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  1. E

    Stresses and Strains

    Homework Statement A 45 degree strain rosette is fixed to a short rectangular section pillar. The gauge reads εa =72x10^6, εb=100x10^6, εc=-240x10^-6. What are the values of W and F? The cross section area is 600mm2 and is made out of steel which E=207GN/m2 and v=0.3. The maximum shear stress...
  2. W

    Poisson's ratio for a rigid rod

    I have a conceptual misunderstanding it seems. Poisson's ratio is the ratio of elastic strain deformation of the transverse and longitudinal components. That being said, if I were to induce thermal stress (heating up) to a rod by keeping its ends (longitudinal component) rigid, would there be a...
  3. G

    Compressive stiffness and CES

    I am a BSc product design student. This is one of my assignments and I have never done physics in my life. Can anyone help? I do not understand at all!
  4. R

    Anisotropic Modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio

    Hi, I have some experimental data and I am interested to use this data to calculated modulus of elasticiy (young's modulus) and Poisson's ratio. The material for which the data is given in an anisotropic material, therefore I need to calculate modulus of elasticity and poisson's ration is x,y...
  5. PetePetePete

    Stress and Strain Coursework Question

    I am struggling with a question in my coursework, and would appreciate some guidance. The question is: The component shown in Fig 1 is made from a material with the following properties and is subjected to a compressive force of 5kN. Material Properties : Young’s Modulus of Elasticity – 200...
  6. arpansen

    Allowable compressive stress in discretely laterally supported lateral buckling

    The maximum allowable compressive stress corresponding to lateral buckling in a discretely laterally supported symmetrical I beam does not depend upon : the modulus of elasticity can anyone please tell me the reason ?
  7. steves1080

    Calculate drag force on a temperature probe inserted in a water pipe

    I'd like to add a temperature probe to a 4" water pipe downstream of a centrifugal fill pump, but I am afraid of the probe shearing from being subjected to a constant force from the upstream pump (which pumps at about 400 gal/min). Naturally, my thought was to use the drag force equation, but I...