Cleaning Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

  1. Is there a way to chemically clean this type of exchanger from graphite impurities (tiny particles) ? is possible to chemically remove coke,soot,graphite at all? we clean it with xylene but that doesn't help
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    Interesting question.

    I've known organic solvents to be pretty good at cleaning brazed plate heat exchangers in combustion engine intercoolers before; recirculated fumes from the crankcase breather system can leave some pretty nasty carbon based deposits on the plates causing a reduction in efficiency.

    However, I'm surprised to hear that xylene isn't effective. Let me know if you do find anything...
  4. Take the simple approach and try vinegar.
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    Try a hot solution of sodium hydroxide in water if the material will hold up to it. A surfactant will help. Try dodecylbenzenesulfonate or Tide (about 1 to 2 %). Adding a little (5% by volume) of ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (DOW EB, active ingredient in Windex) and a percent of sodium metasilicate will have huge results. It will take time unless you have an ultrasonicator you can put the heat exchanger into. It will only take about 1/2 hour with heat, all of the above chemistry and the sonicator.

    Remember that EB is flammable, so ventilation is required. Good luck!
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