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Rate of water cooling through copper pipe?

  1. Jun 22, 2015 #1
    So say I have a tank of water of about 2000mls which is at around 80 degrees celsius and is pumped around a copper system which is 3/8th inch thick pipe. how many meters would the water have to travel through copper pipe to return to ambient room temperature of about 20 degrees celsius. any help is much appreciated. this does relate to a real world idea i have at the moment for a custom pc water cooling system.
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    Assuming you mean 3/8 inch outside diameter copper tubing, and you need to dissipate, say, 500W of heat. At a flow rate of 0.13 liters/min, cooling the water from 80oC to 24oC in a 20oC room, you'll need about 70 meters of tubing.
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