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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 186,558
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,489
How can velocity uniformity in dynamos and motors be explained? What's the mechanism of that happening ? I'm...
T 06:54 PM
0 42
Is there a way by which we can prove that acceleration and gravity are really the same?
T 06:18 PM
46 6,549
I'm curious which athletes can produce the most work? I watched a decent amount of the CrossFit Games and was...
T 05:58 PM
19 216
Iíve been interested in finding out how much power in watts a runner can develop. There are actually two cases...
T 05:09 PM
10 4,630
I'm looking for an equation that can give me the the amount an explosions force dissipates based on varied gas...
T 04:29 PM
2 64
I can not establish the mathematical reason why when a wheel of radius r takes a full revolution it moves 2*pi*r. Can...
T 03:15 PM
6 115
When a para magnetic substance is brought near a north pole or a south pole of a bar magnet it experiences...
T 12:26 PM
1 75
Im not quite sure what it is about this simple concept that i cant get, but im having a very tough time understanding...
T 10:51 AM
2 120
Hi. I have a door mounted on 2 hinges, aligned on a vertical axis. The hinge shafts run in flanged plain bushes. ...
T 09:52 AM
3 139
When you compute the average potential energy of a horizontal spring mass system from the mean position to the...
T 08:30 AM
25 351
Can we make curvy vectors? Or to put it another way: Instead of one straight direction, can the direction be round(or...
T 08:11 AM
2 147
Hi Everyone, So I think this is a bit of a loaded question, but how do professional physicists find/learn the most...
T 08:07 AM
4 228
Lets consider an ideal transformer in no-load state, i.e. with the primary side connected to a voltage source, and the...
T 04:52 AM
25 1,321
Hi all, I'm not a Physicist, but, I had an idea I wanted to put to bed. If you drop a weight on a rope that turns a...
T 04:49 AM
10 292
When 2 unequal vertical forces act on the 2 ends of a vertical rope, how do I calculate the tension at the midpoint?...
T 01:21 AM
tasnim rahman
1 131
Hey, Just doing some reading on this and I'm a little confused as to why absorption produces a progressive...
T 01:13 AM
4 132
I want to know the derivation of solid angle. I have found on net. But the derivation is to long, is there any...
T 12:58 AM
Hardik Batra
2 151
Hi, I am trying to redesign a system thats already avialable. It contains a small metal rod hanging in mid air...
T 12:15 AM
0 101
Hi PF, please could someone help explain how the bandwidth of a telephone line works. I have read that fibre optics...
Y 08:58 PM
8 196
I'm coming here from going through the Dirac delta potential in QM to clear my mind about the case when E < 0, which...
Y 05:40 PM
Gebri Mishtaku
6 304
Does hooks law apply to a bent hockey stick. How does one measure the potential energy? Do I start by clamping one end...
Y 05:09 PM
3 164
What is the energy partition in the laser-induced plasma? Based on the atomic emission spectra from the plasma, we can...
Y 03:47 PM
1 128
Hello, I'm working on a project to absorb sound energy and I'd like to ask for hints, or methods, of calculating...
Y 03:30 PM
9 748
So I play the guitar, and I cannot use the same amp I use to gig with, because in my home basement, it's too sharp and...
Y 03:24 PM
10 252
I have a question that has been puzzling me. If a beam of light was released within a sphere or cube with a completely...
Y 02:39 PM
4 198
. Why do we need 12 Units of Energy? When the SI Unit of Energy Joule should be the universal standard.
Y 02:36 PM
18 356
Since E=mc2, that means that mass is energy and energy is mass right?
Y 02:26 PM
20 594
Isn't the above two statements contrary? From Feynman's quote, the atoms must be wiggling even at absolute...
Y 12:31 PM
8 466
Why is cream on the top being so much more dense than milk below?
Y 11:18 AM
4 430
White light is composed of 7 wavelengths. And yet we show white light as one single electrical wave perpendicular to...
Y 09:40 AM
1 140
Hi, I'm struggling to understand why we never consider normals when doing torque questions? One on the top of my...
Y 09:18 AM
2 163
Copper conducts electricity and so does other metals like silver. Now a new material is coming to play which is...
Y 07:42 AM
4 192
Agreed. The misunderstanding comes from the ambiguity of the word "pushing". I interpreted it as "applying a force",...
Y 07:05 AM
36 689
- - -
I recently learned about faraday's law about electromagnetic induction , where you move a piece of magnetic towards...
Jul29-14 09:31 PM
Vanadium 50
23 476
Just had a dream about someone that bowled a cricket ball (spin delivery) and after it bounced when it got to about a...
Jul29-14 07:34 PM
2 162
Mylar is an insulator, but it is coated with metal. Intuitively it should be possible to wrap a laptop in mylar and...
Jul29-14 06:46 PM
2 453
Hello guys, i'm new in this forum, this is my first Thread. I've started reading Robert Geroch's Mathematical...
Jul29-14 06:34 PM
0 154
Hi all, I've been toying with an idea lately and I'm wondering if any of you could help me out. Is there any method...
Jul29-14 06:07 PM
1 145
why exactly does light bend in a medium??
Jul29-14 03:34 PM
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