F, where s is some element in S. Homework Equations Two different ways of showing this: Either we show the orbit for any...