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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,547
Does anyone know how to integrate cos(sqrt x) ?? I know the answer, i need to know the steps to do it? Thanks
Apr4-04 03:12 PM
Dr Transport
3 1,870
this question doesn't look hard when i read it, but then when i tried doing it, i can't :frown: Suppose \sumAk...
Mar29-05 03:52 PM
4 1,870
So, integrating a Gaussian over a rectangular area gives us nice answers in terms of Erf's. What about a...
Dec17-08 11:20 AM
0 1,870
One application of derivatives from first year calculus is something called differentials. The intent is to find the...
Nov29-03 04:19 PM
4 1,869
Im reading over about the directional derivative. Stewart, page 800 says: "Proof: If we define a function g of...
Aug2-05 03:42 PM
13 1,869
Hi, I'm trying to figure out if there's any way I can integrate a function over a range which includes a value that...
Jun29-06 02:39 AM
10 1,869
Help me please with the next Laplace inverse transformation: U(s,t)=U(s,0)*exp Transformation from U(s,t) to...
Dec1-06 02:51 AM
3 1,868
Hello all, I am aware that we can write ln(x) as a series. But what can we say for a logarithm of an arbitrary...
Mar29-09 01:11 PM
2 1,868
Is component(maximal connected set) of a metric space open or closed or both(clospen)?or even can be half-open(not...
Nov4-10 08:39 AM
5 1,868
I've learned that the wedge product is a product operation on two alternating tensors that yields another alternating...
Aug31-11 05:07 AM
5 1,867
I was reviewing basic calculus of of functions of several variables. It struck me that in one of the exercises, it was...
Nov6-11 07:53 AM
Useful nucleus
5 1,867
I know derivative of displacement gives you velocity, and dv/dt=a. And I know the integral of a is v and the integral...
Mar3-13 10:44 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,867
Ive been searching on the net and found some good sites but found nothing to help me with these questions. Could you...
Jun20-04 05:25 PM
1 1,866
Nov12-06 08:15 AM
7 1,866
How big of a role does trigonometry play in physics? I am learning trigonometry as of this instance and I'm finding...
Apr16-11 11:02 PM
5 1,866
I know delta means change , but I don't what the difference between Δv/Δt vs dv/dt is ? I am at the noob end of...
Sep28-13 08:19 PM
3 1,866
I'm reading Div, Grad Curl, and All That, and in coming up with a formula for the divergence, H.M. Schey starts with a...
Sep3-09 06:14 PM
1 1,865
I would really like to get a jump on calculus before next semester when I take calculus.... The calc book that I am...
Jan9-11 05:01 PM
14 1,865
Here is the classic Dirichlet function: Let, for x ∈ , f (x) =1 /q if x = p /q, p,q in Z or 0 if x is...
Nov15-08 04:36 PM
8 1,864
Im having trouble proving limits of multivariable functions. I understand the principal behind delta-epsilon proofs...
Jan25-10 03:35 AM
1 1,864
Something has been bugging as of late: usually, derivatives (ordinary and partial) are defined for interior points....
May20-11 04:37 PM
7 1,863
Is the following statement valid? sinh{x^2}=\frac{e^{x^2}-e^{x^2}}{2} Reason I ask cause I know that...
Jul13-14 05:25 PM
2 1,863
I just wrote a midterm, and I found it pretty easy. I was wondering what others got as questions. This is the...
Nov1-04 01:06 PM
2 1,862
When asked to demonstrate that Green's Theorem works, I keep coming up with disagreeing answers. I've been able to do...
Nov23-04 06:21 PM
1 1,862
does anyone know of any websites that can help to explain how to do these and some possible examples? i cant find...
May9-06 09:09 AM
3 1,862
In class today, my teacher said, "the definition for multiplicative inverses in the R (real numbers) does not give...
Nov9-07 07:47 AM
5 1,862
Hi there, hopefully someone can help me I'm completely lost!! I'm trying to solve sin((pi*x)/6) >= (x/2) for o<=...
Mar31-08 12:20 PM
9 1,862
In terms of programming. Like, lets say you have F1+F2+F3+15=0 and you move the 15 to the other side, just as you're...
Mar22-11 06:10 PM
Stephen Tashi
5 1,862
I am wondering is there any general analytic solutions to the following integrals First moment of area...
Jan21-12 06:51 AM
3 1,862
sir please give me a good way to learn about fourier series, trigonometrical fourier series. explain the term by...
Aug26-09 07:29 PM
2 1,861
Wikipedia: Euler Lagrange Equation defines a function L: \times X \times TX \rightarrow \mathbb{R}...
Mar14-11 07:56 AM
11 1,861
In Spivak's Calculus, there is a theorem relating the derivative of the limit of the sequence {fn} with the limit of...
Jun25-12 01:36 AM
4 1,861
I'm trying to find the partial derivative of Q with respect to w0 and then set it equal to 0 and solve for w0. Finding...
Mar14-11 04:00 PM
1 1,860
Hi, I am having problems understanding the difference between the equations in the files attached profile2.png....
Mar24-11 04:10 PM
5 1,860
∫x(dx)^2=? and what is the difference between dx^2 and (dx)^2?
Nov6-13 05:36 AM
Simon Bridge
20 1,860
Feb8-08 02:15 AM
Gib Z
10 1,859
Say we have the set of integers, a metric space. Does any element of this set have a neighborhood? I am confused as...
Dec15-08 10:22 PM
19 1,859
If you have f(x) = 1/x and g(a) = (cosx - 1)/x and then y = , the two individual limits equal 0 and infinity,...
Oct15-13 10:22 PM
7 1,859
I was reviewing my first calc class stuff before starting this second one and came across a problem that i cant seem...
Jan26-08 11:47 AM
9 1,858
Hello! Here's a question I was doing but I'm not sure if I'm right... It says "solve" the following differential...
May16-08 11:32 AM
16 1,858

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