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  1. TheBigDig

    Sum of the Expected Values of Two Discrete Random Variables

    Apologies if this isn't the right forum for this. In my stats homework we have to prove that the expected value of aX and bY is aE[X]+bE[Y] where X and Y are random variables and a and b are constants. I have come across this proof but I'm a little rusty with summations. How is the jump from the...
  2. J

    Expectation of Momentum in a Classical (Infinite) Potential Well

    Okay so I begin first by mentioning the length of the well to be L, with upper bound, L/2 and lower bound, -L/2 and the conjugate u* = Aexp{-iz} First I begin by writing out the expectation formula: ## \langle p \rangle = \int_{\frac{L}{2}}^{ \frac{L}{2} } Aexp(-iu) -i \hbar \frac{ \partial }{...
  3. Danny Boy

    A Query about an article on quantum synchronization

    I am currently studying this paper on quantum synchronization. The first page gives an introduction to synchronization and the basic setup of the ensembles in the cavity. My query is on the second page where the following statements are made. Can anyone see why the implication is that all...
  4. J

    Finding the expected value of position in a Potential Well

    Homework Statement Hello today I am solving a problem where an electron is trapped in a potential well. I have a solved Schrodinger's Equation. I am having problems in figuring out what the wave function should be. When I solved the equation I got a complex exponential. I know I cannot use the...
  5. astrocytosis

    Darwin term in a hydrogen atom - evaluating expectation values

    Homework Statement Homework Equations VD= -1/(8m2c2) [pi,[pi,Vc(r)]] VC(r) = -Ze2/r Energy shift Δ = <nlm|VD|nlm> The Attempt at a Solution I can't figure out how to evaluate the expectation values that result from the Δ equation. When I do out the commutator, I get p2V-2pVp+Vp2. This...
  6. M

    Quantum Zeno effect

    Homework Statement Let ##U_t = e^{-iHt/\hbar}## be the evolution operator associated with the Hamiltonian ##H##, and let ##P=\vert\phi\rangle\langle \phi\vert## be the projector on some normalized state vector ##\vert \phi\rangle##. Show that $$\underbrace{PU_{t/n}P\dots PU_{t/n}}_{n\text{...
  7. M

    Find the spinor-state for a given expectation value

    Homework Statement Let ##\vec{e}\in\mathbb{R}^3## be any unit vector. A spin ##1/2## particle is in state ##|\chi \rangle## for which $$\langle\vec{\sigma}\rangle =\vec{e},$$ where ##\vec{\sigma}## are the Pauli-Matrices. Find the state ##|\chi\rangle## Homework Equations :[/B] are all given...
  8. Warda Anis

    Expectation value <p> of the ground state of hydrogen

    Homework Statement How should I calculate the expectation value of momentum of an electron in the ground state in hydrogen atom. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am trying to apply the p operator i.e. ##-ihd/dx## over ##\psi##. and integrating it from 0 to infinity. The answer I...
  9. Matt Chu

    Time Derivative of Expectation Value of Position

    Homework Statement I want to prove that ##\frac{\partial \langle x \rangle}{\partial t} = \frac{\langle p_x \rangle}{m}##. Homework Equations $$i\hbar \frac{\partial \Psi}{\partial t} = -\frac{\hbar^2}{2m} \frac{\partial^2 \Psi}{\partial x^2} + V \Psi$$ The Attempt at a Solution [/B] So...
  10. S

    Expectation Value and Probabilities of Spin Operator Sy

    Homework Statement (a) If a particle is in the spin state ## χ = 1/5 \begin{pmatrix} i \\ 3 \\ \end{pmatrix} ## , calculate the expectation value <Sy> (b) If you measured the observable Sy on the particle in spin state given in (a), what values might you get and what is the probability of...
  11. Mehmood_Yasir

    I Conditional Expectation Value of Poisson Arrival in Fixed T

    Assume a Poisson process with rate ##\lambda##. Let ##T_{1}##,##T_{2}##,##T_{3}##,.... be the time until the ##1^{st}, 2^{nd}, 3^{rd}##,......(so on) arrivals following exponential distribution. If I consider the fixed time interval ##[0-T]##, what is the expectation value of the arrival time...
  12. TheBigDig

    Expectation value of mean momentum from ground state energy

    1. The problem statement Consider a particle of mass m under the action of the one-dimensional harmonic oscillator potential. The Hamiltonian is given by H = \frac{p^2}{2m} + \frac{m \omega ^2 x^2}{2} Knowing that the ground state of the particle at a certain instant is described by the wave...
  13. N

    Cross-correlation of white noise process with its conjugate

    If w[n] are samples of the white gaussian noise process, I know that E[w[n1] w[n2]] = 0 for a WGN process. what would the following expression lead to: E[w[n1] w*[n2]] = ? Would it also be zero? Thanks a lot!
  14. redtree

    B The expectation value of superimposed probability functions

    I apologize for the simplicity of the question (NOT homework). This is a statistical question (not necessarily a quantum mechanical one). If I have an initial probability function with an associated expected value and then a second probability function is superimposed on the initial...
  15. S

