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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,095
Firstly does log(z) have any singularity other than z=0? Secondly, z=0 is a pole of what order for log(z)? What is...
Apr30-12 12:57 PM
1 1,715
Hi guys, I have a calculus test tomorrow and it'll be great if I can recieve some answers + explanations! my review...
Dec19-03 10:56 AM
11 1,714
I need help with this problem. Find dy/dx if e^2x = sin(x+3y) Any help would be great! I began by taking the...
Nov21-05 07:45 AM
13 1,714
Hi,all My goal here is to show that the limit of a sequence a_n = |sin n|^1/n i.e. lim _ |sin n |^1/n does not...
Dec5-07 01:35 PM
7 1,714
This isn't a homework question, although I am in a calculus course. I'm a little fuzzy on the method that I was taught...
Aug4-10 03:20 AM
4 1,714
for example if f=Sin+Sin then f can not be a Trigonometric function, why? how many ways to prove this?
Oct12-10 10:18 AM
2 1,714
A hemisphere shaped tank with vertical outlet pipe is full of mysterious liquid. Find the work required to pump the...
Nov26-10 09:07 AM
1 1,714
f(x) = x , if x is rational = 0 , if x is irrational on the interval i just wanted to check if my...
May5-08 10:11 AM
1 1,713
I would really like to get a jump on calculus before next semester when I take calculus.... The calc book that I am...
Jan9-11 05:01 PM
14 1,713
Ok my last post was trivial, but it led to this question Assume f is unbounded and analytic in some domain D, and...
Mar8-11 06:27 PM
2 1,713
Hi, In a euclidean space X with two subsets E and F, the subset E+F is defined as the collection of all x+y, where x ...
Oct6-06 05:10 AM
5 1,712
Hi, i need to get some examples of quasiconformal help!
Feb12-08 08:42 AM
1 1,712
Hi, All: I have a function f: ℂ-->ℂ' , i.e., a complex-valued function (use ℂ,ℂ' to make a distinction between the...
Nov19-11 04:02 PM
6 1,712
What are the reasons for using washer meathod v.s cylindrical shells? Cylindrical shells are much easier but there...
Feb9-09 05:18 PM
1 1,711
Solving the Laplace equation in Cartesian Coordinates leads to the 2nd order ODEs: \frac{X''}{X}=k_1, \qquad...
Jan14-12 02:40 PM
4 1,711
Hi - I'm trying to work out the following convolution problem: I have the following integral: ...
Mar3-11 09:53 AM
2 1,710
e^{ix}=cos(x)+isin(x) Simple enough? Well I am biting my head off because I don't know how he did it. Why...
Oct29-11 08:11 PM
7 1,710
Can someone please tell me if I have the correct answer for this one? e^(5pi/4) = (1-i)/(-sqrt(2)) Thanks...
Sep22-08 07:56 PM
3 1,709
I'm having trouble understanding where this concept comes from: Step 1) If you start out with the following two...
Sep17-09 04:35 PM
John Creighto
5 1,709
The function of the type: \int {(x^2 + 1)^{5/2}}x dx This is simple to integrate but the trigonometric...
Mar26-05 07:44 AM
4 1,708
I just want to see if I got this correct. From what all I've read it seems that I have most of it understood, but eh,...
Sep14-09 10:31 AM
3 1,708
I'm in University Physics, and my prof. just gave us a lecture to make sure we're aware of how to use derivatives and...
Sep21-08 10:28 AM
19 1,707
Hi there, I was looking for something to level-up my knowledge from basic differentiation/integration (I'm a...
Aug14-10 07:36 AM
3 1,707
In the below video from approx. 12:00 onwards while explaining the proof for Quotient Rule, Mr. Miller says that while...
Dec28-11 11:12 AM
Devil Doc
12 1,707
Hello all I need help with the problem attached below. I tried proof by induction, but cannot prove it. P(n) is a...
Nov23-04 06:32 PM
1 1,706
From the following attachments I understand how the roots of the equation and the perturbation coefficients were...
Jun2-08 02:27 PM
3 1,705
Hello! I am looking for a value of an integral \int^{\infty}_0 {r^{3-\epsilon} \over (r^2+N^2)^2}dr I have...
Mar8-09 03:58 PM
5 1,705
Hey, all. Anyway, I've been looking at books and sources online, and the only counterexample to the wrongly stated...
Jun1-11 12:36 PM
2 1,705
How do I solve: lim =0 x-1
May17-05 03:15 PM
1 1,703
Hi all, Does anyone know of a couple of good links I could view that would explain limits?
Feb1-08 10:45 AM
9 1,703
I'm studying for a maths test. I know that the second derivative of the position R(t) of a particle moving in the...
Mar18-10 02:23 AM
11 1,703
Hi I'm having real trouble with this question. Any hints or ideas would be great. Give an algorithm which depends...
Nov6-04 12:32 AM
0 1,702
I could use some help with this question: Derive the geometric series representation of 1/(1-x) by finding a0, a1,...
Oct27-06 08:05 AM
5 1,702
Q: Integral of Delta(x-b)dx and the lower limit is (-) infinity and upper is a Please help me in steps tried my best...
Oct21-07 02:15 AM
3 1,702
Suppose that \{g_n\}_{n=1}^\infty is a sequence of positive continuous functions on I=, \mu is a positive Borel...
Dec9-08 08:39 PM
0 1,702
The other day, I was thinking about Fourier series. Because eix is periodic, with period of 2 pi, we can use the...
Jan25-13 10:29 PM
12 1,702
Yes, another of these. How do you decompose (z3+1)/(z(1-z)2) ? I've tried A/z + B/(1-z) + (Cz+D)/(1-z)2 and a slew...
Sep24-11 10:45 PM
12 1,701
Now in my textbook it shows the following partial derivative solution: \frac{d}{dx}(3y^{4} + e^{x} sin y) = e^{x}...
Aug14-08 06:39 PM
12 1,701
Can the limit comparison test work on alternating series? I looked at the conditions online and it said that the...
Mar3-10 09:21 PM
12 1,701
Mod note: These posts are orginally from the thread: The...
Aug10-12 12:26 PM
21 1,701

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