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Homework Help: Calculate the specific heat of the metal

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    I have a chem test 2mor and i keep getting stuck on this problem

    A 150.0g sample of metal at 75.0 degrees C is added to 150.0g of water at 15.0 degrees C. The temperature of water rises to 18.3 degrees C. Calculate the specific heat of the metal, assuming that all the heat lost by the metal is gained by the water

    What I tried to do was use the formula for woork q=mc delta T, and found the m=300.0g c=4.18 T=3.3 C and found the number of Joules to be 4138.2. Then I divided by the number of grams of metal, 150g, and the temperature of the metal, 75.0 C. I keep getting .36Kj/mol--but the back of my book says that the answer is .25kJ/mol-----Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong and possiblibly guide me in the right direction

    Thanks in advance
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    You'll need to find the equilibrium "heat value (q)" gained by water given off by the metal (qmetal=-qwater), also the final temperature of the metal will be the same as that of the final temperature of water
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