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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,044
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,865
Hi Can someone tell me how to determine dimensions for a square hollow rod and circular hollow rod when the...
Apr5-14 10:54 AM
3 263
What I'm making is kind of like a sprinkler or Aeolipile. I have a 2 blade propeller that I'd like to boost with an...
Apr3-14 01:56 PM
14 348
I was just given a new position as a hydraulics engineer. We have a system that lifts large structure using hydraulic...
Apr3-14 04:05 AM
1 173
Hi all, First to clarify: this is no homework question. I am working on a construction and am really puzzled about...
Apr2-14 08:27 PM
1 157
I have derived the weak form of the transient heat conduction equation (for FEM) and I am having trouble trying to...
Apr2-14 06:07 PM
2 144
If I use the un-threaded section of a 3/8th inch bolt as a pin to lock a sprocket hub to a drive shaft I would...
Apr2-14 01:33 PM
1 129
hi, anyone know how to find deflection on ansys on a cantilever beam, i heard that deformation result is a function of...
Apr2-14 06:04 AM
0 147
If a gas engine makes 20 hp at 3000 rpm I figure the ft/lbs of torque equals about 460. Negating friction if the...
Apr1-14 06:21 PM
8 281
This is a visco-hydraulic clutch: This is how its torque map looks...
Apr1-14 02:27 PM
0 130
Hello, I have a pair of bearings (NSK Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings) and was wondering whether I...
Apr1-14 10:15 AM
4 177
Hi all! I'm an undergraduate student. I'm going to consolidate my what I've learned in fluid mechanics and...
Apr1-14 04:00 AM
23 48,469
a friend and i have been discussing taking what we know (mostly what i know) in the field of mechanical engineering...
Apr1-14 02:08 AM
8 283
Take an 80 dollar pair of adjustable focus glasses, ...
Mar31-14 01:26 PM
5 183
Hello there! I am currently studying the equilibrium of rigid body and encountering a doubt. Now, in their explanation...
Mar31-14 07:39 AM
Simon Bridge
1 156
Hi I need to know how i can separate the water vapor from biogas i know that there is separation of H2S and Co2 ...
Mar31-14 03:14 AM
4 208
Hello, I am trying to build a high-speed X/Y cartesian robot which vacuums up defected parts from a moving...
Mar31-14 02:22 AM
Jake Platt
2 258
Hi, When I was studying some gear drawings, I found the tip relief given for all the gears. I find the reason that...
Mar31-14 02:17 AM
8 262
Hello. I have 2 large diameter cylindrical shells that are "rabbetted" together. I am trying to determine the...
Mar30-14 04:46 PM
5 247
Dear Experts! I am currently try to measure the drag of an buoyant object. I did 10 replicates, in general terms 10...
Mar30-14 02:42 AM
1 168
Hello, we are interested in high-speed bearings -- 200,000 rpm and up bearing size: inner diameter: 0.5cm - 1cm...
Mar29-14 08:51 PM
10 358
Greetings I am trying to model and simulate a slider-crank using NX however I am getting some problems. Would be...
Mar28-14 09:01 PM
0 174
My work has a drive shaft that has been breaking on a U-trough screw conveyor. I am looking for some helpful...
Mar28-14 08:48 PM
3 163
I have been photographing wires hanging from utility poles that have tangled with and caused automobile accidents. One...
Mar28-14 04:40 PM
5 333
What equations are relevant to finding the initial and final enthalpy values of an isothermal process? There is an...
Mar28-14 09:08 AM
3 273
Maybe I'm over-analysing this but if we take a simple example of a tube within which steam is flowing. Why does the...
Mar28-14 04:12 AM
1 164
What are eigen residual modes and how are they useful? I am aware that residual modes are used to reduce the effect...
Mar28-14 03:34 AM
0 128
Hi everyone; I'm a ME student who just finished Dynamics course and I did really good. I've finished also statics...
Mar28-14 02:55 AM
3 348
Hi , I am building a Quadcopter ,i am not sure how to decide(or calculate) the length of the 4 arms .I know that...
Mar28-14 02:13 AM
12 478
Hi, I have a small project where I run air from a blower into a hose with one elbow (or joint) in there. I am...
Mar27-14 07:21 PM
2 120
I've been told I would be a good Mechanical Engineer because I like hands on work and am good at it. And I have a...
Mar27-14 02:29 PM
2 219
I've been given information that the exhaust gas contains only water and no HydroCarbons. So,the only hydrogen...
Mar27-14 11:57 AM
3 174
Hi, I am currently doing research on Distributed Mode Loudspeakers. These speakers consist of a flat panel set into...
Mar27-14 11:04 AM
0 116
Is there a type of spring that stores the energy of the whole spring and displaces the whole energy into on the first...
Mar27-14 10:54 AM
1 160
Hello everyone, I just found this site and I'm really hoping to find an answer to my problem! As the title tells my...
Mar27-14 09:46 AM
10 1,427
Hey everyone!! I am working on improving natural draft counter flow cooling tower efficiency as my final year B.E....
Mar27-14 08:12 AM
0 140
In this diagram,non-ideal combustion in a diesel engine takes-up a lot of the fuel energy. Why is this so? Also...
Mar27-14 06:40 AM
2 188
knuckle in McPherson strut is casting & in double wishbone is foring? why?
Mar27-14 12:48 AM
1 148
I need design guide line for lower control arm pivot bush orientation.... In control arm,front pivot bush i almost...
Mar26-14 10:26 AM
0 123
Hi all, I'm currently working on an independent project where I'm building a radial flow water pump to be sent to a...
Mar26-14 10:01 AM
6 182
While working with GI duct, why do we insulate the supply and return but not the exauhst ducts ? Please provide...
Mar25-14 11:24 PM
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