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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
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Suppose a bowler is standing on the edge of platform of a train speeding at 100 m/s, a bowl in his hand (m=1Kg) has...
T 11:11 AM
6 160
I know that charges experience a force when they are moving with respect to a magnetic feild , but in case of...
T 10:09 AM
1 26
Hi my background is in mechanical engineering. I use a little bit of motion physics but not often. Pls excuse any...
T 08:29 AM
22 449
Hi, Three questions to forum about something I have been wondering about on antimatter: Can antihydrogen fuse to...
T 08:19 AM
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Can an atom be considered as an example of a dipole? It has positive charge in the nucleus and negative charge around...
T 07:15 AM
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I read that based on temperature , electrons have kinetic energy in metals so they randomly move around the ion...
T 07:09 AM
10 246
“A newly constructed device generates a beam of concentrated sound that, for the first time, exerts a continuous,...
T 07:05 AM
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I understand that mass isn't weight. When I look up "what is mass?", I come across all kinds of videos explaining the...
T 06:28 AM
33 1,162
I don't believe they are because the field lines don't have a representation such as flux but I want to be sure. Also...
T 01:59 AM
1 94
Please , watch this girl ( at about 50 sec), can someone tell me what...
T 01:29 AM
9 249
Suppose we have the Young's experiment with a convergent lens between the slits and the screen. How would the...
T 12:34 AM
1 108
Is it that ideal gases do not possess potential energy because there are no intermolecular forces. But, real gases do...
T 12:28 AM
0 88
Heat is a product of excited energy states of the fundamental particles that make up atoms, correct? So do the...
Y 09:46 PM
15 375
I am making a soil container of size 1meter x 1 meter x 0.60 meter or (3.2feet x 3.2 feet x 1.9 feet) with soils in...
Y 09:05 PM
6 194
In 1889 and 1909 Roberto Mantovani published a hypothesis of Earth expansion and continental drift. He assumed that a...
Y 06:05 PM
1 155
Hi, if I have a mass on a string and I swing it around my head at a constant speed, what is the resultant force on the...
Y 05:59 PM
2 142
It is well known that a vector can't be divided by a vector, as a direction can't be divided by a direction. Keeping...
Y 03:02 PM
3 146
Hi, I did a forum search on the topic , but from all the threads I went through I still have doubts about my...
Y 02:54 PM
2 160
Hi Could anyone explain to me the concept and significance of mesh density as a function of steps per wavelength?...
Y 01:22 PM
3 124
I don't have an intuitive understanding of this. To me it seems that power should be related to just current, since...
Y 12:46 PM
13 415
We know that there are force carrying particles for the strong and weak nuclear force, and the electromagnetism force....
Y 10:43 AM
4 238
- - -
What is the work done on a paramagnetic? I have seen both of the following: \hat{d}w = -MdB \hat{d}w = -BdM ...
Y 06:52 AM
3 214
How should I place three objects for e.g three pencils so that no shadow is formed for them throughout the day(light...
Y 06:46 AM
Vanadium 50
11 229
Force can be expressed as F = P/v where P = power (watts) and v = velocity (metres per second) So what happens when...
Y 05:14 AM
25 529
Hi all, i'm trying to calculate solenoid force using this tool: ...
Y 04:38 AM
0 179
Not sure if this is the right forum at all but maybe you guys might have something. Basically, I need to stick and...
Apr18-14 06:30 PM
11 327
is it related to fermi energy? what is the exact equation form?
Apr18-14 04:58 PM
7 262
Can I find out the natural extension of a spring if I am only given the mass of a block that can be put on it and the...
Apr18-14 04:15 PM
6 160
Hello there, This is my first post on here, so I hope that I've posted in the appropriate sub-forum. My question...
Apr18-14 02:02 PM
3 170
Hello All, My background in physics is very basics. So I apologize in advanced if a make silly logical or empirical...
Apr18-14 01:00 PM
35 695
I see in the main page an article touting a record setting 20,000 amps flowing in a superconductor. Normally, with...
Apr18-14 12:05 PM
24 483
I'm hoping for some help in understanding how the Michelson-Gale-Pearson experiment in 1925 is held as a refutation of...
Apr18-14 12:02 PM
3 169
So I understand the Superposition principle doesn't apply to non-linear systems. I want students to understand (in...
Apr18-14 08:08 AM
3 244
It boils down to this: Imagine you had a mattress for you and your significant other, who is lighter than you. You...
Apr18-14 02:25 AM
18 645
- - -
From my textbook: "An electric charge that is uniformly distributed on the surface of a sphere, affects a different...
Apr17-14 03:05 PM
2 221
We all can measure the mass of a body by any common instrument like Spring Balance. But if we go from one place to...
Apr17-14 12:38 PM
15 289
How do I determine the force per square inch that a baseball would hit a wall? Assume the baseball was thrown at 50...
Apr17-14 12:31 PM
4 242
I was taught that in conditions where there is less friction, such as on icy or wet roads, the braking distance of a...
Apr17-14 06:46 AM
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