What is Water cooling: Definition and 13 Discussions

Water cooling is a method of heat removal from components and industrial equipment. Evaporative cooling using water is often more efficient than air cooling. Water is inexpensive and non-toxic; however, it can contain impurities and cause corrosion.
Water cooling is commonly used for cooling automobile internal combustion engines and power stations. Water coolers utilising convective heat transfer are used inside high-end personal computers to lower the temperature of CPUs.
Other uses include the cooling of lubricant oil in pumps; for cooling purposes in heat exchangers; for cooling buildings in HVAC and in chillers.

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  1. pozsar

    Water cooler radiator with unusual air flow direction

    Hi everyone! I'm doing a DIY project in which I have to use air cooling to regulate water temperatures of max 90°C. I want to use some cheap (possibly even used) pre-manufactured radiator to do the job for me (since I'm unable to make finned pipes with tight enough fittings to provide...
  2. pdorton89

    Need Help with Heat Exchange Calculations for Cosplay Suit Idea

    Hello, I am trying to figure out if the investment into a watercooling system in a Cosplay suit would be worth it. I plan on using a water loop made by taking a "CoolShirt" https://coolshirt.com/product/white-coolwater-shirt/ and running water through it either from an ice bath in a sealed...
  3. chemisthypnos

    How much steam is produced in an electric arc furnace?

    Hello, everyone. Does anyone know how much steam is produced by an electric arc furnace in a set amount of time? I have not been able to find any information on this despite how much water is no doubt used to cool the electric arc furnace. Can anyone help?
  4. Q

    Water cooling for trout ponds in the South African summer

    Hi I am is desperate need of advice, I live in sunny South Africa have 10 trout dams on an estate for catch and keep purposes. Each dam is approximately 2,5 Acres and 3 metres +/- 10FT deep in certain areas. The main issue is in summer the water temperature is sitting at 28deg celsius 82...
  5. Assim

    Cooling Hot Water: Find a Solution in 10-15 mins

    I have a project which i need to cool down certain quantity of hot water. I need to cool down water of around 25 litres at 50 Degree celcius to 30 Degree celcius, Static water, not flowing. (or incoming 50 Degrees - Outgoing 30 Degrees with approx 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate) time...
  6. Assim

    Find BTU Required for Water Cooling ?

    Homework Statement [/B] Calculate the BTU/hr required for water to lower its temperature to find the compressor capacity required - Cool 30 Liters of water from 50 degree Celsius(T1) to 25 Degree Celsius(T2) – ( 122 to 77 Fahrenheit ) -Water in a closed vessel, Static, not flowing. -Max...
  7. andrejen88

    Overall heat transfer coefficient for water cooling

    Hi all! I'm analyzing a fermenter and the water cooling system that cools it down. In analyzing this I've found kW and kWh required to cool down the fermenter using Q = dt*cp*m However when I try to find the overall heat transfer coefficient U using the data, I find that it varies with...
  8. YasmineBS

    Water Cooling System: Simple & Affordable Solution

    Hey everyone :) I am a Tunisian Mechanical engineer student, doing my first practical internship. I need to find a way to cool water, that isn't expensive. I have 'ambient heat' water that comes from an outdoor pool, then it goes to 3 different compressors, in order to cool them, then that...
  9. G

    Rate of water cooling through copper pipe?

    So say I have a tank of water of about 2000mls which is at around 80 degrees celsius and is pumped around a copper system which is 3/8th inch thick pipe. how many meters would the water have to travel through copper pipe to return to ambient room temperature of about 20 degrees celsius. any help...
  10. F

    How water cooling chills below room temperature?

    Hi Guys! How come this could happen: The temperature of water runs through the radiator can't be lower than the temperature blows through the radiator. Am I wrong? Is there a significant effect of increasing the amount of fans in this case? Thanks a lot!
  11. E

    Water cooling system help Lots of things Calculations and everything

    I live in Dubai, and the water for my whole house is stored in a water tank on my roof. This is a problem as during the summer months the temperatures reach up to and a bit beyond 50 degrees in the day, this heats up the water in the tank a lot so we don't have any cold water during the later...
  12. F

    Water Cooling Heat Transfer Calculations

    I am currently working on a project that cools water moving through a chilled aluminum block. I am not familiar with the math/physics involved and would like some direction or recommendations. My project is currently setup so that I suction 32oz of 70 degree F water out of tank1 and pump it...
  13. P

    PC Water Cooling Benefits: Pros & Cons Explained

    hey guys i'm thinking of building myself a pc next year and I've been reading a bit about water cooling. now every search i do tells me how great it is but the bit of me that spent 4yrs doing a mechanical engineering degree is a bit of a sceptic. firstly, sure, watercooling can deliver...