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Homework Help: Another Question

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    A uniform solid cylinder of mass M = 4.0kg and radius R = 0.40m rotates about a vertical axis on frictionless bearings. A massless cord is wrapped around the cylinder and passes over a pulley of rotational inertia I = 0.020 kg*m2 and radius r = 0.10m. The free end of the cord is attached to a small object of mass m = 1.0kg. There is no friction on the pulley axis and cord does not slip on the pulley.

    (a) What is the speed V of the object after it falls a distance h = 1.0m from rest?
    (b) What is the angular velocity of the cylinder corresponding to V?
    (c) What is the angular velocity of the pulley corresponding to V?

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    What is this, the Do-Clutch's-Homework-For-Him Forum?

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