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Boolean Logic

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    I am finishing my first semester as an electrical engineer. Thus, we have to do a final project. The problem is that I didn't have to much time in the lab to finish it up, so it is a little bit difficult to solve it theoretically. If anyone can help, I would be grateful.

    The project is to design a simple traffic light controller using a power supply, a 555 timer, a 74163 counter, 6 LEDs , 6 330 Ohm resitors, 2 capacitors and logic gates (Later some other resistors and capacitors should be used in order to specify an exactly 1 sec. time for each count)

    I went up OK with the 555 timer and counter. I connected them and the LED s too. The problem is with the logic. The LEDs do not obey the law of the traffic light. In other words there is a problem which I can't solve if I don't have the circuit in front of me. I used an AND gate, a NOT gate and I plan to use an OR one. Can you please help me to define a logic for the circuit? I tried several times but with no success. I have attached the truth table for the whole 16 sec. cycle. This is the main concern; after that I can figure out what capacitor and resistor to use so that I will have exactly 1 sec. counts.
    Thank You

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