    Quantum Mechanics; Expectation value

    Homework Statement At t=0, the system is in the state . What is the expectation value of the energy at t=0? I'm not sure if this is straight forward scalar multiplication, surprised if it was, but we didn't cover this in class really, just glossed through it. If someone could walk me through...
  16. R

    Chi-square goodness of fit cannot find expected values

    Homework Statement An article in Business Week reports profits and losses of firms by industry. A random sample of 100 firms is selected, and for each firm in the sample, we record whether the company made money or lost money, and whether or not the firm is a service company. The data are...
  17. U

    Hamiltonian operator affecting observable

    I'm working on this problem "Consider an experiment on a system that can be described using two basis functions. In this experiment, you begin in the ground state of Hamiltonian H0 at time t1. You have an apparatus that can change the Hamiltonian suddenly from H0 to H1. You turn this apparatus...
  18. Cocoleia

    Proving the expectation value of any eigenvalue function

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution When I take the second formula, multiply by it's conjugate and then by x and do the integral of the first formula, I get 0, and not L/2, for <x>. Am I missing a formula ? The complex conjugate of the exponential part...
  19. S

    I Which ψ do I use for the Expectation Value ?

    I have to calculate the Expectation Value of an Energy Eigenstate : < En > The integral is ∫ ψ* En ψ dx I have : A ) ψ = √L/2 sin nπx/L , a single standing wave of the wave function B ) ψ = BsinBcosD , the wave function of the particle C ) ψ = ΣCn ψn = C , sum of all the...
  20. Fetchimus

    Infinite Square Well homework problem

    Homework Statement A particle of mass m, is in an infinite square well of width L, V(x)=0 for 0<x<L, and V(x)=∞, elsewhere. At time t=0,Ψ(x,0) = C[((1+i)/2)*√(2/L)*sin(πx/L) + (1/√L)*sin(2πx/L) in, 0<x<L a) Find C b) Find Ψ(x,t) c) Find <E> as a function of t. d) Find the probability as a...
  21. D

    Expectation values of the quantum harmonic oscillator

    Homework Statement Show the mean position and momentum of a particle in a QHO in the state ψγ to be: <x> = sqrt(2ħ/mω) Re(γ) <p> = sqrt (2ħmω) Im(γ) Homework Equations ##\psi_{\gamma} (x) = Dexp((-\frac{mw(x-<x>)^2}{2\hbar})+\frac{i<p>(x-<x>)}{ħ})## The Attempt at a Solution I put ψγ...
  22. Tspirit

    I Can the expectation of an operator be imaginary?

    Assume ##\varPsi## is an arbitrary quantum state, and ##\hat{O}## is an arbitrary quantum operator, can the expectation $$\int\varPsi^{*}\hat{O}\varPsi$$ be imaginary?
  23. Y

    Time Inversion Symmetry and Angular Momentum

    Homework Statement Let ##\left|\psi\right\rangle## be a non-degenerate stationary state, i.e. an eigenstate of the Hamiltonian. Suppose the system exhibits symmetry for time inversion, but not necessarily for rotations. Show that the expectation value for the angular momentum operator is zero...
  24. J

    I Free Particle: Time dependence of expectation values Paradox

    It would be really appreciated if somebody could clarify something for me: I know that stationary states are states of definite energy. But are all states of definite energy also stationary state? This question occurred to me when I considered the free particle(plane wave, not a Gaussian...
  25. J

    I Expectation value of momentum for free particle

    Hello! Could somebody please tell me how i can compute the expectation value of the momentum in the case of a free particle(monochromatic wave)? When i take the integral, i get infinity, but i have seen somewhere that we know how much the particle's velocity is, so i thought that we can get it...
  26. entropy1

    I Expectation value in terms of density matrix

    It says in Susskind's TM: ##\langle L \rangle = Tr \; \rho L = \sum_{a,a'}L_{a',a} \rho_{a,a'}## with ##a## the index of a basisvector, ##L## an observable and ##\rho## a density matrix. Is this correct? What about the trace in the third part of this equation?
  27. Smalde

    QM: Time development of the probability of an Eigenvalue

    The problem is actually of an introductory leven in Quantum Mechanics. I am doing a course on atomic and molecular physics and they wanted us to practice again some of the basics. I want to know where I went conceptually wrong because my answer doesn't give a total probability of one, which of...
  28. Z

    Is the differential in the momentum operator commutative?

    As it says; I was looking over some provided solutions to a problem set I was given and noticed that, in finding the expectation value for the momentum operator of a given wavefunction, the following (constants/irrelevant stuff taken out) happened in the integrand...
  29. G

    Harmonic oscillator positive position expectation value?!

    So this is something that troubled me a bit- in Shankar's PQM, there's an exercise that asks you to find the position expectation value for the harmonic oscillator in a state \psi such that \psi=\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}(|0\rangle+|1\rangle) Where |n\rangle is the n^{th} energy eigenstate of...
  30. phys-student

    Finding expectation values for given operators

    Homework Statement The Hamiltonian of an electron in solids is given by H. We know that H is an Hermitian operator, it satisfies the following eigenvalue equation: H|Φn> = εn|Φn> Let us define the following operators in terms of H as: U = e^[(iHt)/ħ] , S = sin[(Ht)/ħ] , G = (ε -...