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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,208
Feb8-08 02:15 AM
Gib Z
10 1,853
In deriving the product rule, d(uv) = (u + du)(v + dv) - uv = udv + vdu + dudv The next step in the...
Jun1-08 05:53 PM
11 1,853
I was reading a statistics book, and part of the problem reduces to the calculus problem of doing the following: 1)...
Dec3-08 08:21 AM
3 1,853
I've learned that the wedge product is a product operation on two alternating tensors that yields another alternating...
Aug31-11 05:07 AM
5 1,853
Hi, All: I have a function f: ℂ-->ℂ' , i.e., a complex-valued function (use ℂ,ℂ' to make a distinction between the...
Nov19-11 04:02 PM
6 1,853
When asked to demonstrate that Green's Theorem works, I keep coming up with disagreeing answers. I've been able to do...
Nov23-04 06:21 PM
1 1,852
does anyone know of any websites that can help to explain how to do these and some possible examples? i cant find...
May9-06 09:09 AM
3 1,852
If I have a finite boundary, say of length L. Is it possible to demonstrate that if I were to allow all possible...
Feb23-08 09:18 AM
9 1,852
Kreiszig: Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications, example 1.3-9, states that the metric space l^{\infty}...
Feb28-11 06:54 PM
6 1,852
Hi, I am having problems understanding the difference between the equations in the files attached profile2.png....
Mar24-11 04:10 PM
5 1,852
hey there, i'm curious as to why they call it fractional Brownian motion. please don't say its Brownian motion that...
Apr20-06 12:40 PM
4 1,851
can anyone give me a simple explanation what fourier analysis is all about? i have read wiki and it is a little...
Sep23-11 08:32 PM
8 1,851
So its pretty much common knowledge that: \frac{d}{dx}\sin (x) = \cos (x) But how does one go about to actually...
Nov14-08 06:49 AM
7 1,851
Hi all! I was looking through my old calculus book and was looking at a problem on related rates. I looked at the...
Jun10-12 02:59 AM
6 1,851
I was reviewing my first calc class stuff before starting this second one and came across a problem that i cant seem...
Jan26-08 11:47 AM
9 1,850
I'm reading Div, Grad Curl, and All That, and in coming up with a formula for the divergence, H.M. Schey starts with a...
Sep3-09 06:14 PM
1 1,850
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with deriving the volume created by the rotation of a polar...
Dec20-10 02:13 PM
1 1,850
I was reviewing basic calculus of of functions of several variables. It struck me that in one of the exercises, it was...
Nov6-11 07:53 AM
Useful nucleus
5 1,850
I just wrote a midterm, and I found it pretty easy. I was wondering what others got as questions. This is the...
Nov1-04 01:06 PM
2 1,849
f is differentiable on (a,\infty) and \lim_{x\to\infty}\frac{f(x)}{x}=A I am trying to prove that there exists a...
Feb7-08 02:46 PM
3 1,849
I would really like to get a jump on calculus before next semester when I take calculus.... The calc book that I am...
Jan9-11 05:01 PM
14 1,849
Wikipedia: Euler Lagrange Equation defines a function L: \times X \times TX \rightarrow \mathbb{R}...
Mar14-11 07:56 AM
11 1,849
How big of a role does trigonometry play in physics? I am learning trigonometry as of this instance and I'm finding...
Apr16-11 11:02 PM
5 1,849
Is the following statement valid? sinh{x^2}=\frac{e^{x^2}-e^{x^2}}{2} Reason I ask cause I know that...
Jul13-14 05:25 PM
2 1,849
Hi there, hopefully someone can help me I'm completely lost!! I'm trying to solve sin((pi*x)/6) >= (x/2) for o<=...
Mar31-08 12:20 PM
9 1,847
Hi!! I am an amateur to the world of calculus.... I have a doubt with the limits in case of functions which are...
Feb24-11 12:12 AM
4 1,847
Hello everyone, I posted this question before also but did not get the satisfactory answer. So I am posting the...
Jun27-05 07:39 AM
4 1,846
Hello! Here's a question I was doing but I'm not sure if I'm right... It says "solve" the following differential...
May16-08 11:32 AM
16 1,846
In terms of programming. Like, lets say you have F1+F2+F3+15=0 and you move the 15 to the other side, just as you're...
Mar22-11 06:10 PM
Stephen Tashi
5 1,846
Hi there, I'm a new user to the forums (and Calculus) and I 'm hoping you can give me your opinion on my chain rule...
Dec22-09 10:44 AM
5 1,845
Here is the classic Dirichlet function: Let, for x ∈ , f (x) =1 /q if x = p /q, p,q in Z or 0 if x is...
Nov15-08 04:36 PM
8 1,844
sir please give me a good way to learn about fourier series, trigonometrical fourier series. explain the term by...
Aug26-09 07:29 PM
2 1,844
Why can't Fourier transform distinguish between a clockwise and a counter clockwise rotating vector? Why does it give...
Sep7-09 02:19 AM
3 1,844
In stewart, page 806 he says: "In the special case in which the equation of a surface S is of the form z=f(x,y)...
Aug4-05 09:18 AM
matt grime
11 1,843
given a function f(x) with a truncated Taylor series f(x)= a_{0}-a_{1}x+ a_{2}x^{2}-a_{3}x^{3 }- ... even in...
Nov7-09 05:48 AM
0 1,843
Find the Taylor polynomial of degree 10 about x=0 for f(x)=sin2x (show all work) This is what i have: M10=...
Dec10-07 01:56 PM
4 1,842
I need someone to help me!! i have been given a center point of (3,-1,-2) of a sphere and i need to get an equation...
Feb6-08 07:22 AM
5 1,842
I am wondering is there any general analytic solutions to the following integrals First moment of area...
Jan21-12 06:51 AM
3 1,842
\lim_{n\rightarrow \infty} \frac{2^{3n}}{3^{2n}} The answer is zero. All I can do is turn this infinity/infinity...
Oct18-04 11:30 PM
10 1,841
So if you have a countably infinite set \{ x_n \} and consider also the sequence (x_n), what's the relationship...
Jul19-11 04:54 PM
4 1,841

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