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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,237
I've been able to do all of them up until these two: 1) \int x\cos^{2}x dx and 2) \int from -\pi to \pi...
Jan26-04 01:24 AM
11 2,291
My second course in analysis and i have a problem which i cant understand Let f (x) = 1 if 2<=x<4 2 if...
Jan26-04 11:52 AM
1 4,155
If the area enclosed by an ellipse 4x^2+y^2=1 and its cross section is perpendicular to the x-axis then its volume is?...
Jan26-04 06:31 PM
4 1,951
Hi, im taking my first analysis course and we are studying Limits right now. My prof said they are the most important...
Jan26-04 09:02 PM
5 1,102
The position of a particle at time t is given by r(t)= i cos(t) + i sin(t) + kt Show that both the speed and...
Jan28-04 06:23 PM
5 922
I am having a hard time doing the following problems. First off all the notation is confusing the hell out of me. This...
Jan30-04 10:35 AM
6 11,369
A 5.5 gram bullet is fired into a block of wood with a mass of 22.6 grams. The wood block is initially at rest on a...
Jan30-04 08:07 PM
Doc Al
1 1,182
Hey guys, I got a little problem for ya involving trig integration. I have listed my work below. My question...
Feb1-04 01:20 PM
3 1,433
The force acting on a moving charge particle with mass m and charge q in a magnetic field B is the Lorentz force F=...
Feb1-04 01:46 PM
2 1,050
Hello everyone. I have to solve this proof, and I'm having a little trouble. Let me explain. <Let bold lower...
Feb2-04 01:30 AM
5 9,945
The base of a solid is the region bounded by the graphs of x=y^2 and x=4. "Each cross section is perpendicular to the...
Feb2-04 05:59 PM
5 4,142
Which functions have the property that some upper some equals some (other) lower sum? Constant functions obviously...
Feb3-04 05:02 PM
matt grime
7 2,693
Here is the question You are planning to close off a corner of the first quadrant with a line segment 20units long...
Feb4-04 07:29 AM
2 5,515
I am having trouble with the following problems: 1) lim as x -> 0 of (sin 3x)/2x 2) lim as x -> 0 of (tan...
Feb4-04 11:34 AM
matt grime
6 11,521
The base of a solid is a circle of radius a, and its vertical cross sections are equilateral triangles. Find the...
Feb5-04 07:14 AM
2 1,457
Stuck here too: lim as x -> 0 of /2secx *P = pi *Thanks for your help
Feb5-04 07:35 AM
4 1,060
I have the solution to a particular D.E. (Airy's D.E.) which is in terms of Airy functions, namely a linear...
Feb6-04 06:06 AM
0 3,195
Find the work (intergral over C )F dot dr done by a force F=yi + xj in going all the wy counterclockwise around ...
Feb6-04 06:17 AM
2 825
schröder's equation is a functional equation. let's assume A is a subset of the real numbers and g maps A to itself. ...
Feb6-04 05:24 PM
4 2,744
I'm completey lost with this one. How would I differiate the electromagnetic field?
Feb7-04 02:47 PM
1 882
I'm having trouble understanding how to find the boundary in the sense of boundary of a surface, as opposed to...
Feb8-04 06:22 PM
matt grime
8 1,659
Hi all, I've just recently been going on maths forums to find out why this problem occurs. I understand how to work...
Feb8-04 10:02 PM
19 2,791
Hi! I am supposed to write the hyperboloid x^2 + y^2 - z^2=1 as a parametric funktion and find an expression for the...
Feb10-04 04:19 AM
6 1,832
I was wondering if someone here could help me with onto and one-to-one composite functions. I get the meanings of...
Feb10-04 05:18 PM
10 6,340
im working on these, and im supposed to find the image of a set under a given transformation. can someone please...
Feb11-04 03:54 PM
2 1,456
Just a question. I've never really had any problems learning and grasping math. Unfortunately I chose not to...
Feb12-04 10:05 PM
18 6,925
I think that i'm just having problems with my derivitives and integrals. If someone one could show me what the steps...
Feb14-04 10:52 AM
1 1,126
At the moment I'm trying to solve this integration problem and it's not working out asd neatly as any other...
Feb14-04 06:26 PM
27 1,730
if R = sinti+sqrt(2)costj+sintk, 0<=t<=Pi/2 please eliminate t to determine the cartesian equation of R(t). Put...
Feb15-04 10:08 PM
4 2,298
If f is a function defined by the fomula f(x)=xe^(modx), then show that f is differentiable at every point c, with ...
Feb16-04 05:55 PM
matt grime
26 15,190
I need help evaluating both sides of the divergence theorem if V=xi+yj+zk and the surface S is the sphere...
Feb18-04 10:27 AM
2 3,297
Can someone pls help me solve this integral? integral of (6x^2-13x-43)dx/(x^3-1x^2-8x+12) it's supposed to be...
Feb18-04 08:47 PM
2 1,573
Can somebody show me how to integrate this:? \int ln (sin x) dx thanks
Feb19-04 10:19 PM
2 972
Anyone have any ideas how to solve this? (Find f'(0) Let f(x) be a quadratic function such that f(0)=6 and ...
Feb20-04 05:37 AM
2 1,089
Since I didn't get a response on the "Diff. Eqns." thread, I put it here. Can someone give me a clear explaination...
Feb20-04 11:07 AM
3 1,340
After 3 days a sample of radon-222 decayed to 58% of its original amount: a) what is the half-life of radon-222? b)...
Feb20-04 11:39 AM
2 6,423
I'm don't really know how to find the momemt of inertia. I have two questions that I'm stuck on. Two questions: ...
Feb20-04 01:18 PM
matt grime
3 1,455
Howdy, I'm stumped by a seemingly easy L'Hopitals limit question. \lim_{t\rightarrow 0}\ \frac{\ln t}{t^2-1} I...
Feb20-04 02:46 PM
4 1,699
LOH-pee-tahl or LOHS-pee-tahl? Thanks! I have heard it both ways recently.
Feb20-04 02:59 PM
9 8,142
If you have arcsecx= pi/2 - arccot(sqrt(x^(2) -1) How do you actually show that these are equal to eah other. What...
Feb21-04 01:38 PM
6 3,949

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